Australia Day Style Sorted

Look cute, have fun, and enjoy a snag!

Whatever your opinion is on Australia Day (and trust me, we respect everyone’s thoughts), at the very least it’s a day off from work. And we really can’t complain about that.

When all the silliness of the holidays is spent, a late Jan public holiday is like a warm hug. So whatever your plans for the big day are, we’ve got you covered.

Activity: Beach day

You’ll need a great group of mates, an esky full of beer and dip, zinc and a UE BOOM (can’t miss Flume hitting the NO.1 spot now can we). Keep it casual with these essentials.


You’ll need:

  1. A hot bikini 
  2. Towel 
  3. Chic AF cover-up 

Activity: Sesh in the sun

You know the drill. Grab your pals and head to your fave rooftop or outdoor bar to enjoy some ciders in the sun.


You’ll need:

  1. A super cute two-piece
  2. Wide-brimmed hat
  3. Clutch for yo’ thangs

Activity: Boat party y’all

There’s nothing quite like drinking on a boat. It brings immense amounts of fun. Don’t waste time on your styling and opt for a cute combo like below.


You’ll need:

  1. Sexy one-piece swimsuit
  2. Denim shorts
  3. An inflatable, DUH 

Activity: Music festival

Remember to keep hydrated and have a great time! Showpo has the best festival style by FAR!


You’ll need:

  1. A bodysuit
  2. Shorts for dancing
  3. Comfy shoes

Activity: Sloth in bed

Seriously no judgement, it definitely sounds appealing, especially if it rains. Cosy up with these things plus Netflix and you’ll be set.


You’ll need:

  1. Slouchy jeans
  2. Casual tee
  3. Delicious candle
Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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