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Your Ultimate Guide To Aussie Slang

Aussie slang translated 🌏

When you think of Australia, hot temperatures, pristine beaches, long family barbeque’s and of course native animals like the kangaroo may come to mind, but what about the language?

While some Aussie slang might seem pretty normal to those of us down under, there’s a few words, phrases and idioms that certainly don’t make sense to our overseas friends. Or even to those who are born-and-bred and have spent the majority of their adult lives in this sunburnt country, but still don’t understand what the heck half the population is saying.

The Honey Badger made it cool on his infamous season of The Bachelor, but we’re keeping it coming, so think of this as your Showpo guide to ocker twang…

Aussie slang


The basics…

  • Shiela = an Aussie lady.
  • Bloke = an Aussie dude.
  • Barbie = not the doll, actually a barbeque. You may have heard this one in the infamous “throw another shrimp on the barbie” that’s in multiple TV shows and movies.
  • Bail = to cancel plans. “I’m going to bail on tonight Marge.”
  • Fair dinkum = otherwise known as damn straight. “Fair dinkum I’m having another beer.”
  • How ya goin’ = this one is pretty self-explanatory, but is usually used as more of a statement than a question, and doesn’t require an answer.
  • Strewth = used to express dismay. “Strewth, that was a long day of flipping sausages on the barbeque.”
  • Blimey = used to express surprise, excitement or alarm. “Blimey Marge, that’s one big kangaroo!”
  • Crook = feeling unwell, much like when you have one too many beers.
  • Dunny = an Aussie toilet.
  • Drongo = a fool. “Marge, you’re acting like a drongo.”
  • Bloody ripper = awesome. “That was a bloody ripper of a barbeque.”
  • Have a yarn = another way of saying have a chat.
  • Yeah, Nah = a very Aussie, very round-about way of saying no.
  • Nah, yeah = like above, but this time it actually means yes.

A little more complicated…

  • Up the duff = pregnant.
  • Tracky dacks = trackpants.
  • Wazoo = an Australian way of referring to your bottom.
  • Loose cannon = someone who has no self-control.
  • Dog’s breakfast = a mess. “Let’s clean this place up Marge, it looks like the dog’s breakfast.”
  • She’ll be right = everything will be okay.
  • Spit the dummy = to throw a tantrum. “No need to spit the dummy Marge, she’ll be right.”
  • Budgie smugglers = also known as Speedos, or really tight fitting, tiny underwear that Aussie blokes like to wear to the beach.
  • Hard yakka = hard work, also known as the only time of work done in Australia.
  • Dead horse = tomato sauce, or as it’s better known in the States, ketchup.
  • On the blink = when something’s not working properly. “Marge, the dishwashers on the blink.”
  • Not here to fuck spiders = ready to get the job done. “I’ve got my barbeque lit and I’m not here to fuck spiders.”
  • Time to strap on the bag of fruit = it’s meal time. “It’s midday, I’m hungry and it’s time to strap on the bag of fruit.”
  • Straight to the pool room = when you’re proud of something, you take it here. “Look at the size of this fish, I’m taking it straight to the pool room.”

Full Frontal Wtf GIF

Utterly ridiculous…

  • Like seagulls on a chip = busy.
  • Head like a dropped pie = somebody who’s unattractive.
  • Sharp as a bag of hammers = dumb. “Marge, you’re about as sharp as a bag of hammers.”
  • Dry as a dead dingo’s donger = apparently this is another way to say your thirsty. “Give me a sip  of your coke Marge, I’m as dry as a dead dingo’s donger.”
  • Fair shake of the sauce bottle = to give someone a chance. “I like her, I’ll give her a fair shake of the sauce bottle.”
  • So hungry I could eat a horse = very, very hungry.
  • Like a rat down a drainpipe = super fast. “As soon as he saw me, that kangaroo took off like a rat down a drainpipe.”
  • I’m as full as Centrelink on payday = very full (also very inappropriate).
  • Going off like a bag of cats = going crazy. “‘Marge, you’re making me go off like a bag of cats.”
  • Tough as woodpecker lips = very strong. “She’ll be right, Marge, she’s as tough as woodpecker lips.”
  • Got kangaroos loose in the top paddock = somebody’s who’s a little wacky. “I don’t know about that one mate, he’s got kangaroos loose in the top paddock.”
  • Bowling the froth off a few = drinking alcohol, specifically beer.


What’s your favourite?

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