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What To Wear To ANY Occasion

Never fear, Showpo is here...

I bloody love a good frock.

Nothing makes me feel more ~feminine~.

In my opinion, when a lass pops on an amazing frock, her confidence skyrockets and she can rule the world with her zesty new step. There’s no occasion a dress isn’t *appropes, you just need to find the right one…

*Cartwheeling does not apply to this rule. 

What to wear to a wedding… 

Wedding attire can be a VERY contentious issue; how much skin to show, what colours are acceptable, what length fits with the dress code etc… But I think I’ve found a winner.


The wine hue is really luxe and the length could pass for either cocktail or formal attire, which is bloody phenom as that shit can give a gal anxiety.  Find out more in this video.

What to wear to an interview…

Interviews make you sweaty and nervous enough as it is without the added stress of WTF to wear. We delved into it more herebut for 90% of interviews, this dress is perfect.


If the position is more corporate, pop on a structured blazer and clean black pumps, before pulling your hair back into a low bun. If the company is a bit more casual, add white trainers, a denim jacket and tousled locks.

What to wear on a first date…

Something HOT obvs winking-face.png


But seriously, something you always feel comfortable and sexy and fun in. This dress is perfect as it’s figure hugging without being overtly ‘LOOK AT ME AND HOW HOT MY RIG IS’. You can dress it up or down really easily and it’s a really comfy fabric.

What to wear to an engagement party… 

Some peeps like to have a garden soiree and some like to go glam with evening cocktails.


This dress is perfect for a glam evening but you can layer cropsand a jacket to make it more casual.  If it’s chilly, a belted sweater would also look tres chic!

What to wear to a funeral…

Always a tough one, funerals suck enough as it is without having to worry about what to wear. Hopefully, you won’t have to pull it out very often, but having a dress like this will be one less thing to think about at a shitty time.


Opt for black, loosely structured, with minimal skin showing. Obviously, everyone has an opinion but it’s a funeral, pop something simple and respectful on.

What to wear to meet the parents… 

Nerve-wracking for some, you want to make the right impression without completely dismissing your usual style.


wrap dress is fun with the long skirt and capped sleeves making it ladylike and parent-approved. I love the print as it shows off a fashionable, cheeky side to your style.

What to wear when the dress code is‘lounge attire’… 

OMG every time I’ve been invited to an event with that as the dress code, I jut want to smack whoever wrote it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN. d2a381e492ca9483876ecca2747a3be7.png


According to Vogue, lounge attire is: “A lounge suit is another name for business suit and usually indicates a semi-formal function.” OK, so I feel like this number is pretty failsafe and the cut and colour are really classic and elegant. Up the ante with killer heels and earrings.

What to wear to a work function…

Unless it specifies black tie, corporate chic is your best bet.


Super glam, the thick crisp fabric of this dress is perfect for work events and can be paired with a blazer and opaque tights for a more professional, demure look.


Words by Kelly McCarren. 


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