10 Funny Memes That’ll Make You LOL This Friday

Which one's your fave?! 😂🤣

  1. When I’m wearing a romper in a public restroom and someone tries to open the door

2. There’s no such thing as a perfect nigh–

3. When you’re out with a friend who tries to snapchat everything

4. Candid pics I take of my boyfriend vs Ones he takes of me

5. “You’re not actually mad you’re just hungry, let’s go get food”


6. When your ex sees you in public and tries to stop you to talk

7. When you’re trying to find a good picture of your crush to show your friends but realise there isn’t one and they actually a lil ugly

8. How girls check the oven on social media

9. Saturday night vs Sunday morning

10. Me 2 minutes into my diet deciding if it’s even worth it

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