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Love Island Australia x Showpo: Week Three Recap

29 October 2021

By Kristen Daly


Romance, drama, hot goss and even hotter ‘fits... bring it on with Love Island Australia! As the official fashion partner for Love Island Australia 2021, we’re serving up look after look for this year’s Islanders - and closely watching on as they hunt for love. Join us each week as we recap all the action at the Villa and help you shop your fave #ShowpoXLoveIsland looks.


Episode Nine

Folks, it’s week three, and we’re heading straight back to the carnage of Thursday’s recoupling! Courtney is saved but Sophie says there’s more to come. Australia has voted for the Islanders they most want to see find love in the Villa, and Aaron, Chris and Taku are the top dudes. She then names Rachael and Lexy as the two girls with the least votes… eek!

Tears spill again as Sophie tells us one of these ladies will leave the show. Even worse - Aaron, Chris and Taku have to decide who. Will Chris fight for his girl Rachael, or will the trio let lovebirds Lexy and Ryan stick together? Aaron shares their shocking decision… Rachael is leaving! In emotional scenes, she bids her farewells and the group is down from 13 to 12.

Before we move on, a moment of awe for this group hug between Chris, Ryan and Taku:


A new day begins and a surprise awaits on the loveseat below the tree. In Courtney’s words: “We just got a breakfast delivery and it was a McMan!” We’re introduced to 22-year-old Sydneysider Nicolas, who proceeds to hit it off in a big way with single gal Courtney.

But wait, there’s more - we also meet 25-year-old Gold Coastie Zoe! As Ronni observes, this second intruder is “fit AF” with a fun and feisty personality. Usually one to froth over a new blonde, Aaron shows his loyalty instead to OG blonde bombshell Jess with a hot poolside date. You can achieve her siren-red bikini look with Showpo’s Nixie Underwire Bikini Top.


Nixie Underwire Bikini Top in Red

It’s been a wild 24 hours, and the Islanders finally let off some steam with a twilight dancing sesh on the pool deck. The sunset is glowing and so are the singles in their cocktail wear. Emily, no longer the new girl, still gets our attention in Showpo’s I’m The One Two Piece Set, while Tina boogies off some of her worries in our To The Stars Earrings in Gold and a hot crossover black top - you can steal her style with our Kisa Cutout Halter Neck Bodysuit!


I’m The One Two Piece Set in Chocolate


Kisa Cutout Halter Neck Bodysuit in Black and To The Stars Earrings in Gold

But just when we think this episode is chilling out, we’re hit with one last shock. Once enamoured with Harry Potter lover Rachael, Chris finds a new pop culture fan to cosy up with - new girl Zoe! She loves his silly Hans persona, and he falls for her impersonation of Gru from Despicable Me. Rachael might still be in her uber to the airport when the two pash.

Trouble is brewing, chemistry is building - and we hear whispers that even more sizzling hotties are on their way to the Villa for famous Love Island shakeup, Casa Amor!

Episode Ten

If you thought this episode might have less crying, think again. On Tuesday we see the love triangle between Mitch, Tina and Emily intensify, with Mitch a little unsure about Emily, and Tina still heartbroken. Mitch and Emily kiss, and he comments that her bum looks good in her dress - of course it does, she’s wearing our Kessandra Cut Out Knit Midi Dress, duh!


Kessandra Cut Out Knit Midi Dress

But an eternally confused Mitch can’t deny he’s still hopelessly drawn to Tina - especially after she expertly rides a mechanical bull for this week’s challenge. Yep, that’ll do it. He breaks it off with Emily and chases after his rodeo queen, who touchingly takes him back.

Before we can properly process the fact we’ve watched two episodes of major love triangle drama, only for Mitch and Tina to end up together again - Nicolas and Zoe get a text! Both intruders have to pick three singles for breakfast speed dates. Zoe chooses Chris, who she’s already pashed, as well as Taku and Lexy’s boy Ryan. Nicolas flirts up a storm over pancakes with Courtney, Lexy and Tina, but vibes the most with Courtney and (gasp) Lexy.

The sunny weather is totally brunch-worthy and the ladies have dressed for the occasion, with girl of the hour Zoe picking our Alexandrine Double Bow Short Sleeve Mini Dress - Chris says it suits her and we have to agree! Courtney also wins a compliment from Nicolas in our flirty Braith Dress in Blue Marble. Lexy is looking fun and feminine in our Final Resort Two Piece Set and Tina is a dream in the Wheels Bouncing Playsuit in Summer Petals.


Alexandrine Double Bow Short Sleeve Mini Dress


Braith Dress in Blue Marble


Final Resort Two Piece Set


Wheels Bouncing Playsuit in Summer Petals

Tina in the Wheels Bouncing Playsuit in Summer Petals and the Public Desire - Flamingo Heels in Chocolate Croc; Lexy in the Final Resort Two Piece Set

After a few brow-raising moments in the afternoon, including a newly single Emily telling an unusually lost-for-words Taku she has fantasised about him (well damn), the Islanders gather for a recoupling ceremony. Nicolas picks Courtney, who looks radiant in the Runaway - Calista Dress, available to shop on Showpo! Zoe surprises no one by choosing Chris. 


