MBFWA 2018: Top 7 Trends

We’re not Paris or Milan, but each year, more and more buyers from around the globe, fly in for Australian Fashion Week, knowing they’ll get the good shit down under.

Fashionista’s braved the coldest week at Carriageworks in yonks; using the rare op to bunker down in thick coats, multiple layers, and sky-high boots.

The week started with a stellar show by Camilla & Marc on Sunday night and finished last night with quite possibly the prettiest show for the talented Camilla. We’ve already had a look at some of our fave street style looks, so now it’s time to look at the top trends that stormed the runways.

Trend #1


Who knew the shade of Curious George would make such a comeback? From softer, pastel hues, through to bright shades erring on the side of fluorescent; yellow was poppin’ all over the place. Shop your own yellow styles right here

Trend #2


Call then checks, call them gingham, call them squares; you know they’re here to stay. We’ve seen them pop up here and there over the last few months but now that we’ve seen them on 80% of runways the last week, we know it’s safe to invest in the entire checked ensemble.

Trend #3


Paddle pops on a warm summery day. Girly and feminine, with a nod to decades past. Pastels are a great way to dip your toes into colours without jumping the entire way in. My fave pastel shade is a cornflower blue, so I’m loving this dress sick RN.

Trend #4


Anyone hoping for a bleak season full of your blacks and whites will be sorely disappointed when they see the array of shades of pink. Soft baby pinks, patterned mixes and BRIGHT PINK FUCSHIA are back with a vengeance. Pink is the new grey marle some might say.

Trend #5


Once left for the boys, suits are everywhere. Either tailored and structured or loose and soft, get yours here. 


Trend #6


Who runs the world? GIRLS.

Girls in red cos’ we’re powerful and passionate AF. Red is always a great option but people aren’t just going to be opting for a LBR, cami or bold lip this season, no siree, they’ll be as bold and bright as they dang well please.

Trend #7


Ok so plenty of the sleeves I saw on the runway made me gape in awe and lol in equal measure. Extra AF. I am actually loving this trend though, talk about making a statement! A trend for women, this is one striking look I can’t imagine many chaps will appreciate. Let me know if one (straight) man says ‘I like your sleeves’ and I’ll revoke my stereotype, promise.



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