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All The Stages Of A Morning Workout

Oh the pain...

We get that going to the gym helps with the whole fit thing (that, and being able to wear those midriff tops without having the old gunt flopping out… jks it still flops out) – but sometimes it just sucks. It’s hard and it hurts and it’s definitely not as fun (or aesthetically-pleasing) as those fitspo influencers make it look.  If you’re like us and struggle on the reg to get to your morning workout class – then this one’s for you…

6pm the night before:

Texting around the gfs to see who’s keen for the gym tomorrow. Pumped!

7pm the night before:

Start thinking about what kit you’re going to wear to look super cute for the trainer (you’re taken and he’s gay – but there ain’t no harm in a little mutual appreciation).

9pm the night before:

Set your alarm for 5.30am, 5.35am, 5.40am, 5.45am, and 5.50am – you don’t want to risk sleeping in and missing the class.

9.30pm the night before:

Call it a night as you know you have an early start (except then scroll on your Instagram for the next hour and a half).

11pm the night before:

Actually go to sleep.


Groan, roll over and press the snooze button.

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Groan, roll over and press the snooze button.


Groan, roll over and press the snooze button. Get abused by your boyfriend for the alarm constantly going off.


Groan, roll over and press the snooze button really quickly to avoid abuse by boyfriend.


Pull yourself out of bed and hate yourself for convincing the girls to join you in your physical pursuits. Almost text them to double check that they’re still going but decide against it… you’re up now.


Realise how late you’re running and grab clothes to get dressed in the car – that’s what traffic lights are for.


Run into the morning workout class apologising and awkwardly getting out the equipment while everybody else does the warm-up. Realise that the only spot left is next to a chubby sweaty man who’s a regular and not your friends because you were too late. Silently seethe that they didn’t save you a spot but do one of those closed mouth “I’m not pissed off at you but I kinda am” hello smirks at them from across the room.


Decide you hate burpees. Hate sit-ups. Hate push-ups. Hate anything to do with triceps. Hate yourself for doing this…


Catch a glimpse of your red-faced puffing self in the mirror and decide to avert your eyes somewhere between the mirror and the chubby sweating man.


Check the clock to see how long the class has to go.


Check the clock to see how long the class has to go.

morning workout


Lie flat on your back on the mat during the warm down stretch session not moving a muscle.

morning workout


Debrief with the girls (not about the session, obviously just the latest gossip).


Leave feeling stuffed but glad you did it.

morning workout


Have a hot shower and then look in the mirror to see if the morning workout has made you thinner and tighter.


Walk into the office feeling on top of the world as the endorphins start flying – and even give a smile and a wave to that annoying butt-kisser at work.

morning workout


Text around the gfs to see who’s keen for a morning workout tomorrow. Pumped!

morning workout

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