How To Get Along With Your Boss

Manage your manager.

Let’s face it, getting along with your boss makes the difference between good times at work and hating Mondays. And if your relationship to date has been anything but great, it makes doing your job and getting ahead that little bit trickier. To help you navigate this all too common scenario, here’s a foolproof plan for a good relationship without having to kiss arse. 

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Understand how they like to work

If you want a stress-free time on the job, learn how your boss likes to get things done. Knowing how to approach everything from meetings, projects and discussions will lead to an easier time for you. If for example, you’ve noticed that they like written records of everything, pop important things in an email. If they’re a bit perkier at morning meetings, schedule any catch-ups first thing instead of later in the day. 

Demonstrate you’re trustworthy

One way to ruin your professional relationship with your boss is giving them a reason to distrust you. Avoid this by being the kind of person they can rely on and respect. If they know that you’re not someone they need to worry about, they’re more likely to be more amiable towards you. 

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Look at things from their perspective

There are times where your boss might be faced with issues you’re not aware of. By taking a step back and looking at situations from their point of view you could avoid unnecessary conflict or tension. In fact, recognising when they might need help and when they need to be left alone will help you navigate working with them overall.

Ask what you can do to help

Managers are guaranteed to have a lengthy to-do list. If you want to win over your boss, make their life easier by offering to help. This shows initiative and that you’re a team player which will no doubt help you win them over.

Seek feedback 

Taking the time to ask for feedback from your boss demonstrates self-awareness, maturity and that you take your job seriously. Giving your boss the chance to openly discuss your performance will give you the chance to find out what you can do to get them onside. This’ll come in when you’re discussing any potential pay increases in the future.


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Get to know them

One way to build a better relationship is to get to know your boss away from the employer-employee dynamic. Put in the effort to find out more about them. Try chatting to them in a more relaxed environment such as when you’re all sitting around for office birthday cake or at after work drinks. You may uncover that you have more in common than just breathing in the same office air. Having a personal connection creates a stronger relationship beyond just cordial hellos and goodbyes.

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