Runaway The Label - Calista Dress

Peace at last… but this being Love Island it’s sure to be short lived! Sophie pops up to tell us we must prepare for “double trouble with a double dumping”. Eek! Until next time…

Episode Eleven

Readers of these recaps may have noticed it’s been awhile since we checked in with Villa OGs Ari, Ronni and Taku. It’s been quiet over in Ari and Ronni land, as the two wait for a spark to develop - and wait, and wait. This episode, Ari realises it’s not going to happen. With Tina and Mitch, Lexy and Ryan and Jess and Aaron all going strong, and fresh duo Courtney and Nicolas and Zoe and Chris not far behind, this makes Ari and Ronni vulnerable.

Also vulnerable? New-ish girl Emily, who was dumped by Mitch and is now making moves with Taku! But Taku is feeling the whiplash of Emily moving straight on from Mitch to a new man. After Taku and Emily share a cheeky bed-time kiss, Taku and Tina catch up to discuss how genuine Emily might be. Taku then lets Emily know he’s keen but his guard is up.

Turns out to be a day of stressful convos for Tina, who finds out Ronni is trying to “milk” any potential connection available to stay in the Villa. She criticises this, he tells her to relax and she walks off. The girls hear about it and are unimpressed… if Ronni isn’t stressed right now, he should be! He later apologises to the gals but some damage is definitely done.

Next, it’s time for a challenge! The Islanders have to read out social media posts from the public and guess who they’re about. It’s one of the best challenges yet - and we’re not just saying that cause all the girls are dressed in Showpo swimwear! Okaaay, we may be pretty biased. Channeling Eve to their hunky Adams, these babes look beaut in the Lexii Twist Front One Shoulder Bikini and Sandy Elastic Side Bottoms, both in shimmery olive.


Lexii Twist Front One Shoulder Bikini


Sandy Elastic Side Bottoms

After these afternoon shenanigans, the Islanders then get a text - another dramatic evening ceremony is ahead! Does this mean even more tears? At least the girls are looking on point, with Jess in our Cianna Panelled Mini Dress, Courtney in the Assyria Ring Centre Strapless Mini Dress, Emily in the Cordie Dress in Green Space Dye, and Ari in the Anneth Halter Neck Crochet Dress and the glam Kitte - Connextion Earrings in Gold, all available on Showpo!


Cianna Panelled Mini Dress


Assyria Ring Centre Strapless Mini Dress


Cordie Dress in Green Space Dye


Anneth Halter Neck Crochet Dress


Kitte - Connextion Earrings in Gold

The double dumping forewarned by Sophie is here, with the girls and boys both asked to nominate one person from the opposite group to leave. It’s no huge shock when the girls pick Ronni, who hasn’t found a partner yet and is the occasional Villa troublemaker. He takes it well though, and we have to say we’ll miss his funny dance lessons and mirror kisses!

Then the boys chat, and with all the coupled up girls safe, and Taku wanting Emily to stay… Ari’s name is read out! Scandal - this sexy Scorpio was a firm Love Island favourite. Best of luck Ari, and Ronni too - may the hotties of your dreams land in your Instagram DMs <3

Episode Twelve

A huge Thursday episode starts back at the scene of Ronni and Ari’s dumping. The Islanders are still shaken, and Courtney, Aaron and others are frustrated that OG Ari, who everyone on the Island and at home wanted to find love, has instead left so soon.

Pressure is on for an already pressured Emily and Taku, with Taku still wondering if Emily’s feelings for him are genuine. Emily tries to reassure him, but Taku’s uncertainty persists - and leads to drama in the morning’s beer pong challenge. He’s asked which Islander he’s had impure thoughts of, and instead of going Emily’s way… he picks Courtney. Say what? 

It’s a tough challenge for poor Emily, also named the Islander whose head would turn first if a new bomb came in. She later chats to Taku and assures him she only has eyes for him. They make up, but with the other Islanders also suspish, we suspect further turbulence...

There’s also trouble brewing in Courtney camp, with new squeeze Nicolas holding back in convos with her. He tells Zoe he’s “not 100% there” with Courtney and has some doubts. Poor Courts! At least she’s looking cute here in a blue bikini - you can steal her style with our Raeni Triangle Bikini Top! Or go for Zoe’s animal print look with our Fontana Bikini Top.


Raeni Triangle Bikini Top


Fontana Bikini Top

Jess gets a text - another recoupling ceremony is on the cards! Several sexy singles - now happily partnered up - breathe a sigh of relief at the chance to officially shift into new beds. With the girls choosing, we’re left with Emily and Taku, Lexy and Ryan, Zoe and Chris, Courtney and Nicolas, Jess and Aaron, and finally Tina and Mitch (sorry - make that Titch).

As always though we’d be fools to suspect smooth sailing! Sophie walks in and we’re hit with major news - another Islander will be leaving. Love Island viewers are in charge this time and have voted on which single hottie is the least likely to leave with love. It’s out of the girls… with Emily the last one standing. Adios, Emily - you really were the best bomb!

Several loved-up couples, one or two a little shaky, and a single Taku - the scene is set for Casa Amor and we can’t wait. A quick moment though for the sexy evening ‘fits this episode. Jess is looking saucy in our Assyria Strapless Mini Dress, Lexy is rocking our Blanca Top and the Zarbita Tailored Pants, and Emily is a little blue in blue - but certainly makes a stunning exit - in the Fern Twist Detail Midi Two Piece Set, all available now on Showpo!


Assyria Ring Centre Strapless Mini Dress


Blanca Top in Red Satin


Zarbita Tailored Pants


Fern Twist Detail Midi Two Piece Set

That’s it for the week, catch you later for more Islander action and fire Showpo ‘fits!

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