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Fitness Classes To Try This Spring

Sweat it out!

Guys… It’s SPRING. Well, here in Australia it is, everyone else can calm TF down and pull on your winter woolies.

So how the devil do we get a bangin’ summer body while still having fun?

Whether you want to flaunt a hot new bikini, get revenge on your ex-boyfriend, or meet new people and have fun; we’ve got four fitness classes you should give a go for all of the fun and #fitspo.

Get your mind right with a spot of yoga…


Hot yoga has become one of the best forms of fitness to keep your mind in tune and your body in check. Open up your spiritual side and relieve stress, get flexible and enjoy getting #namaste with your gal pals.

Work dat bod, work dat pole…


Nothing says a strong independent woman like dancing to Queen B. Pole dancing works your core and arms like nothing else, trust me when I say you’ll be sore for a WEEK after your first class! It’s also really great for your confidence as you’ll feel really strong and empowered swingin’ round the pole!

Get a hot PT…


If you find it hard getting any motivation in the mornings, there’s nothing better than a personal trainer. My last one had me swimming, running and hitting weights; it was a tortuous yet effective blend of cardio and gaining muscles. Oh, and did I mention he also looked like Ryan Reynolds? Well someone’s got to motivate me out of bed in the mornings… Smirk_Face_Emoji_grande

Kick some serious ass…


Have you ever felt like punching your work colleague in the face or beating up an ex-boyfriend who consistently lied to you? Well MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, and with Connor McGregor causing so much drama and huge icons like Ronda Rousey bursting on the scene, it’s a sport to be noticed! MMA is definitely a high thrill and adrenaline rush, which isn’t for the faint-hearted. Strap on your boxing gloves, hit the bags, and become that bad ass you always knew was hiding somewhere inside you.

What’s your fave exercise?

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