You’re Invited To The Party (PRINT PARTY Y’ALL)

The print party that is. Don’t worry, it’s ALMOST as fun as one with an open bar!



We all know that floral prints for the warmer months are about as groundbreaking as wearing a white tee with jeans.

Nevertheless, it’s a popular trend for a reason, it’s cute AF. I always feel so feminine and flirty in florals, they’re perfect for so many occasions and we’ve got SUCH an array of them here at Showpo.

Red prints tone down the sexiness of the hue, while still bringing a burst of personality to your outfit.

Shop them here.


When your (faux) tan is strong, bust out a nude print to contrast against your glow. Shop nude here and see our best tan tips here.


Make pink even prettier with an eye-catching print. From maxi dresses to teeny jumpsuits, the pink print is a must for every girly girl.


I’ve never met a lass who doesn’t like the cool injection of some blue in her life. Showpo has so many beautiful blue-based prints that can be worn throughout the seasons.



Crisp white doesn’t have to be boring, amp it up with one of our stunning floral prints. Keep the look whimsical by keeping the look nice and flowy. Shop white-based prints here.


You didn’t think I’d forgotten about our much-loved black shade, did you? Prints based on the darkest shade are bold, slightly edgy and super flattering. Shop them here.


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