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Your A-Z Prom Guide

Prom, formal...whatever TF you wanna call it.

A – When choosing your dress, make sure you don’t forget about accessories as they have the unique ability to make or break an outfit. Whether you opt for a headpiece and armfuls of bangles or chunky earrings and a simple clutch; just ensure they’re thought out and complement your frock.

B – Failsafe, chic and timeless; a black dress for your formal will always be a great choice. With styles in a myriad of fabrics and cuts, there’s something for every lass and it will probably be a dress you can wear on repeat as they never go out of style.


C – Soft curls are a nod to old Hollywood glamour and a timeless hairstyle you’ll never cringe over (unlike the teased bouffant I once sported). Get the look with the Muk Curl Stick, it’s simple to use and won’t leave you with awful tight ringlets.

D – Don’t grab a hot random from the street just because he’ll look good in photos. Your date should be someone you’ll have fun with! If you have a bf/gf then obviously you’re sorted but otherwise, just take a pal! You’ll thank me in 10 years I promise. I haven’t spoken to my date SINCE prom (or formal as it’s called here) as he left me stranded to go and have bush hanky-panky with the class stoner.

E – Whether you’re doing your makeup yourself, heading to a makeup contour or have enlisted the help of an expert; make sure your false eyelashes game is strong. Take a pair of your faves in case the ones they have are fugly.

F – If you want to do something a wee bit different for your prom hairstyle, why not opt for a fishtail braid!? Glam, soft and feminine; they are pretty easy to master yourself. Click here for a braiding tutorial and save those exxy hairdresser fees.


G – Not just hot for festivals, the glitter trend has sparkled its way into every event. Inject a few glimmers with a shimmery eyeshadow or go all out in a dress with it woven into the fabric!

H – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… BREAK IN YOUR HEELS LADIES. You a) don’t want to be uncomfortable at prom, bouncing from one hoof to the other and b) if you take them off, you’re one of THOSE girls. Please, for the love of dignity, don’t be that girl.

I – Now although you OBVS have to get some good insta snaps of yourself and your squad, make sure you remember to have actual fun instead of just photos of yourselves LOOKING like you’re having fun.

J – Use Jergens Gradual Tan in the weeks leading up till prom to create a great base for your tan. You’ll thank me later. If you can’t get Jergens, HEAPS of other brands do them, just check out what’s on offer at your local drug store.

K – Don’t ruin your look with gross feet and manky fingers by getting a fresh mani and pedi the day prior. I’m loving the Kester Black nail polish as it lasts yonks and the colours are gorg. Keep things simple with a nude or amp up your cool factor with adarker shade.

L – Lace crochet is THE fabric of the season so when looking for your perfect dress, keep your eyes peeled for this delicate fabric as it will be in abundance. Feminine and girly, the intricate detailing gives the illusion of a far more expensive dress.


M – Imagine raising your arms on the dance floor at prom only to realise you had smelly pits. Less than ideal really. Don’t do what my best friend did and forget to put on deodorant (true story). Lather up those pits of yours with some serious shit. MitchumClinical Protection deodorant keeps you from getting smelly AND it actually stops the area from getting moist as you nervously await the PQ results.

N – If you’re planning on playing up your eyes with a sexy smokey look, make sure you keep the lips soft in our Naughty Nude lipstick. Makeup at prom should be eyes or lips just like your dress should be chest or legs – never both, it’s OTT and that’s not cute at prom.


O – The off-shoulder style continue to rise in popularity thanks to it’s feminine and flattering silhouette. I’m loving that we’re not only seeing it on tops and playsuits but PROM ATTIRE now! Be trendy AF in an off-shoulder prom dress.


P – Before you leave for the night, don’t forget to spritz your favourite perfume. I suggest actually getting a new fragrance for the special night as every time you smell it afterwards you’ll be taken back to the (hopefully) magical evening. Opt for a classic scent like AERIN Bamboo Rose Eau de Cologne or something fresh and contemporary like a unisex fragrance from Jo Malone.

Q – Make sure your hair, skin and nails are in optimal condition at prom by taking Qsilica capsules leading up to the big day. A good habit to get into regardless, concentrated vitamins like these work WONDERS on your insides AND outsides.

R – Another popular beauty look for prom is the wing and red lip combo. Always glamorous, there is no chance you’ll ever look back on this beauty look and cringe. Just make sure you pack a compact to discreetly check for the lippy on your teeth and chin!


S – You know what’s really hot on dresses red now? Thigh splits, thigh splits are hot right now. Show off smooth, tan limbs with a sexy split, just remember to dust a bit of highlight down your shin for ultimate #leggoals.


T – Gurl, you KNOW you’ve got to get your (faux) tan on for prom! If you’re pale, calm TF down sista or you’ll turn an attractive shade of tangerine which you will look back on and weep I assure you. Go for a light professional coat or buff in a nice lighter version like this fellow 2-nights prior. If you’ve got medium to darker skin tones you can pretty much go as tan as you want, just remember to stay somewhat sensible and not tell your tanner ‘3 coats ultra dark’ lest you want to look like Paris Hilton circa 2009… Bondi Sands Ultra Dark is PHENOM for DIY, just make sure you follow my instructions here for foolproof tanning.

U – To ensure your skin is in optimal condition and ready to look flawless under your makeup, use the Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Purifying Mask a few nights prior to clear the skin and freshen up your complexion.

V – For the best insta snaps, you can’t look past the VSCO app to edit. Seriously look what I did to this image last week in 30 seconds… Download here.


W – As well as prepping your skin, hair, nails, tan etc (god being a girl is work/really fun), don’t forget about the ol’ chompers that will be appearing in every dang pic. Whiten your teeth at home using this kit for quick and easy results. You’ll feel like one of those sponsored insta bloggers with the light in your mouth but will make a funny snapchat for sure.

X – There is nothing related to prom for XEmail me if you think of something. What a stupid letter.

Y – If you struggled to get some shuteye the night before prom due to sheer excitement, the Yves Saint Laurent Touch Éclat is perfect for those sallow bags under your peepers. Pop a bit on to brighten the area and reduce the appearance of fatigue, you’ll look more refreshed than post-Redbull.

Z – Don’t let zits ruin your prom ? They really are the bane of your skins existence aren’t they. Just wait till you’re a bit older and suffering acne AND wrinkles… fun times! Probiotics work wonders and make sure you’re drinking an absolute fu*kton of water. DON’T use medicated gels or creams, they will simply dry the bastard out so much you’ll have crusty skin flakes to cover rather than a bump. Pop the GlamGlow Supermud DIRECTLY on the spot before bed to clear it minus the drying and I also hear the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion works a treat.

Most importantly… HAVE FUN!


Words by Kelly McCarren


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