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Tay Tay Just Threw MAJOR Shade

Taylor Swift is NOT playing

Hold the phone. Holy shit…Our office is shook. Like, spit-your-lunch-on-your-keyboard absolutely, bloody SHOOK.

Taylor Swift, take a bow. You, my friend/fellow daggy dancer are the absolute shade THROWER of 2017.

If you missed the drop of Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Look what you made me do’ earlier today, you’re probably a) a martian or b) team Kimye and don’t want to give it any sort of attention. Fair.

So, to recap the sheer amount of shade in the release, I’ve delved into the most gobsmacking throw-downs that ‘allegedly’ (I have to say that but take my word, I mean, most likely) are woven into this internet breaking music mic-drop.

giphy (6).gif

Taking a stance on fellow celebs, fame, people bringing DRAHMA into her career and just a general fuck you to all the wrath she’s ever copped, T-Swift it back and she’s bringing a whole lotta ‘tude with her. Bitchy? Self-defence? Hearsay? You be the judge…

This is what you came for…

Shots fired right out of the gate. The opening graveyard scene has a gravestone that reads Nils Sjoberg. You may remember this is actually the pseudonym Taylor used on a track she secretly co-wrote with Calvin Harris last year. The song, that relationship and that version of Taylor is now dead, obvs.


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 4.58.20 pm.png
Being subtle has never been her forte. 


Chillin’ in a bathtub dripping with diamonds…

Blimey! Is this an attack on Kimmie K’s Paris robbery which had her being held at gunpoint in a bathtub for her diamonds? (Yes, yes it was). If so, this is way past shade and into the absolute pits of mean girls hell.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.04.13 pm.png

Creepy snake throne…

Et tu Brute – if you didn’t study Shakespeare you can be forgiven for missing this one (or if you watched it less than 1000 times you’d probably miss it too) but this translates to “even you, Brutus?” A quote from Julius Ceaser in which Ceaser realises one of his friends is amongst a group of attackers on him. Rough. I feel a bit sorry for her. With lyrics like ‘I don’t trust nobody and nobody trust me’, It must be lonely at the top.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.04.32 pm.png

More snakes…

Snakes are everywhere in this clip and for good reason. The snake emoji was undoubtedly the most iconic signifier to the death of Swift’s reputation. When Kim Kardashian released a recorded phone call of Taylor agreeing to Kanye West’s questionable lyrics in his song, ‘Famous’, the world went mad. This phone call conflicted with Taylor’s public outrage about the lyrics and she looked like a complete dickass in the public eye. In flooded the snake emojis and out went the reign of Taylor. So many snakes were shared, Instagram actually added in the comment filter function to stop the Slytherin spreading as it was becoming a universal symbol. ?

And even MORE snakes…

I start to question why I felt sorry for her again when it seems she’s making more digs towards Kim Kardashian’s Paris attack. Taylor’s wearing snake rings throughout particularly on her wedding finger which seems to be another ode to Kim Kardashian’s stolen ring. In a savage addition, you can now actually buy the rings as Swift #merch.

Or you could go buy some Showpo rings and make my boss believe I did something other than watch this video today (sorry not sorry).

The 2013 questionable Miley Cyrus haircut…

Seen this haircut recently?

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.12.35 pm.png

Probably on Katy Perry but without the Grammy because well…Katy Kat has never won one which I’m sure was the absolute intention of this frame. Buuuuuuurn.


“I can’t hold them all, wanna help me KP.?”


Speaking of Katy Perry –  the constant reference to cats seem to be an ode to the ongoing feud which frankly, I am so tired of.  It’s all a bunch of women saying they want to support women then not, in fact, supporting women. Can’t we just all get along? Keep in mind Katy Perry hosted the VMA’s in which this clip aired for the first time and she must be pretty mad RN.

Fame, in general, is hard…

Taylor seems to make several references to the media’s perception of her and her ‘squad’ and how she’s pretty tired of it. Lining up her model ‘squad’ like a ringmaster and pretending to whip them into shape is kind of genius. I appreciate she can make fun of herself and how the media believes she controls her model friends. I also worry that her squad seems to be no more and find myself feeling sorry for her friendless self again. Poor lass.

The Lemonade like scenes…

There’s some speculation that the video is alluding to Beyonce’s Lemonade throughout which I’m personally a bit confused about.

giphy (7).gif

Taylor’s a fan of Beyonce and I don’t believe it’s shade. So, I’m going to take a stab and blow the Lemonade conspiracy obsessed internet out of the water and say this is actually a Beyonce Love on Top reference.  Why is this important?

Because it’s the song that Taylor and her ex-beau Tom Hiddleston were first filmed and spotted dancing together to before their romance was sprawled across papers days later!

Also, this would add to the way Hiddleston is so obviously referenced in the same scene by her dancers wearing the ‘I love TS shirts’ which he wore to her July 4th shin-dig. Another day, another ex to burn.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.22.41 pm.png




Lame phone scene…

“The old Taylor is dead”. Actual words spoken in the clip. In case everyone was under the impression this was not the case. New evil Taylor is here! Dramatic much??

Surprise face…

The final scenes end with an extra layer of sass. Taylor shows ALL versions of herself from country queen through to Bad Blood Taylor, and they’re all telling her off for that VMA’s acceptance speech and shit she’s constantly patronised for. Her consistent shocked face (you know you’re always gonna win right?) to the accusations of her always playing the victim – they are all there!

giphy (5).gif

And frankly…I am most shaken by this. It’s perhaps the most direct hit at Kanye West throughout the whole thing. No snide digs, no unfounded claims, just the absolute annoyance of the way he thrust her into the dramatic spotlight 8 years ago.

My goodness, I could go on all day with this.

The several versions of herself depicted being pushed down by a current bad ass version of herself,  her old friends name on her shirt as she falls, the boots from her Vogue cover shoot, the car crash scene (reference to Kanye West’s life threatening car crash?) – the list goes on!

This film clip has broken the internet, which of course, was the plan. Say what you want about the girl but she knows how to orchestrate a media shit storm. Ruthless.

I’m torn between thinking this was an epic comeback or petty and immature AF.

Regardless, Taylor Swift is obviously very aware of the media opinion on her and just wants to get out of this narrative and back to killing her career. Is writing a burn book the answer? Probably not but Taylor, welcome back.


And as far as being SHOOK? We just can’t seem to ‘shake it off’… Smirk_Face_Emoji_grande.png

Watch  ‘Look what you made me do’ and let us know what you think!

Words by April Murphy. 


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