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How To Make Friends With Exercise

You’ll be BFFs before you know it

Ladies, we are well and truly past New Year’s resolution zone. You know that 3 or so months when you you have no problem staying motivated to exercise? You’re convinced you’ll be hitting the gym and downing protein shakes like a fitness influencer seven days a week. Well, now we’re now into the next phase: reality. As our friend science has shown, exercise has numerous health benefits including more energy, better sleep and an increase in positive vibes. But if the idea of breaking into a sweat makes you, well, break into a sweat, it’s time to fall in love with a new training regimen.

Bribe yourself with cute outfits

Yes, this is total and utter bribery but how are you supposed to want to break into a sweat if you don’t have the activewear to prove it? Give yourself permission to splurge on a cute workout look or two. You’ll at least look the part when you sheepishly walk into the gym again and dodge the judgemental eyes of the trainer you had a trial session with weeks ago but have avoided ever since.

Pack your bag ahead of time

You’ll likely come up with every excuse in the world to get out of exercising including the fact you don’t have your stuff together so do yourself a favour and get your stuff together. Instead of rushing around in the morning looking for your tights and sneakers, pack a bag the night before and leave it by the front door so you’re ready to go.

Book yourself into a class

Whether it’s a training session in your local park or a pilates class at the gym, having someone take you through the motions will make it a whole lot more exciting than you going it alone. Plus you’ll often work a little harder when there’s an instructor pushing you versus navigating a session on your own.

Find an activity that you love

It stands to reason that if you actually enjoy something then you’ll want to come back. So, trial a few different ways of exercising and pinpoint the one thing that actually has you pumped to go again. For some, it could be a sweaty boxing session while for others it could be a long run. Ultimately it’s important to find the one that – to quote Marie Kondo – sparks joy. You’ll know it when you find it because you’ll find yourself looking forward to a session rather than thinking of excuses why you can’t make it.

Give yourself a reason to exercise

Why are you exercising? The more compelling the reason the better. For most, ‘because it’s good for my health’ won’t cut it. You need to get more specific. Do you want to look totally smokin’ for that Hawaiian getaway you’ve got booked? Are you in need of a bit of an energy boost? Is it because you’re going to run into your ex at an event and want to show them what they’re missing? Think of why you want to get fit and leave yourself little reminders to stay motivated for exercise when you’re in danger of skipping a session.

Find an exercise buddy

Staying motivated to exercise is easier with someone else holding you accountable. It’s harder to bail on gym session after work when you’ve got a friend waiting for you. It’s a great idea to find yourself someone that you can train with, someone who is equally trying to make regular exercise a part of their routine to spur you on when all you want to do is order takeaway and park yourself in front of Netflix.

Fitspo by Tania Gomez

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