The Only 5 Pairs Of Shoes You’ll Ever Need

But we understand if you want more ??

I’m not one of those girls who is OBSESSED with shoes.

In fact, I’d be happy walking barefoot everywhere if it wasn’t considered uncouth and really gross. Sure I like looking at them, but most of them hurt my poor hooves and I always end up in something comfortable 98% of the time.

Shoe obsessed or not, we obviously need them, lest people confuse us as homeless or on a questionable acid trip where we think we’re walking around a field of daisies.

But you really don’t need a closet full of different options, having spent the equivalent of a nice car on them. Make sure you’ve got the following 5 pairs at hand, and you’ll be set for every occasion.


Chic and comfortable, these can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with a knee length dress.

Your inner tomboy will forever be grateful as you’re dashing about in these bad boys. Keep it classy by keeping them crisp and clean, remembering that no one should ever be able to accidentally see your socks. Buy them here.



I don’t care what anyone says, this style of shoe hurts like a real bitch.

But if you’re a career gal you probably need them to complete your ‘corporate attire’ or ‘important meeting’ look. Wear for short bursts of time and make sure you get the right size. PLUS, Blistop actually works a real treat. Buy them here.



Fashionistas seem to despise thongs, but they’re perfect for going to the beach for a multitude of reasons. Namely that the rubber won’t get sand stuck on them which is beyond gross.

Stick to black and they’ll go with whatever bathers you opt for on the day. Buy them here.



Pair with your playsuits and whimsical summer outfits for that ultimate bohemian vibe.

Comfortable enough to wear pretty much anywhere, these babies can be worn shopping, to work and straight to low-key drinks with the gals. Flats or a thicker heel – your choice!


These will take you the entire way through winter and you’ll probably wear them so much you feel like they’re part of your feet.

The heel keeps it trendy and chic but the thick/sturdy build means they’re super comfortable. Buy a good quality pair like these as you want them to power on through the season.



Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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