COMPETITION TIME: Win Your 5 Fave Showpo Styles

Guys, we REALLY want to know what sort of content YOU’RE interested in reading about (I mean, I’m pretty sure not everyone wants to read 1000 words of me rambling on about my life).😏🙊🙈 So for your chance to win *ANY 5 SHOWPO ITEMS, post what you want to read/lol about in the comment section below.


*The 5 items must be from different categories. Winner will be alerted under their comment on Monday, Jan 22nd at 4PM AEST. 



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284 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME: Win Your 5 Fave Showpo Styles”

  1. I’d love to read about fashion article where you take a couple fashion pieces that everyone has in their closet and show ways to style them in many different ways? For example, how to style black jeans for school (casual and a little dressed up, etc), a plain white tee anywhere, etc. Happy New Year Showpo! 😀

    1. I like reading about current fashion /make up/beauty trends and inspo as well as lifestyle and travel ideas. Love seeing all the showpo antics that your team get up to also.
      Love showpo 💗

      Seija xx

    2. I think showpo should do showpo style regular clothes but spritz them up a bit like alannah said and like give fashion ideas for holidays special occasions and party’s!!

    3. I would ❤️ to read about fashion trends and how to put together outfits that you can wear on your daily basics and witch clothes i should buy this season and what coloures.
      – I also love 😍 articles about how you can look simple or natural but with a twist and look elegant without having all the extras.
      -Also 😁 i really love to read about the latest clothes that celebs wore and look amaaazingg 😭👌
      p.s I love your shop ❤️🇵🇹

    4. I would love to read about styling tips and suggestions using showpo clothing line and accessories. Every one loves a funny meme, so mpre funny memes for a giggle would be great! Motivational memes are also popular amongst the ladies.
      Please and thankyou,

    5. Hi!
      I would love to read about most current trends and pictures of all kinds of versions of them.. maybe trends that Showpo has to offer. I would also love to read about news of the fashion industry and also styling of accessories with a typical girl wardrobe.

  2. I love reading about, admiring and taking a million screenshots of the latest clothes I want but can’t afford! (Lol)

    I also love reading gossip and memes, however I think the makeup and hair tutorials Showpo posts are very relatable and I’d love to see more of those.

  3. I like to read about fashion and makeup tutorials/ideas, travelling tips (or anything to do with travel really) and things to do on weekends like secret beaches or cool little bars. All the stuff that for me really makes a showpo girl 😉
    I love the makeup videos you guys post it makes me laugh and I get some great tips from it too! If there were articles with links about makeup and travel and the things I listed above that would be on point!


    1. I would really be interested in reading how politics and economy affect fashion or how they inspire it. I find that fashion is very important because it reflects the economy of the entire world or the country that you live in. On a less serious note I would also like to read about beauty tips for hair and face. Funny stories that happen while taking pictures for the showpo insta. Tips of being a girl boss! This is very important in my opinion and would be very empowering. Also motivational quotes or cute motivational pictures. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼💘

  4. I like reading about the styles that suit different types, how to pick the outfits that are the most flattering. Also, packing tips, how to fit a lot of stuff in a small bag is always helpful.
    Also like to LOL about wardrobe fails, they are always good/second hand embarrassing!

  5. I would like to read about new fashion trends and how to match accessories to an outfit including shoes! I am the queen of miss matched clothing and it needs to stop!


    1. Relationship/Sex related Advice & LOLS
    2. DIY Valentines Day Ideas
    3. Festival Outfit Inspiration
    4. Goal Setting/inspirational
    5. Celebrity Gossip/Events


  7. I want to hear:
    🌹 What styles are trending
    🌹 Who the latest powerful women are that are making a difference
    🌹 Top 5 all time cutest panda moments
    🌹 cheap (ish), realistic ways to get organised and act (and become) more ‘boss lady’ in 2018 (on top of just dressing like one)


  8. I would like to read more about a) lazy persons guide to staying in fashion and perhaps key item(s) to stay on trend during a season which you can wear multiple ways(
    /weather conditions)

  9. Hello, I loveee reading about;
    1. Embarrassing stories from high school/uni.
    2. Rescue animal stories.
    3. Conspiracy theories!
    4. Travelling on a budget
    5. And pretty much anything to do with boys aha.

  10. Hey Showpo! I just want to say that I am IN LOVE with your clothes and am happy to contribute to the future content on your website!
    I’d love to read about the newest trends and how I can spice up my wardrobe each season! As someone who loves to keep up with the newest hot pieces, I’d love to see a compiled list of the things I should incorporate into my closet so I can look on point each season! Bonus points if they’re affordable items too!
    I’d also want to see a section on food-related articles with posts on healthy recipies. Anything from smoothies, baked desserts, salads, and more!
    – Joanne

  11. I’d like to see a lot more ‘how to’ or ‘X explained’ type articles about all the adult stuff we didnt get to learn at school. Simplified articles about real life situations that aren’t condescending and allow a basic grasp of a concept, for exanple “how to lodge your tax return” detailing what you need to keep and why, or “why you should be throwing away old makeup” about expiry dates and hygiene.

      I love this and couldn’t agree more! Instead of learning about creating a CV, we learnt about the Pythagoras theorem 🙄🤔 We would LOVE to send you your 5 fave items so if you could email, I can arrange that for you ASAP 🙂 xxx

  12. I am currently in college to earn my AA in Mass Communications, and I want to be a PR; therefore, I love reading Showpo Edit “career stuff”, especially the latest post about PR mogul Roxy Jacenko. I also love reading fashion posts. Since some trends never die while many come and go, I see a lot of content about trends and it inspires a lot styling and what to wear posts, so sharing Showpo’s favorite trends and favorite pieces would be good to see.

  13. I love seeIng/reading about how real people look in your clothes- I’m so keen to shop in your store especially since you’ve extended your size range- but I want to see how non-showpo employees have looked in your outfits!

    I love the memes you guys post but at Times there seems to be toooooooo many of them in my feed TBH.

  14. I love to read the latest fashion and cosmetics. Although I do love to read articles about the world and where it’s going and how certain products and brands are addressing this. I know for sure after reading and article about this I’m more inclined to shop there or spend money because I know it’s going to a good place.

