10 Playsuits For Every Occasion

'Cos they're super cute and comfy AF

The only thing more popular than a playsuit would be Gigi Hadid in a playsuit.

Once upon a time, they were solely designed for the younger lasses until some smart cookie released them into the lives of all women.

Many gals are under a false notion that playsuits are only for well, playing, but I’m here today to tell you that you can actually wear them to pretty much anything, the bar, a black-tie event or funeral.

1. A wedding, really!?

YES! As long as it isn’t a formal function, playsuits at a wedding can be perfectly appropriate. Many couples are now opting for more relaxed affairs (mason jars and flower crowns are generally involved in some capacity), so playsuits are more than acceptable.

Ensure it’s long enough so that Cranky Old Uncle Bart doesn’t cop an eyeful as you leap for the bouquet, but other then than that, go nuts! Obviously steering clear of white, duh.

Showpo loves the Time To Dance Playsuit as the skirt kicks out when you’re spinning around the dance floor, while the floral embroidery offers a splash of colour and touch of ladylike charm.

 2. The anxiety-riddled job interview.

If you think a playsuit can’t be super profesh you’re more wrong than Alex winning The Bachelor.

Make sure you keep the lines clean and simple with a style that covers up all your fun zones. Forgo traditional black interview apparel with this Stone Fox Jumpsuit.

The pinstripe and crisp hue will be sure to get you noticed, as long as you pair it with a firm handshake and strong ‘why you should hire me’ case.

3. Work-wear.

So you nailed that interview and now you’ve got a boss new job.

Impress the team with your style #skillz by rocking a jumpsuit with an on-trend large scale floral print. Keep the style classy and the accessories simple. Pop on a blazer to kick some serious exec butt in your first WIP.

We love the muted grey and pink tones in our fabulous Breakin Hearts Jumpsuit.

4. Coachella is calling.

What’s better than wedding season? FESTIVAL SEASON MAN!

Practice that shuffle and prepare to be sweated on profusely by strangers that smell suspicious, because it’s time to dust off your hunter boots! Boho queens unite for festival fashion so practice your braids and layer your chokers, it’s time to bust out all things tassel and fringe.

We will be rocking our Rule Breaker Playsuit to all things Flight Facilities this season with a vengeance.

5. Dancing the night away.

How good is a Saturday night out with your girls?

Pre-drinks while you get ready together, expresso martinis at a trendy underground bar while you gossip, before hours spent on the dancefloor running to the bar for tequila shots and fending off not-so-eligible bachelors.

Our Pastime Paradise Playsuit is perfect for clubbing and should be paired with loose curls and sky-high stilettos. The rose gold sequins catch the light at you grind your booty around to Drake and the drawstring waist makes your figure look on 743349afe840dcc2f36a967f29269c7d.png.

6. Classy like a cocktail.

Cocktail parties call for at least a semblance of decorum, so keep it classy with our Skinny Love Maxi Playsuit. Pile your hair in a bun on top of your

Pile your hair in a bun on top of your head and pop on some giant jewelled earrings for a look of effortless opulence.

The off-the-shoulder neckline keeps the outfit on-trend while the asymmetrical hemline keeps it classy and interesting.

7. Pucker up.

Whether you swiped right and have a first date with some lucky chap or it’s Friday night date with bae, the Sweet Summer Night Playsuit has you covered.

Sexy as hell, you’ll have him squirming in his seat in this jaw-dropping number. Frankly, anything that’s black and lacy will probably have his tick of approval, am I right gents!

8. Ready for the weekend.

Sometimes having nothing planned for the weekend is absolute bliss. You can sleep in, have long languid brunches, before spending the afternoon in the sun with a good book.

You just want to be comfortable on these sorts of lazy days, which is why our Hitchhiker Playsuit is perfect. Bare shoulders, a looser fit and the paisley blue print all scream WEAR ME NOW.

Pop over your bikini and slip into some sandals for the perfect weekend look.

9. Dinner time!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy birthday dinner for a friend or just your monthly feast with your gal pals, the Three Little Words Playsuit has you covered.

Showing off the perfect amount of leg and cleavage, the fabric falls really flatteringly and cuts in the perfect positions. Opt for a slick of red lippy to glam up the look and don’t forget your clutch for touch-ups!

10. Don’t be late.

Embody your #girlboss in this One Woman Army Jumpsuit; the perfect answer for the babe wanting to look both profesh but on-trend.

Don’t forget the killer heels and structured tote.


Words by Kelly McCarren.

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