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10 Pictures That Prove The Teddy Jacket Is The Ultimate Fashion Statement Of ’18

Last week I went to a “fashion influencer event” (i.e. a media event where all attendees were stylish social media influencers), and I swear to you that every second person was wearing a teddy jacket. Every second person. Suddenly my black leather biker jacket seemed super out of place compared to the soft, fuzzy, cosy outwear of my companions.

Not familiar with the teddy jacket? Well, just think of what it would be like to actually wear a teddy bear as a jacket – and you’ve got a pretty good idea. Sounds dreamy? Well, it certainly feels and looks dreamy.

Just in case our truly amazing description above hasn’t got you already hooked and rushing to do some online shopping (can we recommend this totally awesome site called Showpo? I hear they’ve got some great options in a few different colours! Ha), we’ve pulled together some pics of influencers who have 100 percent nailed the look.


  1. Inka Williams

What she says about it: “…BTW this coat wins the coat of the year (the best in my closet anyways)”

  1. Stacey Allen

What she says about it: “Just a snuggly bear having the best of times.”

  1. Laura Jade Stone

What she says about it: “Oversized Cosy jackets ✔”

Oversized Cosy jackets ✔️ Wearing @borntobechic 💙

A post shared by Laura Jade Stone (@laurajadestone) on

  1. Donna Romina

What she says about it: “🐻-moment” (So deep!)


A post shared by romi (@donnaromina) on

  1. All About Elisa

What she says about it: “The definition of a perfect sunday: snuggled up & sipping my faaav soy chai…”

  1. Kristin Sundberg

What she says about it: “🐻🐻” (some more super deep commentary)

Happy to be reunited with this one 🐻🐻@josefinekstroms

A post shared by Kristin Rödin (@kristinsundberg) on

7. Le Blonde

What she says about it: “Teddy is my best friend 🐻”

8. The Lazy CEO (wearing Showpo of course)

What she says about it: “Enjoyed an Arctic summer with 24 hour days of sunlight in Iceland. ☀️❄️”

  1. Lizzy Perridon

What she says: Rush hour. 🚕” What she’s thinking: “Damn I love my teddy coat sooooo much, and sooooo happy that Showpo is going to feature me wearing it on their blog”

Rush hour. 🚕🔛 @revolve

A post shared by Lizzy (@lizzyperridon) on

  1. Sinead Crowe

What she says about it: Cheek-y 🙊” (profound)



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