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4 Accessories To Instantly Update Your Wardrobe

Make a statement with these bad boys

If you’re saving for a European summer but want to update your wardrobe and make a statement, look no further.

Showpo has an amazing array of accessories that will always take your outfit next level at insanely good prices..

These are my current fave 4  accessories that dress up even the most boring item your own.



No longer only thought as risque, fishnets are now the perfect way to amp up your street cred. Wear under ripped jeans, pair with sparkly skirts and even pop on some heels with these epic fishnet socks. The styling options are endless!



For instant, effortless glam; tie your hair high in a topknot, slick on a red lippie and add some statement earrings. They elongate your neck and make your cheekbones more prominent, which is always a plus. Chuck on a pair when you’re not feeling your outfit and you’ll instantly look more put together. Find an array of styles, shapes and metals online.



Every now and then, switch up your look by having a collection of statement bagsin your fashion arsenal. No need to spend the big bucks on style pieces, we love the extensive mix of bags with tassels, faux fur, embroidery at Showpo.



Quite possibly the EASIEST way to update your look, a new pair of sunnies is the way to go. I like to have a different pair for all occasions, that way in pics you’ll look super different even if you’re wearing the same ol’ LBD for the 3rd time in a row! Classic aviator styles, oversized, matte and coloured; we’ve got the perfect pair for you.

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