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The One Style Guaranteed To Make You Look Cool AF

All hail the return of the printed tee!

Does anyone else remember being little, seeing your parents wearing faded band shirts and being tremendously embarrassed? “Oh my GOD mum, why do you have to wear such old clothes”… Well I mean, look who’s laughing now.


Work it Meryl. 


Now we’re raiding their closets, deep diving in bins at Vinnie’s and paying exorbitant amounts for them at the local markets.

No need to wear smelly old shirts or spend $70 on something that’s ‘vintage’, as Showpo has just released their EXCLUSIVE range of 90s tees all priced at $39.95. Bloody bargain.

Pair with leather, denim and an abundance of textures for an effortless 90s throwback.



There are 6 awesome styles to choose from and whether you’re headed to see a band, the beach or even a festival; in one of these bad-boys, your cool-factor is instantly amplified.







Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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