  15. I would really love to see how people around the world rock your outfits. Especially in colder places, so I might get some inspiration on how to bring some of your australian / summer feelings to this cold winter in germany

  16. I love seeing a few staple pieces styled different ways. Always love or cute a funny meme too! Keep up what you have been doing I say !

  17. Although I love all of the pictures on Instagram of different girls wearing the brand, id love to read and see more of what goes into the designs. Sketchbooks, picking out fabrics, and everything that goes into designing a new piece for showpo!

  18. I would love to read about/see more things such as;
    – beauty hacks
    – how to style unique pieces
    – routines (how the models get ready for a shoot, how you prepare the images etc)
    – lifestyle hacks

    Either way loving everything that is being posted atm too! <3

  19. I’d love to see how you created such a business and all the funny fashion fails along the way 😊 It’s impossible to build a business on victories only so it would be so I imteresting to see the thought process and misconceptions 😂

  20. I would love to read about different styles for different heights, body types. Things that are stylish and suit someone’s body type

  21. I would love to read about how to style on a budget! I see all these amazing clothes that I want but can’t always afford to treat myself. Maybe on how to mix a look up by wearing a shirt differently for example.
    I would also love to read what it’s really like to work in the fashion industry from different career roles, to get a comparison from a models life to the CEO! I’ve always been curious as what it would be like as I have considered it as a career path.

  22. I would like to hear about something like a weekly wardrobe coordinated to the current weather type for that week or the week in advance so I can just buy the outfit suggested and knowing I can wear it asap because it will be suitable

  23. I’d like to read about how to put together outfits for every occasion and how to Find your own style and staple pieces.

  24. I would love to read about how you stay up to date on trends & how your customers can follow those trends. Of course trends are always changing so it would be cool to follow articles that help you with those.

  25. Your social media is fantastic! I love seeing clothing that is trending and styles that can be created with your own clothing using some of showpo basic items. I would also like to see more things travel orientated. What to bring to create those awe inspiring travel photos. 💕🌼🦄

  26. Id love to read about how to put articles of clothing together to make a cute outfit! I know that sounds simple but for people like myself, I’m good at buying things separately but it’s harder putting everything together and making it look nice. Also it would be cool to see or have links to look alikes to higher end fashion pieces/ things that celebrities are often see wearing.

  27. I love reading about simple life hacks to make your day to day lives easier as well as gossip and new trends. When I say new trends I mean fashion and beauty mostly, you can read fitness trends in so many different places already x

  28. How to upgrade outfits by incorporating a few statement/fun pieces into a basic/safe wardrobe, including what kind of pieces make the most impact, are the most versatile and are good value for money.
    Also a piece on accessorising for different events and time of day.
    I would love to see a different “top picks” from different people every week, including from followers and influencers.

  29. Like I said on YouTube, I would love to see staple work pieces mixed and matched together. I buy 90% of my work wardrobe from you but get stuck in mixing up the outfits big time!

  30. I would like to see:
    1- 10 things every boss lady should have, from makeup, to clothes, to health products and even products that help your emotional and spiritual health
    2- fashion trends, numerous ways to wear individual items
    3- how to set personal goals
    4- your thoughts and opinion on how to make any day a productive day


  31. Definitely say you should try to show us how to style outfits for certain occasions! Also suggest showing what type of jewelry goes best with different outfits (cuts on tops/dresses) and what shoes or color schemes work best instead of wearing all one color! Definitely show how to recreate celebrity outfits with showpo items!

  32. Greetings from California! ShowPo is my favorite online store! All your clothes are cute, trendy, and unique! I have not found another online store with styles like showPo.


    I would love to read about different #Ootd and outfit ideas to help me put new trendy outfits of my own together. It would also help with my online shopping if i read or see about a cute outfit then I would know what to look for to buy.

  33. Make up. Cheap alternatives to high end fashion and various items. Up and coming styles. Skincare. Fashion ideas for various occasions. Hair styles and colours. Inspiration for various looks. Mix and max clothing items. Clothes that suit all sizes and shapes. Gym/lounge clothing.

  34. I love reading about and seeing how you style different clothing and everyday processes of Showpo and how Showpo got to where it is 🙂

  35. I love watching hair and makeup tutorials, reading about travel experiences and tips, and reading about funny experiences. I also like when people make lists of books, movies, places, etc. that they recommend checking out!

  36. Hey Showpo!

    First and foremost, love your clothes! I’m brand new to the site and cannot decide on what my first purchase(s-likely to be multiple) will be!

    What I like to see is clothes on a variety of body styles! I have seen some boutiques that will do live videos with their clothes on several different body types and I think it’s amazing to see and embrace these different shapes we all come in! I know for me, I’m definitely not the XS/S most of your models fit into but I’m somewhere between a medium and a large so it’s great to see clothes on gorgeous woman of different sizes! It also really helps me feel more confident when ordering online, especially internationally!

    Of course, I also love reading articles about multi use of apparel, how a dress can go from day to night with just a few quick switches! Versatile!

  37. I would love to read about skin care tips. I got cystic hormonal acne a few months before I turned 20 and it has been a nightmare to deal with. My dermatologist says it happens to many women in their 20s so hopefully it could benefit your audience. Healthy yummy recipes would be great as well. Also, I’m extremely inspired by the ShowPo CEO Jane; I would love to read about how she got the company started, as well as similar stories about other inspiring and successful women.

  38. Hey,
    I would really love to hear about your business and all the teams roles and what they do in their day to day lives. I also enjoy the mixing and matching of outfits and the styling of them in real life on real people.

  39. I thought your video on “how to network” was pretty funny! Putting your spin on the reality of those scenarios really puts it into perspective that not everything is all serious and has to be perfect. I’d also like to see more corporate lookbooks!

  40. Showpo’s incoming styles and outfits suggest for the upcoming seasons. How and why you got inspired to do what you do now? For those future entrepreneurs in the world including me. How someone could possibly PR for Showpo’s on say Instagram or Snapchat?

