Don’t Ignore These Red Flags On A First Date 

So you’re back on the dating scene. Welcome! Going on dates has become a more casual affair with the arrival of online apps like Tinder and Bumble. It’s easy to arrange a quick drink for tomorrow night without much investment. The downside of this can be that we don’t properly vet our dates because we’re going off a whim. We don’t doubt that you have excellent judgment, but sometimes it can be hard to notice the major red flags when you’re getting a little tipsy and flirting with your new love interest. Guys typically present the most idyllic versions of themselves the first time you meet, so you need get savvy about the signs that scream he’s clearly not worthy of a second date. First dates aren’t always a true representation of what’s to come but you should never ignore these red flags.

He has one eye on you and one eye on the footy…

Look it’s not a crime to love sport, but a guy should be giving you his undivided attention on the first date. So beware if he takes you to a pub and insists on sitting on the side that faces the big telly screen. If he can’t focus on you for the first date, you’ll never be the centre of his attention. Stuff that!

He opens the ex-files…

Oh hell no! A first date is no place to be talking about exes. A first date should be all about figuring out what you have in common and non-stop laughing. If they bring up how their ex burnt them, it’s a sure fire sign they’re not over the ex or worse: the ex is still in the picture. This is not someone who’s ready to move on, so drop them unless they declare otherwise with a very good reason for bringing it up.

They only talk about themselves…

Sorry to say, but this fella’ is self-centred! If he rocks up to your date and you realise after parting ways that he didn’t ask you one question about yourself, then you shouldn’t initiate a second date. He’ll always put himself first and never consider your opinion. It’s not harsh, it’s true.

 He picks at your appearance…

Ladies never put up with a guy that picks at how you look on a first date. Doesn’t matter if it’s a harmless comments like, “…you’d look good with longer hair” or “…I don’t like red lipstick” (when you’re wearing red lipstick). Any guy should be stoked to get a date with you and enjoy the beautiful girl in front of them as you are. He’s a prick and I don’t want you to see him again OK?! J

He’s rude to the waiter…

Nothing worse than witnessing a relative stranger give tude’ to the perfectly nice waiter. He’s obviously a cocky guy who likes to throw around his perceived power. This isn’t attractive, it’s a sign to politely excuse yourself and make plans to bail.


Words by Jennifer Aitken 

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