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Has Kim Kardashian Gone Too Far This Time?

We get it. Sex sells. But when you have 107 million followers on Instagram and enough money that you could literally fill up a swimming pool with the stuff and swim around in your own wealth – we’re wondering why Kim Kardashian has any need to “sell” anything. But scrolling through our feed recently, we have to admit that even we got a little shocked at the images of Kimmy K in some rather porn-like positions (and yes, not sure why we’re still getting alarmed by this given her previous publicly-shared dalliances in the bedroom).

The other thing we’re not entirely sure about is what Kim was actually TRYING to sell via the pics – as we’re pretty sure she doesn’t want to be selling her body (although one can never be too sure these days). But look, maybe sometimes a girl just wants a few likes out there – we understand. And if that’s the case – GOAL ACHIEVED. Actually, almost 2 million goals achieved on each post. But what we do have to wonder is whether putting your body on the line (literally) for a like is really quite necessary when you’re the sixth most followed person in the whole ENTIRE world on Instagram.

But maybe for Kim, 6th just ain’t good enough. I mean, no-one ever likes taking home sixth place – you’d never hear Usain Bolt bragging about coming 6th in a race. So if that’s the case Kim, if you’re not happy with 6th and are looking to up the follower count, then who are we to hold you back (but we can’t really help you out that much seems we’re already a follower and suspect that everyone we know on the Gram are already followers… so… ummm… moving on…)

And while we never support an online trolling [click here if you want to hear our thoughts on this!], if you’re in need of some light entertainment – can we suggest taking a scroll through some of the comments under the pics. They’re good. And man, do they get bitchy!

So what’s everybody’s thoughts out there? Has Kim Kardashian taken it too far this time or is this just the usual antics you’ve come to know [and potentially] love from the Queen of the perfectly peached booty.




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