  41. From what I can tell about Showpo, from following your Instagram, following the lovely LAZYCEO, reading the emails, is that you run your business differently. While I love your clothes and have a million of your posts “saved” I also love what I see on your Instagram stories about your business. It seems like lots of strong women, and a workplace that is fun and successful. On that note, I bet your writers and maybe even Jane Lu could write some really interesting and really helpful career advice. You’ve done so well for yourselves, I would really value what you have to say about career paths. But on a day to day basis, of course I want to read more light hearted stuff, that isn’t just following celebrities around or anything. I appreciate reviews of products, or seeing people try the latest skincare or fashion trends ☺️ (But seriously, I can’t help but admire from afar what you all have accomplished at Showpo, while still having fun, I would love to know more about that, because it’s so rare. And I, like many of the people who follow Showpo, am at an age where I have to make some big career decisions, so any tips would be well received I think.)

  42. 1.cute puppy stories 🐶
    2. Top fashion icons for the week 👠🎒
    3. Fashion inspo for weddings, festivals, casual beach wear ect.🌈✨
    4. Fun facts about anything really 🐳🐬
    5. More tally polls like a would you rather once a week or so ✈️💍

  43. I’d love to see more fashion and beauty tips. I love the way you girls mess around and don’t take yourselves too seriously, like other brands. I love seeing all the fun, relatable and funny content you guys make.
    just keep doing you Showpo, keep doing you

  44. I love reading about fashion and clothes and I really love your Instagram account. I’ve been following you for a long time and I always enjoy seeing the clothes on real people.
    Hope you can continue growing and getting better. Love

  45. I love reading about fashion trends because it gives me fashion inspo when I run out of ideas. Like reading life hacks because we could all use them at some point in our lives. Travelling advice is really helpful especially when it comes to packing for a trip. The memes is what makes my day.

  46. Outfit ideas for the upcoming seasons/events (festivals weddings Valentine’s Day etc)
    Ideas on how to pair you accessories with different outfits
    Vacation destinations/outfits

  47. I would love to read/view content relating to 1. Make up combinations that will compliment each outfit 2.latest hair color or hair style trends 3. Jewelry and accessories that would suite each outfit 4. Affordable outfits that can be used in multiple ways but can still remain classy 5. Shoes ofcourse!!! Ranging from heels to the most comfy ones to match each outfit style. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. I love reading about fashion trends because it gives me fashion inspo when I run out of ideas. Like reading life hacks because we could all use them at some point in our lives. Travelling advice is really helpful especially when it comes to packing for a trip. The memes is what makes my day.

    Sorry accidentally posted it without my email but here is the one with my full email xx

  49. I’ve always read content about stylists showing readers/viewers how they style their everyday wear to different events & occasions, and it’s easy to think the anyone could just listen to it and be influenced by it.

    But what would be better would be to see a segment every week where an influencer or stylists styles a customer or lucky winner for a week in their OWN life.

    Take me for example, I’m a student who works full time and I never have the time to prepare my outfit for the many things I need to do in one day. It’d be cool to be “forced” to wear something I wouldn’t normally pick on my own accord. At the end of the week, see if that’s inspired me to be more creative with my sense of style – by living in someone else’s style.

  50. I’d love to read a follow up on your real life customers. What they wore/bought, how they styled it, how they felt in it. That would be really intriguing I think.

  51. Hey Showpo !
    I would love to see fashion, lifestyle, diy posts and look books for different occasions. Also what’s trending at the moment and maybe a monthly favourites post. Xx ily

  52. I want to read about:

    1. How to put together outfits in the Closet and make a whole new fashion statement! 😍
    2. Love/Realionship advices❤️
    3. How to be more productive.
    4. How to be more efficient in organizing the closet
    5. How to manage time productively.

  53. Life hacks, fashion dos and donts, tips and tricks to dress up and dress down certain outfits. Also what to wear on certain occasions! (weddings,holidays,big events). Also maybe dupes for affordable clothing!

  54. On Instagram I tend to take the most notice of funny light hearted posts. I think reposting celebrity and generic photos (puppies, beaches, food) can become a little tired and therefore I tend to unfollow accounts that show little original content. I love know how brands work so maybe some more behind the scene showpo action would be interesting. I follow brands to find out more about them and what they have to offer rather than to see celebs or cute animal reposts. It might be nice to have some styling hacks- how we can get the most out of the clothing, different ways to wear, even how you can replicate high end looks using your clothes (comparisons). Thanks for taking the time to find out what your audience wants to see/read x

  55. I would love to read more fashion ideas for events such as festivals and hacks like latest trends and how to keep up with them. 🦋 I also love when you guys post relatable memes, always makes me laugh! 🌈 I would also love if you could post more fundraising for important issues around the world and tell us how we can help. 🌍

  56. Hey showpo team. I just want to let you know that I am sooo happy with all your products, from dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories and anything I left out. I would love to hear about styling clothes. Hair- tutorial, and how you take and edit your pics. ❤️

  57. I would love to see more content about makeup and beauty tips for different occasions! Valentine’s day, music festivals, etc. In particular, what syling advice you would recommend to go with different outfits. I would love to have a full outfit styled for an event with all details included: hair, makeup, accessories, clothes, and shoes. ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Fashion hacks!
    I’ve been shopping at Showpo for yeeeeaaaaarrrrrssss! I would love to see how you and your team take basics and take them from day to night, and how to style showpo too look like your fav celebs!

  59. I love fashion inspo for upcoming events and seasons. I also love the photos of different ways to style accessories and different clothing

  60. I love reading about styles that suit different body shapes and sizes because I think it is awesome for the different variety of shapes to be catered for! I also love to see different item combinations to pair up and make different styles! Also beauty tips are very helpful when choosing the right colours for the outfit! Love ypu Showpo, by far my favourite! S xxx

  61. Tutorials! Make up, hair, putting an outfit together, life hacks etc. I feel like I suck at ‘girling’ a lot of the time so to be able to have a one stop shop at showpo would be the besssst. Use your clothes in the videos and leave in the comments what pieces your wearing! I find being able to see the outfit on and how it sits on makes it soo easy for me to pick what I’m getting from showpo this time! X

  62. I’m interested in content about SHOWPO fashion for all body types and all races. How to wear certain styles for different occasions. How to style certain outfits, example: what shoes to wear, what jewelry to wear, etc…

  63. I want to read about all new fashion and style in clothes shoes and accessories and your proffessionelle opinion to help us to be in the best way on all occasion and some opinion about beauty

  64. I’d love to read about outfits for different seasons and also things you can do to an outfit to make it a little bit different. I’d love to read about outfit combos as well and what to style with what and where you can wear certain things.

