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The Perfect Workout Playlist

This shit will get you PUMPED!

We all know that working out is good for you physically and mentally; it gives you ‘clarity’ and ‘both inner and outer strength’ blah blah blah…


But the motivation to get sweaty and move yo’ body is, on occasion, as elusive as an orgasm when you’ve drunk your bodyweight in prosecco.

Everyone I know who is crazy fit has two methods for keeping motivation strong (apart from fitting into their skinny jeans). The first is some sick workout threads they feel sexy in because let’s face it, KMART tights and a bed shirt don’t scream ‘FIT AF’ now do they?

The second is a killer playlist full of bangers guaranteed to help you smash your PBs. None of that soft shit you quickly fast-forward and lose concentration while doing so, amirite!

So I’ve spent some solid work hours sipping on an unhealthy (but delicious) Starbucks frappe while trawling through countless playlists, only adding the BEST to our Showpo ‘WORK IT OUT’ playlist.

I’m pretty happy with the result, the playlist consists of 100 songs (and over 6 hours) of pure, intense tunes that have the ability to make even the laziest of sloths want to kick some fitness goals.

Click to get the playlist below and have fun pumpin’ serious iron!


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