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SPOTLIGHT ON: Jordan Simek

This gal is one to watch

Meet Jordan Simek, one of the latest hotties to join the ranks here at Showpo.
It would be easy to be intimidated by this flaxen-haired beauty.
She’s possibly the most beautiful lass I’ve ever seen in #reallife and is all lithe long limbs and twinkly blue eyes. It’s easy to see how she got so far in last years ANTM (alongside the stunning Vitoria), an opportunity she said was crazy wonderful and how she’s met some of her closest girlfriends (alas, no bitchy goss).
But that’s what makes Jord just so effervescent, she’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet with an infectious laugh that comes easily and often.
Recently moving to Melbourne with mega babe Steph Smith, I pestered her to answer a few questions so you guys can get to know her a bit better…

Ok GF, talk me through your career thus far?

It has been an interesting one, to say the least! Ironically I never wanted to be a model, but as soon as I started I never looked back. It was something that felt so right for me. It definitely hasn’t been an easy road but in saying that, unbelievably rewarding.

I signed with a small agency to start with, developing my modelling skills from there and discovering all things fashion. After 18 months I left the agency and decided to go freelance developing my networking and clientele database from there. Every year my friends would hound me to enter the ANTM auditions but I was really hesitant until last year when I just thought ‘oh why not’. To my surprise, I got in … and everything changed from there.

At the beginning of the year, I took up modelling full time and have just officially moved to Melbourne to make it my career.


What has the highlight been?

It’s so hard to pick one!

But I would have to say that ANTM has to be one of the biggest highlights. Getting that phone call a week out from Christmas to say that I was OFFICIALLY a part of ANTM Season 10 … words can’t describe how I felt. As well as my complete shock as I got such unbelievable support on the day of my elimination, I could not thank everyone enough!

Gimmie some ANTM goss, what sucked balls and what was amaze?

I hated not knowing what was going on! The producers couldn’t tell us what was happening, so being in the dark about all the things to come was so frustrating! I am a need to know person haha smirking-face.png

The best part was probably the connections and friends I made through the show, not only the girls but also the producers and the special guests! We got to know them on a personal level and they ended up being family.

If you weren’t looking gorgeous and making everyone smile, what the devil would you do instead?

Haha!! I’m not too sure, I love modelling so it’s hard to think of what I would be doing if I wasn’t in the industry. I would love to have my own brand one day (when I get the $$$) and I would love to be a health and wellness coach of some sort.


How the hell do you keep that rig so hot?

A well-balanced diet of pizza, wine and chocolate mixed with some F45 training and a daily walk. Haha!

In all seriousness though, with the healthy eating that is something I do pride myself on. I look at it like ‘if 90% of the week I’m eating really well the extra 10% I deserve to treat myself and not feel guilty about it’. You should never feel guilty about food, truly listen to your body it’s always talking to you.

Ever dealt with a fuckboy? How did you deal?

In all honesty, I don’t talk to a lot of guys haha apparently I’m ‘too scary’ (whilst also suffering from severe resting bitch face). I am one of those girls who doesn’t put up with rubbish. If a guy doesn’t treat me right or becomes rude and arrogant, I am up and out. There is no point wasting my time on silly boys, the right guy will come one day images.jpg

What one item do you think every gal needs in her wardrobe?

I would have to say a good pair of high waisted denim skinny jeans. They are my wardrobe staple!!



Best beauty prod?

Ok, sorry going to have to pick 4…Cheeky-smaller-300x300.png

Best book you’ve ever read?

By far the best book that I have ever read is Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini. I am not a massive reader and I read this book from cover to cover… TWICE! I recommend this to anyone and everyone.

What’s next for Jords?

At the moment I am just embracing the Melbourne life. I haven’t stopped since I have arrived, which has been amazing! I hope to develop my career further here, embrace everything that the industry has to offer and hopefully eventually venture overseas!

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