Instagram IGTV: Everything I Know So Far…

Jane Lu discusses what it is and how to use it 🤓

Okay… so you may be thinking – oh crap, another platform to maintain!

Well, that’s one way of looking at it, but just think about this – imagine if you could go back in time and start a YouTube channel for yourself (or your business) back in 2005 when the platform launched! Where, here’s your chance.

Embrace the change and the first mover advantage. In Instagram’s IGTV announcement post, they quoted that by 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.

How does it compare with YouTube?

  • It’s developed with a mobile-first mentality, just like Instagram. Think of IGTV as the mobile vertical version of YouTube.
  • You’re leveraging of your existing Instagram followers (and since most of us have more insta followers than YouTube, this is great!). And there’s the Discovery tab, much like the Insta feed’s Explore page.

How does it compare with insta stories?

  • So far, based on what we’ve posted, we’re still seeing way higher views on insta stories than on IGTV.
  • I’ve also noticed that IGTV gets fewer views than videos posted on insta feeds (not just @showpo and @thelazyceo but also on pretty much everyone else’s accounts). Actually, out of all the accounts I’ve stalked so far, this video from @weworewhat is the only video that I’ve seen with higher views on IGTV than an insta feed video. 
  • IGTV does not expire – which also raises the bar for the quality of the content that needs to produced.
  • IGTV calls for higher production content than insta stories (so more like YouTube). These videos add more value and involve more storytelling.
  • IGTV allows for a lot more flexibility in terms of the length of your video and encourages long-form video.

But you can rest assured on Instagram that they’ll be playing around with the algorithm to encourage more viewership to IGTV. Not only to get more people glued to their app, but also to encourage content creators to pump out more videos.

Okay so what should I do?

  • Try everything! Since this is a new platform, no one really knows what’s going on. We’re still trying to work it out ourselves. So we’re posting all different types of content on our channel to test what works for this new platform.
  • Be topical – e.g. this blog/video on IGTV (yes it’s relatively late, but I did intend on posting this on Monday… oops).
  • Again, you can trust that Instagram will be constantly refining their product and bringing out new features (as we’ve all seen them excel in this area over Snapchat in the past)
  • I think it’s important to produce content native to the tone and format of the platform. So don’t just chuck a horizontal video up there, but actually recut and curate new content for this platform.

What do you think about the new feature? I’m so nerdy when it comes to this stuff so please put all your thoughts in the comments below 🤗

Check out the Showpo IGTV here!


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