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Roxy Jacenko: The PR Mogul Dishes Secrets To Her Success

Roxy Jacenko is one of those women we just can’t help being intrigued by. A regular on the Daily Mail, Roxy’s exciting life is easy enough to follow with the mother of 2 being an avid and engaging social media maven.

Some could argue that Roxy is one of Australia’s OG female entrepreneurs; starting Sweaty Betty PR in 2004, Roxy was a determined lass who built the company with hard work and perseverance.  Now in its 14th year of operation, SB has represented an impressive list of over 70 clients and is well-known in Australia for hosting some of the most spectacular, elaborate and successful activations and events in the industry.  In addition to this, Roxy also founded the first digital influencer agency, Ministry Of Talent, and runs her adorable daughters business, Pixie Bows.

If running 3 businesses wasn’t challenging enough, Roxy has also written 3 books, starred on Celebrity Apprentice, keeps up with regular workouts, and prioritises her family.  One thing I’ve always admired about Roxy is that she works her absolute ass off, just because she’s successful AF now, doesn’t mean she sends someone else to look after things, she’s there running the show and ensuring everything goes swimmingly – and that ladies and gents, is why she’s the most in-demand PR in Sydney.

Fancy hearing Roxy chat about all things PR? ‘In Conversation With Roxy Jacenko’ is one of Australia’s most popular seminars, with tickets being more sought after than Roxy’s enviable blonde curls. For your chance to WIN a double pass to her February seminar, pop ‘why you’d love to attend Roxy’s seminar’ in the comment section at the bottom.  Winner will be responded to next Wednesday, January 24th and please note that the seminar is in QLD, Australia.

What motivates you?

My children, Pixie and Hunter definitely are my biggest motivation – I want to do my absolute best and continue succeeding for them.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Watching my team grow and evolve is one of the most rewarding things about my job. Seeing someone coming in as an intern and progressing to a publicist and beyond is a great feeling as an employer.

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What are the biggest mistakes you see other business owners doing?

Not checking their back end! It’s so important to manage money and resources effectively to keep growing and so many businesses focus on the flashiness and get caught up in the hype of success.

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If you could give an ambitious 17yo life/career advice, what would it be?

Do as much as you can for everyone you can. Whether it be family, friends, your boss or even your barista. You never know where you might need a favour or who you will cross paths with later on.

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What did you first buy when you started making serious dollars?

An Aston Martin. It was my pride and joy – I was always zipping around the streets of Woollahra in it! I loved it so much that I have even bought another… arriving in July.

Can you give us a few of your career highs?

Definitely publishing my three novels – Strictly Confidential, The Rumour Mill and The Spotlight. We have achieved so many amazing results for our clients but a recent activation on Bondi Beach with Chargrill Charlie’s [really stands out]. We gave out 500 branded Chargrill Charlie’s beach umbrellas on the hottest Summer day and everyone went absolutely mad! We still have people calling and asking for them today. The coverage was fantastic and seeing Bondi flooded with them was phenomenal.

What and where is on your bucket list?

Monte Carlo! The cars, the casinos, the food and the culture. It’s been on the list for a very long time.

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What beauty product or treatment can’t you live without?

Sante By Enjo Makeup Remover pads – they are the most amazing invention and remove all traces of makeup with just water! And they are good for the environment!

Who is your role model, and why?

My mum Doreen – she is an amazing business woman and I value her opinion in both life and business! She’s my go-to.

Best mum in the world 🌍 @doreenjacenko

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What are your non-negotiables in maintaining work/life balance?

For me – there is no such thing! As much as I try, running three businesses takes dedication and it’s a part of my life now. But of course, I dedicate my time to the children and family outings!

@seaworldaus visits with Chase and Marshall ❤️

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What qualities did/does your best employee have?

Hard-working, respectful and reliable. I value longevity and employees that want to grow the business as much as I do and treat it like their own.

I breathe down their neck, but I breathe down their neck to make sure they excel and grow as an employee and that they do the best they possibly can with their career.

If you only could give young women one piece of advice about life and their career, what would it be?

Work hard and show people you are enthusiastic and want to be there. Don’t be afraid to break the boundaries.

