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Desi Perkins SLAYS In Showpo

As usual, she's the f**king KWEEN ?

If you’re a gal who loves fashion and beauty, you surely know who Desi Perkins is. If you don’t, you need to sort out your life choices as I can only think of this emoji to describe her … persons-0119.pngpersons-0119.pngpersons-0119.pngpersons-0119.png

Anyway, she was recently in the Hamptons on a press trip (as you do) and we spotted her absolutely SLAYING life in a Showpo swimsuit.


I mean how is she actually real, she is THAT hot.

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve already added this bad boy to my shopping cart and I’ll be searching for similar sunnies and the probs try to recreate this pic with absolutely dreadful results.

Join me in the unattainable quest to emulate Desi in all her glory by fetching one for yourself here.


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