  65. I’d love to read some advices. For example 5 things you SHOULDN’T DO on your first date / first meeting with his family.. Or how to combine some clothes into different styles or how to wear them in different occasions. How to make a great first impression. Or how to get rid of fear. Make a photoshop of celebrities and how their child would have look. Or how perfect guy it would be of you combine Ian Somerhalder and Liam Hermsworth ❤️😀.. You can also write about not so known countries and why we should visit them. Make a list of TOP 10 items every woman should have in her closet in 2018. You can also write ‘How to arrange the best party – what we can’t forget, what to wear, how to pick theme, what meal we should prepare and so on…. I have so many ideas 👠👑

  66. I’d love to read about the latest fashion trends, some styling tips with showpo clothes and some life hacks! Be sure to include lots of imagery as well.

    Love that you guys are open minded about everything and you’ll ask us for tips!

  67. It would be interesting and inspiring to know;
    1. What inspires you everyday for creating fashion style?
    2. Tips to start business like showpo.
    3. Tips for styling for different occasions like for travel or for different kinds of parties.
    4. Stories of success of your crew members.
    5. Tips to stay motivated.

  68. I would love to read about how to style pieces several different ways since I definitely struggle with that! It would also be cool to see articles about traveling, such as packing tips and things to do in different cities and whatnot.

  69. Aside from the addictive fashion and beauty posts – I’d be super into some funky things like horoscopes or cute themed lookbooks!

  70. Recently, I’ve been loving reading about the modest fashion movement. I think it’s so amazing that this field is being recognised and integrated into mainstream fashion! It’s definitely soon to become the trend of the 2010’s.

    I highly admire that you guys have a number of items that are suited to modest fashion, such as your ‘Brightest Dawn Kimonos’ which are absolutely gorg! 😍

  71. I Would love to read about how to style up basic pieces for different things – work, day-to-night, date night, events and a Saturday running errands. How to use one piece five ways. How to wow your boss and your boyfriend with one great outfit. Then maybe tips on how to accessorize your top sellers.

  72. I’d love to read more about upcoming style and beauty trends, advice columns or life hacks, styling for different events like festivals, school, date nights, weddings etc, and travels. I think video segments on how to style different pieces, like how to dress up or down and accessories to go with outfits would be amazing! For funny things to read maybe like shopping or clothing addict memes and jokes every once in a while!

  73. I’d absolutely love to see articles about building a basic wardrobe and/or how to add personality to your wardrobe! I really loved your ‘what should I wear’ article and all the gift idea ones too so more like those would be AMAZING!!

  74. I would love to see content about different ways to style basics and/or how to stay on-trend without having a wardrobe the size of a house (e.g what sort of pieces you can get that are super versatile and you can change up all the time). Would also love to see something about which accessories and shoe styles are must-haves!

  75. I like to read about how to style the same outfit “up” or “down”. It helps having multiple different ways to style the same outfit so you can wear it to a variety of different occasions!

  76. I would love to hear about the different ways you style your clothes, your top go to outfits (what makeup looks you love to wear with them and what style of jewellery you go for) what goes on at showpo HQ and I definitely think you guys should get an office puppy!!

  77. I love reading about fashion, especially festival looks!! I enjoyed watching your instagram account at festival time so much.
    I also would like to read about lifehacks❤️❤️

  78. I think reading about casual/cute outfit inspiration would be really helpful and interesting! Going to class outfits/still super adorable but not trying to hard! 😊

  79. 1. Sex/ relationship advice
    2. Fashion advice
    3. Traveling/ weekend fun advice
    4. Puppies anything puppies 🐶
    5. Funny stories: like challenges and things like that

  80. I would love to read things such as health and fitness and how to purchase key items that will stay current such as a capsule wardrobe and how to ensure your clothing stays in good condition to continue long wear. I love to read some extra hacks for clothing and everyday life e.g. hot to change the look of an outfit, fit, styling guides for your body type and style

  81. I think it would be interesting to read about a way to style basics, something everyone has in their closet. I’d also love to see more beauty tips! I’m always interested in hearing about the different products you can’t live without!

  82. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about what Jane and the Showpo gang are getting up to whether it be a festival in America or maccas delivery to HQ. I also like Durka’s what’s in fashion this season videos. Whatever you post I will read though because your girl gang makes me laugh so much and you know fashion👌🏼 ❤️

  83. I would love to read more about fitness​ routines and meal plans. Mimi and Lea promote such body positivity that I would love to read about it. Also the entire company is a ‘ girl boss’ so I would love to read about how you guys made it till here, how women who have earned degrees in marketing or communication or any similar field can work in a brand like yours and bring a new element to the workplace

  84. I would love to read about behind the scenes at Showpo HQ and what happens there as well as funny confession stories like embaressing childhood moments and biggest celeb crushes in highschool etc. Those type of funny and relatable things 🤗🤗

  85. I’d love to read articles that’s about lifestyle, fun story, romantic story, how you start up ShowPo, and of course fashion.

    I feel like there isn’t much people talking about outfits for chubby girls who is size 10-12. It would be great if you guys can share the ideas how to dress cute and pretty for us.

  86. I would love to read more behind the scenes content! Stuff relating to the daily showpo duties and what employees love about their positions! I want to know more about the people responsible for creating such a successful business! 😇

  87. I’d love to ready about celeb outfits/style and how to match at a more affordable price. Also I’m a teacher so would love to see work/everyday outfitting.

