Con Call Friendly Tops To Wear With Your Trackies

No one will know...

So whether you’re studying or working, you’re probably at home, which means conference calls and video chats have become the norm. Well firstly, the next time you have one, enjoy this game…

Seriously if that isn’t the most accurate thing you’ve seen that summarises ALL con calls. I recommend turning it into a drinking game if you’re having a particularly shite day.

Secondly, if you want to maintain some level of professionalism, we don’t recommend turning up in your hoodie every day :p So here are 18 tops, for all different temperature situations, that you can totally still pair with your track pants.

If it’s warm where you are…

Shop our range of affordable and cute tops in an array of colours, patterns and levels of big sleeve energy.

If it’s cool where you are…

We’ve got light knits or just your basic long-sleeved blouse in fun prints and fabrics.

If it’s cold where you are…

Cosy knits and sweaters galore! And they’re way cuter than an average hoodie in cute cuts and colours.

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