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So You’ve Filled Your Body With Rubbish, Now What? 🤔

5 saviours when you’ve eaten and drunk your body weight in crap...

We get it. We’re there with you. You didn’t mean to go out until it was time to do the walk of shame… That Christmas walk of shame where you have to duck out of his house with your shoes in one hand, sparkling clutch and reindeer headband in the other and manoeuvre your way back to your hood without running into anyone you know (or anyone your parents know. THE WORST.) And then it’s a quick shower before having to put on a brave face and go hang out with the family and your sister’s screaming kid.

But you know what helps you get through the day? Eggs and Bacon. Hot chips. Sausage rolls. And those heavenly, heavenly hairs of the dog. Except… you have one too many hairs of the dog that you get a little over-excited and nek minute… you’re doing the walk of shame. AGAIN. Shower. Eggs and bacon. Hot chips. Sausage rolls. Repeat. Oh the joys of Christmas.

Now, this isn’t going to be one of those health articles. You know the ones that tell you to eat and drink everything in moderation and then make sure you hit the gym and then have a hearty salad to recover, yadda yadda yadda. It’s Christmas y’all – who wants to be moderating themselves or working up a sweat (other than on the dance floor) when it’s the festive season. Not us! Nope, the steps below are 5 things that are just a blessing in disguise when your stomach’s churning and your head is pounding from party overload…

  1. Coke. Glorious cold – with a little bit of ice – coca cola. It’s not called the Black Doctor for nothing; guzzle this stuff down and I can promise you that stomach will be feeling a little better as a result.
  2. An air-conditioned cinema. Nothing says “hallelujah” to a hangover than the deliciousness of a chilled cinema playing a ridiculous rom-com that you can tune out from. And go on, have a nap if you want. You deserve it. You partied hard, girlfriend.
  3. The big. Deep. Blue. Ocean. If you can survive the bumper to bumper traffic that comes with the delightful (ahem) pairing of beach and holidays – I can not recommend enough submerging yourself in that salt water. And avoid waves. You’re looking for one of those beaches that the English flock to. Flat, salty water.
  4. Fan time. Oh thank you genius people who created this clever device that blows air on you. While you might not have had food comas and hangovers on your mind when you thought up this one – you sure hit the jackpot. THANKING YOU.
  5. Go online shopping. New clothes make everything better, amiright?


Words by Yelena Fairfax. 

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