  88. I would love to read the following content:
    1. Fashion advice for different body types (e.g. busty women, short women, styles to flatter more up-and-down shapes rather than just models with small waists)
    2. How to wear your hair with different outfits to complement the clothes
    3. Multi-use accessories. Have a few necklaces, bracelets etc and style them with a few different outfits for different occasions
    4. How to style nice outfits with flats as well as high heels
    5. More behind the scenes of Showpo and what staff are wearing! I love seeing videos/photos of your office staff in your clothes so I can see a diverse range of shapes and personalities wearing different clothes 🙂

  89. I would love to read about celebrity gossip trends and events. I am also very wanderlust so would love to read more travel related articles. It would also be extremely helpful if you did articles on how to recreate certain outfits/looks at home with what people already have in their wardrobes (or are likely to have). Great Job in 2017 xx

  90. I would love to read about current beauty trends and life hacks. Regarding the beauty trends, it would be amazing to see “balling on a budget” beauty trends or something along those lines so everyone can enjoy them.

  91. I’d love to read about how showpo takes international customers. When your pieces are seen on the red carpet at different events! It’s so cool to see celebrities wearing the same things you can afford to buy 💕

  92. I would love to read about different casual styles to wear for work and a night out to dinner. Also, cheap alternatives to style different types of casual outfits! 😊

  93. I would like to read hair care tips and body care tips as well
    I would read the article’s on how to maintain body and stay fit😊😊

  94. Boy advice! How to decode how males think/feel plus some awkward dating experiences/funny stories. Is there even evidence that they do have feelings? Ugh they give me a headache

  95. -I would like to read
    👠Trends in fashion
    🍓How to have a healthy life
    😣Things that girls do wrong
    🛫Places to travel
    🎶Songs of the moment
    💆🏻Skin care

  96. Hi there! I live in a Latin American country, and I love your clothes 😭🔝
    I will like to read something a little bit personal but this thing need to have like a little fashion, like something involving how you discovering what types of clothes do you like, how you combine, who inspire you to dressed like this! And a little bit of how you discover beauty tip and share some of them
    Thank u very much, lots Of loves xoxo❤️

  97. 5 ideas to win 5 items 5️⃣🙌🏻
    👗 styling on a budget- how to purchase a few statement items and mix/match and dress up/down to suit any event or occasion
    👠 best places to visit- cafes, walking tracks, secluded beaches and hidden gems
    👙 healthy snack recipes and meal prep ideas
    👜 perfect date night ideas to go with the date night outfits
    👖 little clothing hacks eg avoiding blisters, hiding straps

  98. Maybe some stories from your childhood that really have marked you and made you the person you are today?
    I would also enjoy reading about how different body types should dress to compliment their body in the best way! 💕💕

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  100. I love reading about your fashion and I love your instagram account, but I would mostly like to
    * See Showpo’s latest styles for different occasions (or upcoming events)
    * Make-up tutorials to go with different looks
    * Funny girly memes that are relatable
    * Get to know the strong women behind Showpo and how they run it to, be able to connect to the fashion label even more Overall I love your fashion label and I hope this helps 💖💖

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    II. lookbooks for different seasons with styling advice
    III. traveling tips and advice
    IV. celebrity-inspired fashion inspiration
    V. style one piece of clothing in a bunch of different ways! for example, different styles of looks to dress up a black bodysuit: edgy, casual, glam, bold, night out, etc

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    I also love saving money, so I enjoy reading things about the best ways to save. Or the best investments to make; whether that be clothing, makeup, etc.

  105. Some things I always enjoy and would love to see:
    How to alter outfits from professional to casual to flirty for the days when you can’t go home for a new outfit; must have pieces throughout the year; length/structure/fit tips to find the right size to order; current fashion inspos; and of course posts about confidence and empowerment (memes always encouraged)!

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    ✨How to accessorise like a pro

    ✨Festival looks


    ✨DIY denim shorts


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    2. How to transition into spring (ex. Layering sweaters with xyz for days that start colder and warm up).
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    4. Wavy hair how-to for short haircuts.
    5. Closet organization
    6. Cat videos 😂

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    > certain colours of clothing/make up to skin tone

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    Just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE your clothing items and have always been a huge supporter!
    I would love to read more about;
    !!! looking presentable but on a budget – Eg, re-wearing clothes but styling in a different way for different
    !!! Advice for different body types, skin types, and what would make the individual look more flattering
    !!! Relationship and personal advice, also gift ideas for guys/girls on valentines and other festivities!
    !!! How to style up for night-outs, date nights and such.
    !!! Behind the scenes of Showpo, because, you guys are the best! xxx

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    Also life hacks and relatable funny articles.

    And when it comes to formal or races time different styles you have on offer.

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    I would like to read more at styling work attire to then go to a casual dinner.

    And anymore stupid pranks you want to do.

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    1. Inspiration behind the clothing you chose to buy
    2. “Get to know me” either videos or interviews of your models like Mimi and Leah!
    3. Fashion show videos showing how to mix and match different outfits
    4. Tips on being a kick ass executive pony! (Like how to be confident leading a meeting, being new in a work place, how to be a girl boss.)
    5. Hair styles/make up tutorials!

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    -showpo is a great brand bc it stays up to date on what is culturally relevant, so maybe listical style articles of upcoming festivals and events and outfit ideas for them. (Sort of like how urbanlist does bars/restaurants countdowns to check out in their newsletter)
    -similarly guides to different places to go out and eat/bars and showpo staff recommendations of their favorite places- which consequently you’d need a cute outfit to go out in
    -love hearing about your office culture so maybe how you guys operate as a startup up and sneak peaks and tips of being a women entreneur and owned business.

  117. Hearing about the many ways you can pair pieces together would be something great to add to the site. I find myself purchasing items (from any store) and not knowing when, how or what to pair things with! I want to know what looks good with what and what will make me stand out in these amazing clothes! I hope others would agree that we don’t want to throw these beautiful outfits in our closets but know how to wear them well and confidently like all the models from Showpo!! Thanks!

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  121. Hacks to luxury fashion/dupes (I.e. designer belt trend), how-to minimalist fashion, posh interior design tutorials, fashion trends forecast

  122. somewhere you’ve traveled and what that place means to you. like i’ve been to africa and i think about what it’s like over there all the time when things get hard for me

  123. I would love to read about different ways to put together quick and cute outfits because I don’t always have the time to plan what I want to wear in advance. Also, learning about fashion tips for the different seasons and ways to mix up essentials to fit the weather!!

