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#Kylie: Is She, Or Is She Not Pregnant

Investigative journalism at it's best...

OK, everyone… I know you’re all keen to finally have a reveal on whether Kylie Jenner is or isn’t pregnant. Or maybe,  like me, you’re so past it you don’t even care anymore because you’re tired of this new age of reality TV stars who keep curating what we know about their lives and banking it as ‘real’.


I’m kidding… I have no idea but there’s some pretty strong internet feels about whether she is or isn’t pregnant and because she is one of the biggest celebs on the planet and the debate is real, I’ve pulled some reasons for and against why I think she could be with child.

I’d like to preface this by saying it’s not really anyone’s business to comment on whether this is a positive or a negative for the youngest Jenner, I just enjoy the sheer drama of the internet investigations.

Whilst I’m team ‘she is’, part of me also thinks it’d be a real lol if she was in fact not and just causing a media shit storm to teach the paps a lessons –  what if she was just playing a big ol’ GAME! BOOM!

Anyway, let’s get to the important stuff…


The post that started it all…

@vladyart 😍

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

In the days the alleged pregnancy rumours broke, Kylie posted a painting of herself, with her baby self. Which sent the world bloody mad as it was seen not just as fan art appreciation but perhaps a metaphor for her new life? Kylie and baby Kylie – ya feel me?


The Jenners are no stranger to fan art and this could really just be an appreciation post. After all, Kylie has been guilty many times before of posting cute little baby pics of herself for the world to see and who doesn’t love a little grow-up pic. I’m also pretty sure Kris Jenner is the president of the media-Illuminati and if she was looking to shut down rumours, surely posting this post wouldn’t be her advice to her client/daughter?


The disappearing act…

Kylie has disappeared off the face of the earth. She has not been spotted publicly since November and even then it was in the car supposedly on the way to her families Christmas shoot. No real bump was visible. However, the usually glam star was looking cosy in a loose tee.  The last shots prior to that were also of her ducking the paps in yet again, baggy T and tracksuits. One of the worlds biggest selfie queens is now pretty camera shy huh? If she is pregnant, her superstardom is a surefire reason to try and stay out of the spotlight. Dun dun duuuun.


Avid Kardashian fans will remember Rob Kardashian also disappeared from the spotlight for some years and well, he’s not pregnant. The sock mogul was just having a rough time and wanted to disappear for a while so he did and we can appreciate that. Perhaps Kylie is taking a leaf out of Rob’s book? BOTH Rob and Kylie were absent from Kourtney’s family insta upload taken at Kris Jenner’s Christmas party and it could just be they are both feeling a little under the pressure…..or pregnant.

When you can’t find the rest of the family for the photo …

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on


Those photos…

You’ve all seen them. Kylie with her seemingly bulging belly and baggy pants looking a little larger than usual in the last public sighting of her. I feel bad for this girl, I do. I hate surfacing from a night out only to find some dickwad has uploaded unflattering photos of me to the internet. BUT her ducking for cover and the outfit is doing nothing to quash rumours. Again, this family are media powerhouses – they KNOW what the paps will be saying.


I’ve seen more doctored photos of the Kardashian-Jenner clan than I’d like to admit and honestly people…the internet is a pretty weird place FULL of people with nothing but time on their hands to thrash celebs. There is every chance these are 100% doctored…or 100% real.


Selfies no more…

Something to hide down below is there darl? Kylie has not shared any full-bodied, tightly clad clothing pics since September and even then, that was from her QUAYXKYLIE collab shot months earlier.. We know this was shot earlier because we stock those babies and the lead time on this was looooong. For a us commoners, that wouldn’t be so weird but for one of the biggest selfies queens on the planet? BIG deal! Bring back the swimsuit shots – we need new year’s inspiration!

You can shop QUAYXKYLIE sunglasses here btw. You’re welcome.


As a makeup mogul there’s no real need to have full body shots… Also, the make up entrepreneur has previously stated she’d like to share less of her personal life and make her public image more about her business. Kylie is all about ‘realising stuff’ so this could very well just  be her new business angle. Savvy Kylie.


The consistent baggy clothes…

In the very rare sightings, she has been spotted in very baggy tracksuits which again does nothing for the rumours and again, Kris Jenner-media-Illuminati-queen would surely be all over this. In all fairness, she shouldn’t need to be hiding her alleged bump.


Kylie can pretty much be appointed as the poster girl for athleisure even pre-baby.  Despite the many, many bikini clad posts, Kylie has always had that street style edge and perhaps this is her growing into the idea that she can do and dress however the hell she likes because she is Kylie Jenner. You can spot me wearing activewear to the shops on a Sunday having had no intention to ever get to the gym thanks to KJ!


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


More photos…

More photos emerged from what is allegedly her best friend Jordyn Woods birthday back in Sept where the bump is supposedly already showing. Admittedly, not a flattering pic.


She’s wearing something different in the featured pap pic than she is in THIS pic wishing her bestie Jordyn happy bday on Instagram so if this pic is in fact taken on her bday that’s a pretty weird outfit change. Who thinks ‘oh I’m going to change my tracksuit to a same same but different one? Interesting.


Kim’s insta ‘confirmation’…

The 3 of us…

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Once new broke of the the alleged pregnancy, the internet went on a witch hunt for any clue the rumours were or weren’t true. They hit gold in a photo posted from Kim captioned ‘the three of us’ (both Kim and Khloe have confirmed pregnancies). Any long time followers will probably know the three of the girls together is not the most common combo amongst the sister so it had us wondering what the three of them had in common? This was also back in Sept and in amidst Kim’s weird artsy insta phase where it must’ve been a real appreciation post to be worthy of a post.


The photo is in fact just of the three sisters on holidays..not that scandalous when you say it like that,


She’s disappeared..did I already mention this?


I’ve got nothing on this…

Honestly, why we care so much about this is beyond me. However, there you have it folks..a small snapshot into the investigation that is, baby Jenner.

Words by April Murphy

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