Showpo’s Next Top Model: Vitoria Triboni

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Meet Vitoria Triboni; she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s nice and she’s beautiful.

You may recognise her from the current season of Australia’s Next Top Model, an experience she described as amazing because she met so many people and made life-long friends.

Given her sunkissed brunette locks, bronzed complexion and inherent sexiness, it’s no surprise that Vitoria was born and raised in Brasil. Brazilian women are notoriously the most stunning creatures on earth, and Vitoria doesn’t disappoint with her lithe limbs and beaming smile.

Luckily for us, Vitoria decided to move to Australia at the tender age of 19 to learn English (which is now perfect, just with that sexy AF accent behind each syllable) and couldn’t believe how many Brazilians were here.

It didn’t surprise her after she’d been here for awhile, she says the countries are so similar in their beauty and friendly people.

Strutting those pins down the runway for Palacio Versace was Vitoria’s first modelling gig on the Gold Coast and her career has gone from strength-to-strength since. She’s recently been named the new face of a Swarovski campaign, on top of regular work around the country.

I met Vitoria on the shoot of a recent Samsung campaign Showpo CEO, Jane Lu, and I worked on.

Jane and I were dazzled by her beauty, charm and Oscar-worthy acting skills (seriously if you haven’t seen her trick everyone into believing the ‘dress changing colour’ video, watch it here). We knew we wanted her as part of the Showpo family and we couldn’t be happier now she’s part of the team.

Last week we shot Vitoria for a campaign at the effortlessly cool Harpoon Harry and I just had to share some of the pics with you guys because they’re that bloody incredible.

The images evoke that elusive (and rare) talent some models have of just making you feel like you need to be part of whatever the hell they’re having. Oh, and her drink of choice is whisky straight up. Her coolness kills me. Face_With_Rolling_Eyes_Emoji.png Make sure you’re following her  @vitoria_triboni.








Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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