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  125. I love reading about styling basics, how to dress it up or down, or must haves when traveling! I find them really helpful 🙂

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  130. Hey ShowPo!!
    I love reading about the behind the scenes of styling, shoots and the lives of the people behind it! I also love reading about how to style looks with jewellery and make-up! 💕
    Hope your day has been sweet 🍰 🍭

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    2. some body positivity stories
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    4. top 5 makeup up products each month for different types such as the skin, eyes, lips etc.
    5. More behind the scenes at showpo, from staff wearing the clothes to business success stories. How the business grew to what it is today.

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    🌹 fashion tips
    🌹 self empowerment and how to rock clothes out of your comfort zone
    🌹 Advice on the perfect lighting, angles, and pose
    🌹 Interviews with the Showpo models and where they started
    🌹 What’s the latest trend and how do trends start

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    I’d love to hear showpos ideas about how to style a banging outfit with classic clothing pieces and sometimes even with some outrageous items (could definitely include your gorgeous clothes) .

    I’d also love to see how to style a piece of clothing for different events (such as how to make jeans work for casual daytime as well as wild night out – something like that.)

    I’d also absolutely love to hear showpos story. How the absolute gems of women behind it started the company and made it such a powerful and stunning shop. I’d be so interested in where they get their inspiration from for everything – from the creative model shots to their inspiration for the clothes they sell, and id love to see what these ladies do in their spare time or what a typical day in their life is like.

    I would also love to hear what their idea of what a typical showpo girl is! So far I understand it to be a fiery, adventurous girl whose not afraid to push boundaries, explore and look killer while doing it. They could give ultimate destinations for a showpo girl or even stories about strong well known females who wear the showpo brand.

    I hope this helps and I look forward to your new content! ❤️

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    Another great thing to read about is how to shop on a budget and get the most out of what you buy. I’d also love to read some decorating and/or photography tips, for when you find your perfect outfit after a million tries. Skincare tips are also a must, or possibly a top product of every month from different categories.

  136. You guys are awesome!!! You guys are already so funny but I’d love to read about how to dress up some casual outfits or work outfits as I go out after work and sometimes last minute and would love to read or watch what outfits are versatile from casual to dressy or from work business to nice out for instead of lugging around lots of bags to change after work lol

  137. I live reading things about traveling and corporate wear ideas ways to spice it up a bit without spending a fortune. Also how people’s experiences with starting up a business of there on or being a digital nomad

  138. Oh also if like to read what styles to dress for your shape too as ikm bigger on my hips and I struggle to find clothes that suit my shape and not make me look bigger xx thanks guys

  139. Travelling ideas.
    Out dated fashion. (Bring back the 50s)
    Summer styles.
    Winter magic.
    Swimwear styles.

    I’m mad about traveling. Check out my website below 😊

  140. I would love to see an article on styled outfits for different occasion, it would really help out to give ideas of how to style and accessorise for certain occasions. :-))

  141. Hey Showpo!
    Firstly, I just wanted to say – THANK YOU for what you do. The Showpo edit is the HIGHLIGHT of my day, everyday! I always look forward to waking up every morning and browsing through fashion tips, beauty hacks, relationship advice, career tips and all the good stuff. My favourite section to read that I’d love for you guys to expand on would be the boy stuff. Hit me up with more relationship advice, dating tips, and oh – don’t forget the deets about first date nono’s !!

    Secondly – I just won the principle flute solo concerto role at my school orchestra and DESPERATELY need a dress to stun the boys. Thirdly – my prom is coming up so you know that means – TWO DReSSES…. and a mother who isn’t necessarily willing to invest in me in that area….

    Last but not least, it would be just AWESOME if I could get my dream dress of ALL TIME, “One for the Money” in wine …….. *daydreams* *drools*
    Oops… should be studying for my exam tomorrow rn but oh well, there are more important things in life…

    Thank you Showpo, for making my dreams possible <3 <3 <3 (V)
    Ciao !

  142. 1. Best way to pare jewellery with clothing given certain events 💍💃🤷🏻‍♀️
    2. Travelling tips such as what to wear on long/haul flights and what to pack etc ✈️🛳
    3. Love to hear more from your marketing team on what their strategies are with flat lays and cameras they use etc 🎥
    4. Love to know how you can turn one item of clothing into multiple outfits!
    5. What office wear you guys prefer to wear from your collections and why.
    P.s A lot of your tutorials and videos are on point and give such great content!!!

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    More behind the scenes and style and beauty videos would also be amazing

  144. This’ll be weird considering every other topic and its probrobly not suitable here, but I’d love to read about anything that feels intense, dramatic or funny! For example, ‘thoughts on xxx’ where xxx could be something that happened through the day or something from the past, from anyone out of showpo. Things not in the everyday life that made them go ‘holy shiet’. New things will definitely surprise us, but your own natural thoughts that make you a person is what makes it all fun and interesting to read. Another example of those things, ‘weirdest things’ that happen between showpo or the customers, all the weirdest/dramatic experiences.

    1. I LOVE reading about all of the different ways you can take a single piece of clothing (like a plain white t shirt) and style it in different ways for different looks.

  145. Hi Showpo!
    I would really like to see hair tutorials as well as stylist ideas using everyday clothing that most have in their wardrobe – for example jeans, white singlet, etc. being able to turn it from casual Sunday to smart casual Sunday cocktails.
    I have my engagement party in a couple of weeks so some new outfits would be amazing.

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  148. Hello 🙂
    I would like to read how you get inspired for a new piece and how the idea on paper becomes a real piece that you can wear. 🙂

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    2. How to wear______ statement piece (patterned jacket, new trendy piece)
    3. How to dress for specific body types
    4. How to wear a certain piece multiple ways, such as a skirt or dress
    5. How to mix patterns without looking like a crazy person

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  153. I would love to read about feel good stories. The world is full of negativity and I would love to bring a back a bit of the happiness but reading about what people do around the world to help others.

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    More of how to accessorise to take your outfit for basic to banging.
    Best fits for what body types, best hats/sunglasses for face shape.
    How to make your last seasons items work with this seasons trends?
    Get this celebrities look on a budget, or how to put together the best outfit for this occasion.
    How to morph your style from boho to chic etc.

