Cool VS. Creepy: Which Guy Are You Dating?

Look, we’ve all been there. Dated that guy that our friends now laugh about and say “remember when you were hooking up with… and he …” and everyone rolls around laughing (including you… although in truth you just wish they’d all shut up and maybe for once turn their attention on bloody Suzy and her seriously miserable dating life).

But unlike your “friends”, we got your back sista. If you’re ever wondering if your super suave new hook-up is verging on cool or creepy – we’ve laid it all out for you (and added in the “cute” category just for good measure).

You’ve been warned…

Cool: He throws a rock at your window to wake you up to go for a ride on his motorbike
Cute: He sends you a text asking if you’re awake, and then you hear a gentle knock on the window
Creepy: You see his face staring at you through your bedroom window (and you live on the second floor)

Cool: He acknowledges your friends when he walks into a room
Cute: He’s chatty and friendly with all your friends
Creepy: He sends late-night texts to your bff asking her really important questions *read sarcasm* such as “what did you get up to today?”

Cool: He tells you that you look sexy AF in your last Instagram post
Cute: He likes your Instagram posts within 24 hours of you putting it up
Creepy: He likes a picture from 2013 and adds a little heart emoji below

Cool: He loves ripping off your underwear when things even slightly look like they may get a little hot and heavy (which is most nights… *no complaints*)
Cute: He finds out your underwear sizes and buys you a little lacy matching set
Creepy: You catch him sniffing your underwear and it suddenly conjures up memories of that picture you spotted in his photos where he was wearing what suspiciously looked like your Pleasure State g-string

Cool: When someone gets in trouble in the water, he dives in – jeans and all – to help them
Cute: He’s doing his Bronze Medallion just in case he ever needs to help out at the beach
Creepy: He asks everyone at the beach if he can practice his mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on them

Cool: You run into each other in the supermarket – which aint no huge surprise seems you both live in the same neighbourhood
Cute: He asks what you’re doing on Saturday and sends hints that he might be in the area (with a little winky face)
Creepy: He constantly stalks your Instagram Stories to work out where you are – and then casually shows up there while looking like he always likes to take a pilates class at the Women’s Only Gym on a Tuesday night

Cool: He tells you that when he was 18 he had a threesome with these two hot babes when he was travelling around Brazil
Cute: He says that while he’s definitely thought about it before, he’d actually never be able to go through with a threesome
Creepy: He asks if you’d ever consider doing a threesome with him and your brother – and then wistfully stares off into the distance



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