Handy Occupations To Put On Your Dating Wish List


I am someone who is definitely all about the love when it comes to relationships, but am also highly appreciative of the fact that sometimes a boyfriend comes along with a set of skills that are just really quite useful. “Oh your new boyfriend is strong and owns a ute? I’m so happy for you! I’m moving house this weekend, any chance the two of you want to drop by?”

And while there are just so many handy ones to have to out there, we’ve put together a list of the five boyfriends we’d be putting on the Tinder checklist.

The builder…

This one’s a no-brainer. Builders seem to be able to fix anything – broken water pipes, smashed table after you decided it was a good idea to dance on it last Saturday night, even change that lightbulb (I mean, we all know we could do it if we really tried… but it’s just so high and there’s 50/50 chance of it being that twirling thing or the one with the two poking out bits…)

The pilot…

What’s that you say? A pilot that gets you MAJOR discounts to fly anywhere in the world?

The photographer…

Okay, so I bet 10 years ago this guy wasn’t making any top 5 lists – but we’re living in a changed world, my friends. Whenever I meet someone who’s BF is a photographer, my first comment is “you’re sooooo lucky!” obviously followed by “what’s he like?” In a world where we’ve begun documenting pretty much our whole life, having a professional who knows your good side from your bad is never going to be a bad thing.

The fitness instructor…

I’ve heard these ones can be super annoying when you’re there wanting to gorge yourself on chocolate while your BF is standing by with his skinless chicken and steamed broccoli – but how good would it be to have someone there helping you get to rig city? Just find one that lets you have a little bit of chocolate, cos #lifewasmadetobefun.

The Uber driver…

For the last one I was tossing up between a hairdresser and an Uber driver (both VERY useful) – but then decided I’d be calling on a BF driver slightly more often than I’d be needing him to make my hair look good (although imagine a hairdresser who does uber driving on the weekend? Win/win!) As someone who is alwayssss running late – would LOVE to have someone that I could be like “Plleeeeeassssseeeeeeee babbyyyyyyyy, it’s your job and I just really need to get there. You drive everybody else around, why won’t you drive meeeeeeeeee”. (And just in case you missed it – yes, I can be annoying).


Words by Yelena Fairfax. 

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