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  156. I always like reading about cheaper substitutes! Most of the readers are probably not rich so this may apply to them as well. I love finding make up products that work just as well as the expensive brands. Another topic I find interesting to read about is how to style your hair with different types of outfits. I always have trouble with this so it would be a big help. I’d be interested in reading about contents as such.

  157. I would like to read more about how to take everyday style to night time looks and still be on trend! Also I feel like there are no posts out there about what to wear to sorority formals and what is on trend party dresses, there are thousands of girls who look for formal dresses in college and struggle to find unique stand out dresses when online shopping.

  158. Definitely some posts about spring trends— easy outfits for students on the go! Maybe featuring pieces that work with more than one outfit because broke college students need Showpo too! And fitness/healthy eating posts or motivation would be awesome! I’m working on a new diet and workout plan, but I’m also a student who goes out and drinks and eats chips..and then cries because I ate chips on my diet while drunk. I need some tips and words of wisdom on how to stay motivated and on top of my health right now! Now that I think of it.. hangover tips and fixes would be helpful too— ha! Xx Annie
    Instagram: @anniediorlove

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  160. Anything other than uni readings because that ruins my social life. So pretty much anything that will boost my ability to live my life through the stories of others. Some key ideas would be; how not to fail at uni, how to “fake it” at cooking delicious culinary meals that you actually put no thought into at all, baking 101 because that’s what really gets you a man and also how to wear active wear and look amazing even though you actually only ever eat healthy meals for your insta posts. Least then ill be able to wear nice new clothes while reading your new and improved articles.

  161. I would really love to see more wardrobe hacks (I.e. how to dress up or dress down the basics such as jeans and tees). I also would love makeup and hair tutorials for all occasions. Any tips and tricks on how to save money whilst trying to update your wardrobe, bedroom, makeup, anything at all really!! But mostly I love reading about your experiences working with showpo!!

  162. I absolutely love your clothes and even the model poses are something i try to mimic. I would love to see how to style the outfits for different events like night look/day look/office party etc. I also want to see more of the cute behind the scenes and even the hardwork that goes into running it as people think its just a fun thing to do without realising the work that goes into it. Also anything with puppies in it works 😉 keep up the amazing work you guys are doing.

  163. I like reading about the real stuff. Real people, real stories, real emotion. Who are you behind the beautiful Instagram photos.
    Would love to know about the people that work so tirelessly behind the awesome showpo brand. The fun, stupid, crazy, loveable and embarrassing. I like feeling like I can relate to a brand or person. It’s all about being yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person that you are.

  164. I love seeing fashion content with all new trending clothing and to see from which fabric it is made from. And how it looks on somebody . When I read something it’s beauty tips or the inspiration and the story of clothing.

  165. Hey! I would love to read about fashion differences around the world. I know it is somewhat the same but maybe how fashion over time has changed from traditional to the fashion nowadays. It might be hard but it would be interesting to a lot of readers from all over the world! 🙂

    Love from the Netherlands!

  166. – Fashion tips
    – Outfit ideas
    – More competitions
    – Travel ideas or travel reviews
    – Date night/day ideas (including outfits!)
    – Gift ideas (for sister, boyfriend, Valentine’s Day, etc)

  167. ⁉️ 50 fashion tips for summer, winter, festivals etc
    ⁉️ Fashion to be thankful for
    ⁉️ Fashion on a budget
    ⁉️ Body shape suits this or coloured hair suits this outfit
    ⁉️ How to make … casual into going out, full comfortable in a nightclub outfit, mix and match outfits from showpo

    You guys are the best with customer service and doing so well keep on going with trying to grow your business it’s such an amazing company I wish I could work with you guys some day!

  168. I would love reading about what to wear at different occassions/ tips of what to buy depending on the occassion (at parties, to school) and at the same time what different types of makeup and hairstyles go best with each. Also, I would love yo read on how you get the ideas to make such wonderful clothes, cause it’s an art and its inspiration must be somewhere. I love watching Life hacks, and it would be awesome for you to post some of those and i love funny stories that are relatable to all of us hahahahaha.

  169. Hii
    I would love to read about how do you feel working at showpo, how many people work with you, when did it start, why did you want to create showpo…
    It would also be great to read any funny experience you had at showpo.
    Finally, what’s your favourite showpo outfit?
    I really love showpo

  170. 💙 Makeup tutorials using products sold at showpo
    💙mixing/matching items to make our wardrobe go further
    💙 Inspiring outfit pics using showpo clothing
    💙 Hair styling tips/hacks/tutorials for different hair types (short/long/blonde/curly/straight etc)

  171. Hey!
    I’m from Spain and I’d love to read about beauty tips or fashion tips (not the ones that all influencers post, I mean the ones you do). It would bw very useful to know how you actually are and idk, maybe some funny factd about you, or about clothing!
    Please never vhange, I love this site!!

  172. Would love to know about how this showpo came about and the story behind it? Motivation/set backs etc, was it a dream or it kind of came to you.. how did you find yourself creating showpo? xx

  173. I’d love to see things like fashion hacks e.g. how to restyle old/boring clothing into something unique and trendy as well as inspo for different outfit ideas such as formal, casual, beachy or festival outfits xx

  174. I’d love to read about beauty, fashion, the newest trends, wearing one item for different locations, tips to stay healthy, cheap vs expensive, saving money, about your own experience with fashion or something else… To be honest I think I would read anything because it is thrilling to read new stuff because you’re learing things, it doesn’t matter about what you write.♥️

  175. I’d like to see outfit inspiration for events, for example new years or valentine’s day or even a cute everyday outfits that can be worn. xx

  176. I would love to read about how Showpo was created and what are the things you needed to go through to make the business where is at right now (so successful). I’ve been taking marketing subjects and would be interested to learn from an indivual who has actually experienced that road of making the product successful. Thank you :)) Mel

  177. I would love to read how to revamp your wardrobe and how to switch it up a little bit. What your staple pieces are and what you need to dress up every outfit xxx

  178. I love reading about make up and skin care tips. Also tips on how to make an old outfit look new/different. “outfit repeater”

  179. I love reading about trends! What’s trending at the moment and what’s coming up!
    Would love to see what the Showpo staff are loving- like clothes (especially just everyday stuff, like what did everyone wear to work? Going out is less common for me, but going to work and everyday casual- totally relatable!) And any other little loves at the moment! (Not necessarily clothes and accessories).
    Maybe just for fun, old trends! You know… those trends we try to forget!
    I always love a laugh- definitely gets more attention than generic stuff (eg. Gorgeous girl on the gorgeous beach in gorgeous clothes-even though that’s still great!) 💕👑

  180. Dear Showpo-Team!
    I would love to see more beauty hacks and read about how comfy clothes can style up your everyday look! I’m also really interested in styles or clothes for different body types.

