11 Funny Memes That’ll Make You LOL This Friday

Which one are you?! 😂🤣

  1. When your car starts making weird noises so you turn up the music trying to ignore it

2. How to quit your job like a pro

3. Me taking a personality test 32 times til I get the result I want

4. When I get the email saying my order has been shipped

5. When they play trash music at my funeral

6. We can all relate to this

7. When someone explains something to you three times and you still have no idea what’s going on

8. When you’re thinking about having that third doughnut

9. When you ask your mum a simple question and she starts yelling

10. “Okay, I’ll just have ONE doughnut”

11. When you act like you don’t know someone is taking a picture of you cause you think it’ll make you look cooler

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