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Interviewed by Kelly McCarren

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27 thoughts on “Roxy Jacenko: The PR Mogul Dishes Secrets To Her Success”

  1. Why I’d love to attend Roxy’s seminar…
    Roxy is such an inspiring woman; to be able to run 3 successful businesses while also being a Mum to 2 kids, is an amazing feat; plus she managed to keep this up while coping with her husband’s absence, cancer, and still looked fabulous!
    I’m in the process of getting ready to start my own business now, and every time I feel like giving up, I look at Roxy’s instagram page for motivation – shows just how much one woman can achieve with a bit of determination!
    I’d love to hear her speak, glean any business and marketing tips she has to offer, and I’d also love to hear how she manages to juggle all her commitments so well, she must be an excellent multi-tasker!

  2. Why I’d love to attend Roxy’s seminar:
    She is such a boss! Tells it like it is with a never give up attitude. I have my own dreams of someday running my own business and she is who I look to for inspiration and the motivation to keep the dream alive.

  3. I’d love to attend Roxy’s seminar because she’s definitely someone I look up to as a strong female figure in business! Her “girl boss” attitude is super inspiring and makes me determined to get up and get shit done!

  4. I have followed Roxy on Instagram for so long now and I love everything about her. I can definitely say that I am hooked on the amazing content she constantly uploads. Her journey is truly inspiring. I would love to get the chance to hear her speak and give as many tips as possible 🙂

  5. I would love to win tickets to Roxy’s seminar as someone who wishes to run their own business one day, I cannot imagine a better person to receive advice from.

    A prolific woman in Australian business, Roxy has been breaking boundaries for over 14 years, and has proven success across multiple fields from PR to retail and beyond.

    Roxy has truly proven that you can have it all; a successful career, a beautiful family AND that you can look damn good while doing it!

    She is such an inspiration and it would be an amazing experience to learn her tricks of the trade direct from the woman herself.

  6. First things first (I’m the realest) thank you for not restricting me to 25 words *raises fist triumphantly*

    I currently work in marketing, am obsessed with all things fashion and beauty and would absolutely love to see Roxy at her seminar to take in everything she has to offer on success and all it takes to become the #GIRLBOSS she is! I’d love to eventually branch into the PR industry and have followed Roxy and the Sweaty Betty brand for years now.

    Of course I would love to actually meet Roxy and hopefully charm her into remembering me and seeing a place for me in the Sweaty Betty office space *one can dream* :’)

    All in all, I am like a sponge and I NEED to take in all the information and advice Roxy has to offer as I feel it would be extremely worthwhile and valuable for my career and general character building.

  7. Why I’d love to attend Roxy’s seminar:
    I would love to attend as I am a woman in my mid twenties – diving into a new and challenging industry with little to no experience – trying to create a successful brand that lasts and I need all the help I can get. Roxy is the epitome of a power house mogul and I would love to soak up all her tips/tricks and experience to further my career.

  8. Roxy is such an amazing, influential person, I want to learn much more about her story! I feel like attending her seminar would be the sort of encouragement and inspiration that I need in my life right now.

  9. Roxy is Fuh-Reaking fabulous! I would absolutely LOVE to attend the Qld Seminar. Her words, work ethic and out of the box thinking is ever inspiring. She is so completely motivating and a total babe to boot!

  10. What’s not to love about Roxy Jacenko?
    I purchased the seminar that was online to watch as I thought I would never be able to attend one in person. I had all intentions of going to the GC when I heard she was coming! But since then our plumbing business has been failing and our money situation is on more important things like paying the mortgage.
    Would be eternally grateful for tickets to give me some confidence going in to this year with some confidence and a boost moving forward. All the best to those who are entering this competition. 😉

  11. I would love to take what Roxy has learnt and bring it into the sporting industry where I work. In a field dominated by males I think we need a bit of the Roxy flair to help all aspiring women in sport and I would love to be apart of it.

  12. I would love to see Roxy’s seminar! I’m a final year Fashion Communication and PR student and would love to hear more about the ins and outs of my industry, particularly for the Australian audience. Who better to learn from then the Queen of PR herself!

  13. Why I’d love to attend Roxy’s seminar….. Easy! To learn!
    Learn about how she built her empire. How she handles her day to day business, her strategy’s and her achievements. How she continues to be so successful, She’s a young Lady and is treated with so much respect both in her field not to mention every other one! She’s not only created 3 successful business but she’s painted the way for working mums – something I admire!

