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What To Wear To A 90s Party

Having trouble flashing back to the 90s? Weren't even alive in the 90s? Sit back, relax and take our advice...

There are two types of girls in this world. The first, are the girls who THRIVE off themed parties. You know the type, the girls who effortlessly show up to a party in a dinosaur outfit that somehow just works. For those girls, I will forever be jealous and I’m ok with that. BUT if you’re anything like me and themed parties are the absolute bane of your existence, then you are a type two gal (like yours truly). Somehow 90s themed parties have crept up on us and although I live for the 90s and dressing up seems fun in theory, it’s can be ultra confusing to figure out what to wear to a 90s party. Stress less…with these low-budget ideas you’ll be looking like a 90s babe in no time and ready to boogie the night away!

Firstly, you probably don’t even realise that you actually already own at least one 90s trend, given they’re back with a vengeance

Let’s look at these trends closer and you’ll never have to google ‘what to wear to a 90s party’ again.


Guess what guys, flared pants are back in fashion and chances are for most of us corporate girls, you may already have a pair in your office wardrobe. Whether it be a pair of culottes or full-length pants, they are bound to make you look the part and let’s face it, they are comfy AF! Pair with some block heels and you’ll have your party look sorted in no time! Plus, flares are known to make you look taller, therefore elongating you like a boss. 





Britney and Justin double denim

Did someone say double denim? Yes ladies, denim was all the rage in the 90s (and still is). Whether that be a pair of high-waisted mum jeans, an oversized denim jacket or your most distressed pair of boyfriend jeans, pair these with anything in your wardrobe and your outfit is done. No effort required, thank me later.

Double Denim 90s style



Yes, like plastic clothes. Pleather and all things plastic-y; PVC has come a long way since the 90s and (luckily) won’t make you as sweaty as it did back in the day.

PVC Styles
What to wear to a 90s party? Pleather bishes.


Will Smith

Bold colours and bucket hats, 90s hip-hop fashion was the shit. Think Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Oversized was “the thing”, oversized dungarees, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies…everything was BIG and BULKY. And we can’t forget the matching trackies phase…so glad that’s a thing of the past. Oh, and if you want to be reallllllly hip hop fo’ shiz, just rock a reverse bandana, Tupac-style, and sag yo pants for real.


Do other people remember rocking these in high-school!? Even though that was in the noughties, conductor hats are a style that comes and goes in the style stakes.

Conductor hats



Who says your accessories aren’t dress up? Find your old pair of inline skates or buy a pair of cheap skates and let your accessories speak for your outfit (or lack there-of). Roll into that party in style! And why you’re at it, dig up that old Sony Walkman and pump up the beats – anyone looking that cool deserves their own soundtrack.


What does Clueless, Britney Spears and Mean Girls all have in common? Plaid! Plaid skirts, in particular, were a staple in most wardrobes in the 90s. Paired with a basic top or bodysuit and some knee-high socks will have you looking like Brit, Cher Horowitz or Gretchen Weiners instantly. Or if skirts aren’t your thing, go 90s grunge; we’re talking a black and red plaid flannel shirt with LOTS of eyeliner.

what to wear to a 90s party



Now, every girl knows that hair and makeup are crucial for any outfit. If dressing up simply isn’t for you (no judgement) then hair and makeup is the way to go. Tie your hair in a top knot (with a scrunchie of course) and put as much colour into your eyeshadow as possible (I’m talking full peacock) and you’ll be looking like a 90s GODDESS in no time.

what to wear to a 90s party
What to wear to a 90s party? A scrunchie silly!

Feeling more creative? Get your hands on one of the classic 90s hair-braiding-machines and rock those rope-like braids. Tip: Be careful, these things were NOTORIOUS for getting tangled in hair.


For the squads out there, going to a party as the Spice Girls is probably your lifelong dream. A 90s themed party is THE perfect place for it! Get your gal pals dressed as Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Sporty for a true 90s vibe. 

We be thinking chunky shoes, bright crop tops, mini dresses, sequin dresses and bodysuits. On a side note, if Wannabe isn’t at the top of your list of shower anthems, we can’t be friends.




Nothing says 90s like a classic bum bag. Originating in the 80s, the 90s were where bum bags really started to come into their own. Bridging the gap between ladies’ fashion having itsy bitsy pockets (if at all) and us gals not wanting to drag a bag around enters the humble fanny pack. Wear it as a belt or sling it over your shoulders, either way, you will be able to dance up a storm looking fly as hell, all whilst keeping your valuables safe and dry.

Bum bags - 90s fashion



Comfy AF, a classic pair of denim overalls is the low maintenance look, for the gal who likes to keep it casual. Simply pair them with a cropped tee or bralette underneath and you’re good to go – could it be any easier? BONUS points if you pair it with a choker.

Overalls 90s style
What to wear to a 90s party? OVERALLS!



Did you even go to a 90s party if you didn’t wear a choker? Current trends see it being styled in layers, which I’m all for but make sure they are too tight (unless you want to make your neck look thick AF).



Party time 😎 Now that you’ve got more of an idea about what to wear to a 90s party, it’s time to put those outfits together! Be sure to have a browse through Showpo for all your outfit needs! Now go forth and HEEEEYYY MACARENA.


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