  181. Love seeing & reading about beauty tips & tricks for those that attempt to perfect those YouTube tutorials….
    Also love to see ideas for staple wardrobe items for the upcoming season.

  182. Love seeing & reading about beauty tips & tricks for those that attempt to perfect those YouTube tutorials….
    Also love to see ideas for staple wardrobe items for the upcoming season.
    Also fashions fails are also fun to see 😎

  183. I’d love to see fashion, styling, hair, photography and travel tips. I’d love to hear about amazing places for photos, meal plans or ideas and easy wardrobe and clothes hacks. I love your page xox

  184. This year I would love to see…
    1. Regular trend updates showcasing the most popular Showpo items of the week
    2. Career and lifestyle tips for people new to the whole adult-ing thing
    3. Interviews with the members of the amazing Showpo team!
    4. Recipes and workout ideas

    And you can never go wrong with a funny article about relatable problems people face at the office and in social situations – with some classic memes to top it off 😍

    I’ve been a Showpo fan for a long time and it’s been so amazing to watch the company grow and flourish over the years! xxx

  185. I am in desperate need of fashion inspiration for specific events – like weddings, work parties, beach days and festivals! Also, I love hearing about your opinion on the latest trends and celebrity news, and reading your and funny and relatable posts about life. I’m always happy to hear more about Jane’s inspiring journey to success and hearing her advice, especially as a girl who wants to get involved in the business world.

    Keep doing what you’re doing girls – Showpo edit has such a range of content; you honestly cater for everyone💗

  186. I’d love to read about the fun stuff you girls do at work and how you go around your creative processes to release new clothes, what cooperations you are working on and what has been the most successful moments of each of your careers/lives. 🙂

  187. – Celebrity gossip and news
    – fashion advice and outfits (what to wear, what’s in fashion, how to pair things together, etc)
    – health and fitness tips and ideas
    – upcoming season trends

    Thanks so much! Xoxo

  188. I’d Like to read an article in wich u guys talk about ur main inspiration to creat such amazing items 😍, and i’d looovee to read something that could interact with us (the showpo lovers haha ^.^)… u could do some challanges for us… for exemple:
    — a chalange that makes us personalize a bag for Xmas days, or any day that u may concider special (i mean it would be amazing if i receive one of ur items in a personalized bag)
    Kisses from Portugal 😘😘

  189. I’d love to read about how you created a great business and the steps along the way from things like your first job and what the different experiences have taught you 🙂

  190. I would love to read about fashion. The Dos and dont’s when it comes to fashion, different types of styles and what suits body types better and how to dress to your body type. Everyday funny experiences and stories and about running a business.

  191. I would love to read travel articles, photography, art, fashion, fitness, and maybe even things about how to combine different pieces of clothing or how to make great photos!

  192. I love your work! I wanna hear more
    💗 styling tips of day to day
    💗 how to dress up a bum/ comfy outfit
    💗 any tips on traveling
    💗 gossip! Anything interesting happening in your life
    💗 how to pose. I love the tips you give about style but I also need to know how to show that off in my insta photos!
    Love your work! Can’t wait to see more!
    Love yu -Ellie

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  194. Behind the scenes of a successful business. How you started, what motivated you & what kept you going through the tough times. Plus, how you continue to stand the test of time, improve & inspire girls all over the world. Tips & tricks for putting into motion our dreams. How to achieve what we set our mind to. Any advice on how to live our best possible life while being the best possible version of ourselves.

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    What i would love to read about are:
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    3. Funny life stories
    4. Confessionals
    5. New clothing deals

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    Another thing I love to read is little things about how to style one item in heaps of different ways? I always think they’re really creative and it helps me to think more about how to reuse clothes in my wardrobe in new ways that I hadn’t thought of before!
    Tess xx

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    Same with fashion- maybe what kind of clothes can we buy now during colder weather that we could use in spring/summer.
    Alsooo maybe some sort of business- I mean “women in business”, “young women that succeeded” etc.
    I have soo many ideas!
    Also would loove winning some showpo pieces since it’s so expensive in my country and I can’t afford it. AND I’m just having my midterms and Uni so I suppose only shopping can help me out, lol!
    Anyway, love you guys- my ig: aleksjakimowicz 💕🧠

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    ⭐️ What excites me?/10 top ways to kill boredom/enjoy life again
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    Love a good anectdotal story too!

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  222. I would love lookbooks for different seasons with styling advice, make-up trends and inspiration, make-up tutorials to go with different looks, current beauty trends and life hacks and more behind the scenes of Showpo and what staff are wearing!!
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    As we women come in different shapes and sizes, I’d love to see a “style profile” meets “what not to wear/what to wear” blog post here. The profile would take one reader who needs a style makeover, take us through her shape/size (e.g. pear-shape, apple, hourglass) and her best assets (long legs, defined waist, etc) and then put her into some great outfit options for various occasions. It’d be an opportunity for SHOWPO to showcase some great boutiques or womens wear labels too – and give us readers ideas custom tailored to us!

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    And you can never go wrong with a funny article about relatable problems faced in the office and in social situations – with a few classic memes to top it off😍

    I’ve been a Showpo fan for a long time and it’s been so great to watch the company flourish over the years!! xxx

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    ⁃Behind-the-scenes articles about the glamorous events that Jane and the Showpo team attend and the beautiful places you visit for modelling shoots
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    I simply adore the Showpo Edit and can’t wait for what 2018 brings!! xxx

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    Showpo has such a wide following of young women it would be amazing to see that platform infuse fashion and encouraging women to appreciate and encourage each others styles no matter how different they may be!
    Also the memes relating to girl problems are amazing to see, always gives me a giggle! More of those would be fantastic!

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