SHOWPO Gift Guide 2016

All I want for Christmas is...

Guys… Christmas is almost here! WOOHOO! Whether or not you celebrate the day itself, the silly season is rife with parties, presents and plenty of prosecco. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

I for one absolutely ADORE everything about the holiday season, there’s so much joy in the air and you get to constantly hang out with your favourite people.

December is simply BRIMMING with fun events before finishing with a week of family and food – I honestly don’t understand how ANYONE can be grinchy about this time of year. It baffles me.

One thing I know stresses people out, is buying gifts. What to buy, leaving it too late and the expense of it all can seriously mess with stress levels. This makes me sad because buying presents should be FUN!

You get to choose things people you love will enjoy. Finding something you know someone will love and then seeing their face when they open it is actually priceless. But before you all decide you want to kill me for being so ‘Hallmark’ I should let you know that I am actually here to help ?

Keep reading to find a slew of options for all the lasses in your life and easy links so shopping is as easy as ‘add to cart’. You’re very welcome.

Shopping for… 


This gal is unashamedly girly. She loves pink and pretty things and swoons over Ryan Gosling on the reg. This girl is probably the best to buy for as she’ll gleefully screech as she opens her goodies. 



Products perfect for this sweet filly…

Shopping for… 

travel-loverHere are some perfect present suggestions for that pal who has visited more countries than clubs you’ve twerked in. 


Gifts for that little nomad…

  • Her favourite tea, beacuse some countries only sell questionable varieties.
  • A sick camera if you’re rich AF.
  • Chic and practical accessories like sunglasses, a nice beltshoulder bag,  or a scarf to wrap around her hair when she hasn’t had a chance to wash it!
  • Swimwear for all her insta shots making you jealous.
  • Denim is always a winner; try a jacket as she can throw it over pretty much anything or some cute overalls as they’re super practical for travel.
  • Some Birkos – you can’t go wrong with a pair of these bad boys.
  • Shorts that are comfy AND cute for all her walking.
  • Fragranced body cream; it will keep her skin nice and soft and the fragrance will forever remind her of her travels. Obviously you can’t go wrong with one from Jo Malone.

Shopping for… 


This lass is your chic AF friend whose style is incessantly regrammed. Never fear though, you don’t need to spend a months rent to please her, we have loads of suggestions!


Your fashionable friends will adore these…

Shopping for… 


We all have this friend; she lives at the beach and can surf better than all the boys. She loves sunny days, oodles of laughter and the simple things in life. 


Spoil her with one of these goodies...




Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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