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We Found The 2019 Bachelor Contestants on Instagram

Get your stalk on 🕵🏼‍♀️

Now we know we’re not the only ones getting hyped for the new season of The Bachelor to start. In fact, even Hollywood starlet Sarah Hyland wants to feast her eyeballs on the entire season (thanks in part to that now-viral trailer).

But before we can start devouring the new season, it’s time to get up to date on who’s who in The Bachelor zoo. Luckily, we’ve done the hard worked for you. Below, we’ve got the Insta profiles of every season seven contestant (which have finally come off private).

Abbie Chatfield

Ms Gemini herself, Abbie Chatfield is a 23-year-old Queensland gal who obviously has a clear knack for astrology.

Vakoo Kauapirura

Vakoo looks like she’s coming straight into the Bachie mansion from the Met Gala red carpet. Hot pink is having a moment and tbh so is she.

Chelsie McLeod

28-year-old Chelsie McLeod is a Chemical Engineer from Melbourne and since The Bachelor himself is a science guy we’re sensing some immediate chemistry here.

Sogand Mohat

The Bachelor producers clearly put out a casting call for brainy gals this year. Sogand is a Civil Engineer from New South Wales – amaze!

Helena Sauzier

With a surname like Sauzier things are bound to get a little saucy (sorry) in Bachelor mansion with this Health and Wellness Coach around.

Kristen Czyszek

Shock horror Kristen, a 24-year-old researcher from Queensland, isn’t actually on Instagram (or if she is she is way, way under the radar).

Danush Deravi

Obviously, red was the colour of the evening for the premiere of the Bachelor, or maybe it’s a not so subtle hint at a rose. Either way, Danush from Victoria has this look on lock.

Brianna Ferrante

A 24-year-old Clerical Officer from WA, Brianna is also apparently a pun-enthusiast.

Jessica Brody

Okay, so we know Jessica, 30, is a Makeup Artist but MY HEAVENS look at that glow. We need to know her secret, stat.

Julia Hyde

Children’s Entertainer, Julia joins this season of The Bachelor and by the sounds of that caption, it’s a dream come true.

Mary Viturino

A massive emoji fan, Mary, 31, is a Cook from Victoria.

Cassandra Mamone

Cassandra is a South Australian engagement ring designer and if that’s not a subtle hint, I don’t know what is.

Emma Roche

A woman after our own hearts, Emma is a Fashion Brand Manager from NSW.

Keely Spedding

Another one from the fashion pack, Keely, is a Textiles Designer based in Queensland.

Tara Maree

Tara is a Nurse from Victoria who has an obvious passion for poetry.

Samantha Royce

Samantha, 29, is a Public Servant from Victoria and honestly, her caption is the most relatable thing I’ve seen all year.

Renee Barrett

Renee already wins 10 points from me for not wearing a shade of red or blue. Is that how it works? Do you get points on The Bachelor?

Rachael Arahill

Showing up to meet the new Bachelor for the first time in what is practically a wedding dress is a huge power move and we’re here for it.

Tash Dowell

Imagine waking up and finding out your Sports Teacher is on The Bachelor. That’s what kids across New South Wales are going through right now.

Nikki Ferris

Nikki’s bio reads “spread love as thick as you would Nutella” and to be honest, for me, that is a lot of love and I simply don’t think the world is ready. Why the 24-year-old student is in a cheerleaders costume we are yet to discover.

Nichole Wood

Apparently, Nichole loves dirt bike riding so get ready for that one on one date that is bound to go terribly.

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