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BRR It’s Cold In Here

How to stay fit in winter


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, it’s fockin’ FREEZING in certain areas of Australia and as such, the desire to do anything bar curl up with roast potatoes, the new M&Ms chocolate (seriously how good is it) and watch TV is at an all-time high.

But unless we want to enter the warmer months looking like an actual potato, we need to at least TRY and keep somewhat fit.

Firstly, go and read my Q&A with an Aussie PT, he’s phenom and has loads of great advice. Then buy yourself some new activewear threads as you’ll instantly feel more motivated when you slip them on. Finally, download our FREE Spotify playlistthat we made for workouts.

Now you’re ready to sweat!

I think the most important thing to remember in winter is that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. I’m not a fitness fanatic so I’m the type of gal who is going to tell you to just stay in bed if you want.

Yes, you’d probably feel better if you got up and exercised but you know, it’s cold and there’s nothing quite like a cosy bed in the morning. BUT, if you do decide to move dat booty, I’ve got 4 ‘winter-friendly’ options for the gal that doesn’t fancy a 5am spin class.

  1. The at-home workouts. If you wear your activewear to bed (and I mean it’s super comfy so why not), you literally only have to roll out of bed and start squatting. Talk to a PT or look up at-home workouts online, buy yourself some resistance bands and free weights and get started. There are also downloadable programs which are pretty cheap, easy to do, but super hard; try Kayla or T25.
  2. If you live within a reasonable distance to your job, try running home! Pop your workwear in a backpack and get trekking, the weight of the backpack adds extra intensity and it can be quicker than driving or public transport.
  3. Lunchtime workouts. Use your 1hr to get your blood pumping, rather than shovelling your lunch in while your scroll through FB. It’s better for you and you’ll feel so fresh (albeit slightly stinky) when you come back to work. Most studios and gyms offer 30-45min classes during lunch so you have time to get there and freshen up afterwards. Maybe opt against the high-intensity classes if you have an afternoon booked with meetings though!
  4. Walking is so good for you in so many ways. It’s one of the easiest, low-resistance exercises that deliver great results for your body and mind. Go for a big walk on the weekend with a pal so you get your exercise and a catch-up simultaneously. If you’re walking solo, make sure you download a great podcast or use the time to give your mum a call – she’ll love it!

Now if you DO fancy a spin class, I can’t recommend Up!Cycle enough. The newest and sickest fitness studio in Sydney will have you feeling buzzed for hours after a session.

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