Showpo Reviews: The ‘Instagram’ Bra

We put it to the test

Once upon a time when we wanted to wear a backless or low-cut number, there were 3 options:

1. Commit a major fashion faux pas by just wearing a bra underneath anyway, trying desperately to make the look ‘work’.

2. Go without and hold ice on your nipples so they didn’t pancake under your dress. Rachel Green and her permanently pert nips were quite iconic, remember?

3. Slap band-aids on your nips and suffer through the pain of ripping them off after a night out.

Since then, a slew of promising options have been dumped on the market… but only 1 has captured the attention of pretty much every single lass on social media. The ‘Instagram bra’.

You know it, it comes in a variety of different names but the concept is all the same; you stick it onto your knockers and then pull the lace-up drawstring together for an instant, strapless lift with major cleavage.

I decided to pop it on and see what all the fuss is about so before and after pics, plus my review is below.


NO BRA                                        >                                     INSTA BRA



Srsly, dat cleave.


What was good…

  • Well, it obviously works. My bazookas have never been so firm, pert and WOW in their life.
  • It’s easy to apply and doesn’t feel like it’s going to come off mid-twerk and flop on the floor like a limp ol’ chicken fillet.
  • It’s pretty affordable. Less than $20 for an instant boob job, not too shabby.
  • You can reuse them, just make sure you pop the plastic on the sticky side after use or they’ll get stuck to each other and that shit ain’t ever separating.

What was bad…

  • You wouldn’t be able to wear a thin fabric over it as the bra is quite thick so you can see the outline in some fabrics.
  • If you don’t pop your nipples directly in the nipple holes (there’s no sticky stuff in them), they hurt like an absolute bitch to rip off.

Top tips…

  • Don’t moisturise prior as it will only stick to a completely dry surface area.
  • If you fake tan, remember that these are VERY sticky so you can probably say adiós to your brown boobies. 
  • Get the right position on your lady lumps before you take the plastic off.

Buy your own sticky, ‘insta’ bra HERE.


Words by Kelly McCarren.

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