How To Revamp Your Workspace

Your surroundings can play a huge role when it comes to how you feel, how productive you are and just your overall mood. Think of it like this. You’d rather stay in a beautiful five-star hotel, than a dingy old motel with stained sheets and a broken bed. Why? Because your surroundings make you feel a certain way. The five-star hotel would make you feel happy and luxurious, clean and comfortable. The motel? Well, let’s just say it wouldn’t make you feel like that. The same goes with your workspace. Why would you want to have a dull and lifeless workspace, when you could make it inviting and enjoyable so you actually want to be there? I mean, having to get up and go to work is bad enough let alone getting there and hating your life because your environment sucks.

Now unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to have an office all to ourselves, but that’s ok.  Even if you just have a desk, small changes can make a huge difference. So here are our DIY tips to help improve your desk or office space, that don’t require an interior decorator or break the bank.

Revamping your desk…

#1 Plants

I know it seems so simple, but you’d be surprised at how many desks and works places I’ve been in that lack greenery. It’s so easy and affordable to pick up a cute little plant that will make the world of difference to a plain and lifeless desk. I suggest Bamboo or a succulent! They’re both very cute, quirky and easy to look after! But don’t just stick it in any old pot, be different and put it in a cute mug or jar. This will add an extra element of design and creativity to your space. You can however, opt for fresh flowers every week if you don’t mind the maintenance. But whatever you decide, the main message here is, greenery is key. You’ll be adding colour and life to your desk…literally. 

#2 Stationary organiser

If you’re an organised queen like me, then these are your best friends. Stationary organisers are not only practical (great for pens and papers) but can make a desk look clean, organised and chic. Depending on the colour of your desk and your computer, I would suggest black, white or rose gold.

#3 Accessories

Adding to the stationary organiser would be some accessories. These include the mouse pad, the mouse itself, keyboard/laptop cover, notepads and so on. These accessories work well if they match the stationary organiser, e.g rose gold organiser and a rose gold mouse pad. Tying everything together will make your space look clean and shows you actually care about the appearance of your work environment. 

#4 Candles

Now I know this one is super cliché and obvious, but candles are actually a great decoration for a desk. They not only look great but smell great too! You don’t even have to burn them all the time, just take the lid off (if it has one) and let the aroma fill the air.

#5 Fancy lamp

Now not all desks require a lamp because chances are you will be in an office will sufficient lighting. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t have one for looks. Desk lamps can make a huge difference to your desk space by way of its design and colour. Again, try tie it in with your accessories or on the other hand, you could make the lamp a feature e.g rose gold, and have your accessories plain such as white or black.

#6 Jug of water

Now this one might seem weird, but I’ve recently seen this in the workplace and I kind of like it. You fill up a jug of water and have a glass next to it and whenever you need a drink it’s there. Looks way better than a plastic water bottle and it’s a little fancy if I may say so myself. It promotes drinking lots of water which is always a good thing and I just really like the idea. You could have a fancy glass jug and a drinking glass to match on a cute coaster. So simple yet so effective and practical! Win, win. 

Revamping your office space…

#1 A mirror

Mirrors are a great decorative feature for any space that people often overlook. They don’t just have to serve the purpose of giving you your reflection. They can be hung on the wall as an art-piece to reflect the surroundings. Particularly if you have an office with a view, setting up the mirror in a position to reflect the view would be amazing. It can also make a space feel and appear larger than it is which is always nice.

#2 Whiteboard/corkboard

This is obviously practical, but can look very nice hanging on an office wall. I recommend the whiteboard/corkboard combo. I just think it looks better and serves more of a purpose than purely having one or the other for the entire board. Plus the more you write on it or pin things up, the more productive you look and you’ll instantly feel more organised, (or really stressed at how much you have to do). Either way, I think these are a great decorative tool that serves a purpose too.

#3 Wall calendar

A calendar for the wall is again both practical and can be a great feature, especially if it’s themed. For e.g, pictures of beautiful landscapes, animals or flowers are always a good option. So not only will you be able to jot down all your meetings and events, it will serve as a piece of artwork on your wall. Calenders are a total must have!

#4 Reed diffuser

I actually didn’t know what these were called I just referred to them as the sticks that smell nice. So don’t worry, chances are you know what they are, you just might not know the specific name. Reed diffusers are those little wooden sticks that sit in scented oil/perfume and make the room smell so beautiful! Not only can this be super relaxing, but just creates a feel good (and smelling good) space.

#5 Giant plant

So the idea of this is basically the same as the desk plant only 10x bigger! Like I said, greenery works so well in any space, particularly an office. You’re stuck in there for hours on end so it’s nice to be able to bring the outside in. This way you can at least be somewhat close to nature within your four wall confinement. Add a cute little watering can beside it and you’re good to go. Again, winning!

#6 A mini fridge

Now I know this one seems a little far-fetched but why not, I say? How cool would that be though, a mini fridge in your office? You could keep your lunch in there, cold water bottles, a few sneaky alcoholic beverages for those 4pm feels. The sky is the limit once you’ve got a mini fridge in your office. Go on, be a rebel. Do it!

Image belongs to Jasmine Dowling.

Words by Jacqui Feros.

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