10 Times It’s Not Okay To Show Up Uninvited

You think you’re lots of fun. Your friends think you’re lots of fun. Even your friend’s partner thinks you’re fun in small doses. But that does not, I repeat, does not mean they always want you around – no matter how much you think you’re the life of the party. Sometimes, it’s not a party for you.

Below, we take a look at those times that it’s better to just lick your wounds and stay clear…

  1. Your friend’s honeymoon, babymoon, or just romantic getaway

As much as your friend might secretly want you there, chances are their partner is going to be not too pleased if you turn up to their lover’s holiday (even if you do bring allll the wine, vodka and cheese).

  1. Your ex-boyfriend’s wedding

Ouch. Don’t do it to yourself, him or his new wife. You didn’t get an invite for a reason.

  1. Your friend’s workplace

‘How fun’ you think – dropping into your friend’s workplace uninvited. “She’ll be soooo happy to see me’ you think. Reality check. She’s working and she doesn’t want to be fired. You turning up unannounced is not going to win you any points in the friendship department. Actually, consider it points loss.

  1. Sunday morning at 8am

Everyone knows Sunday mornings are for sleepins and snuggles. You’re not welcome.

  1. Actually, refer to point 5 – any morning… or any evening… or any time for that matter

Don’t do the pop-in. Modern technology has put a stop to the unexpected pop-in (thank gawddd). Even if you send a warning text saying: “I’m just popping by in 5 minutes to pick-up my…” is better than an unexpected pop-in. The worst.

  1. A hen’s party or wedding

Didn’t make the cut but thought you were a shoe-in? That’s awkward. Best not make it more awkward by finding out where they’re going to be and doing the whole “fancy seeing you here” gig. Gig’s up.

  1. The hospital when your friend has just had a baby

“Surprise! I bought you flowers!” So lovely of you. Leave the flowers and get the hell out while your friend tries to deal with the onslaught of multiple family members while negotiating pain, drugs and new mum business.

  1. A new boyfriend’s house at any time

You’ve just started dating and thought it would be cute to show up on his doorstep unannounced? It’s not cute, it’s creepy. And stalky. If you want the relationship to continue, save the creepy and stalky behaviour for at least a few months in.

  1. Date night

There’s a reason they say three’s a crowd…

  1. Your best friend’s family dinner

If she wanted you there, she would have invited you. She didn’t invite you, she doesn’t want you there. Capisce? Good.

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