  14. I’ve followed Roxy for many years and have always admired her for both her work ethic, her fitness and her style! I’d love to attend her seminar as I’m in my final year of university and want to go on to open my own business when I graduate. I think there is no better woman to learn from and be inspired by than Roxy. The fact that she can be a highly successful entrepreneur while raising two gorgeous children, fighting cancer, and in her husbands absence, just blows my mind away and is the reason I respect her so much!

    I’d love nothing more to attend her seminar to learn from the best of the best! She is proof that with hard work, perseverance, and dedication, you can achieve anything and earn your dream lifestyle!

  15. It would be a pleasure to attend her seminar at the gold coast because of the knowledge she brings and shares her experience with young entrenuprers. Roxy had come from humble beginnings and started working at McDonald’s when she was 14. I am a student studying public relations, and she provides students who are keen to get into the industry with an understanding of the hardships and successes running businesses. Roxy is successful because she has become her own personal brand which is a point of difference between her and other companies. It would be an honour to attend the seminar.

  16. Why I’d love to win.

    This seminar would be so valuable to me. I started my own business just over a year ago and money has been tight but it has been absolutely worth it for the freedom it will provide me with. Roxy is so inspirational with what she has created from scratch, I’d love to be given the opportunity to hear her speak and provide advice. Being a Mum also I am just in awe of how she truely seems to have figured out the dreaded work and life balance I need to know her secrets!

  17. Firstly, yes please 🤞
    I’ve been eyeing these tickets off for weeks but couldn’t bring myself to part with $288.46 right after Christmas.
    In Converstion with Roxy Jacenko is going to be held on the Gold Coast and quite literally just a short walk from my place so that’s a bonus.
    Thirdly, and the main reason is, we look up to women like Roxy and Jane from Showpo who are successful women inspiring other women.
    I would love to learn the tips, tricks and trade secrets in building a brand and integrating social media & PR.
    I have my fingers and toes crossed.
    Thank you.
    Chanel ❤️

  18. I Am a small business owner currently trying to build my brand for my hairsalon. I want to grow and build a team to provide them with the amazing opportunities I have been given. Attending this seminar would enable me to learn how to brand and market my salon and network with likeminded driven business owners. I am currently swamped with work (but love it all) as I do it all myself and would love to learn Roxys tips and tricks on how she runs so many successful businesses and still has an amazing life! I’m very passionate about growing other hairdressers to ensure everyone has AMAZING hair. Always looking for advice on business and this would be phenomenal. Thankyou ✨👸🏽

  19. Why do I want to attend Roxy’s seminar?

    To be honest this one’s more a question of ‘need’ than ‘want’ (just like my new Valentino flats) because business is my game and Roxy is the coach I’ve chosen to follow. I’m 24 and currently running two businesses (both of which could do with some of Roxy’s Tips and Tricks… hah!) whilst spending my spare time (jk, what is that?) working full time and finishing my second degree in Media & Communications (PR). This means I spend my days busily establishing my network, building my portfolio and developing my personal brand so that I might have a chance of standing out from my fellow grads… whilst at the same time grinding hard to support myself financially.

    2018 is the year I decided to take control of my journey and do exactly what I want to do – and attending Roxy’s seminar will give me the skills and insight I need to really go the distance. Touching back on the question of want vs need, I guess you could say that I want to do well in life and really kick ass as a girlboss, but to do that I’ll need to learn a lot from my coach through her seminar.
    Hit me up in future, Showpo! You’ll remember this name. ♡

  20. She is the ultimate cheerleader on all things life! 2018 is the year of strong female and I can’t think of a more daring and Caragious women then Roxy herself. The power and conviction in everything she says and does sets an amazing example for everyone that listens. Whether is business or motherhood she is fearce. There is a lot to learn from Roxy and I would like to be one of those lucky people x

  21. I have started a small beauty based business of my own upon moving to QLD and would love to get some tips off to business queen herself on how to get it up and running better so I’m a lot busier!

  22. I would love to attend Roxy’s seminar because it would be a great way to prepare and motivate myself before I start my new job. And a little trip to the Gold Coast is very welcome 😉

  23. She isn’t à magical or wonder women but she is a influencer. Every person out their has talent and skills to achieve something but most of them lack of determination and persistance like me, we give up after just few weeks and gets depressed might lead to divertion of goals. Roxy seemed to be leveraging her belief in herself, company and staff which made her successful moreover, I can see jane lu has similar principals as well all these individuals are mastering life with significance just not success hopefully, goals in our hearts ignites everyone foreva.

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