Why Every Business Needs PAWrental Leave

10 years ago, asking for time off to tend to your sick furbaby would have led to an abundance of eye-rolls and a resolute ‘absolutely not’ from your manager. In fact, even using the phrase ‘furbaby’ alone, would have confused your colleagues greatly.

But luckily, professional environments have evolved to realise that happy employees are good employees and nothing makes us happier than our pets. We’re waiting longer and longer to have human babies so for many of us, that maternal instinct carries across to our furry little babies.

The last few companies I’ve worked for have had ‘PAW’ (pets at work) policies that basically allow your pet to join you at the office as long as he or she won’t distract you and other team members too much. So basically, naughty little puppies should probs be trained before HR sees them scurrying around the office. I’ve seen a shittone of benefits working in PAW-friendly offices and the benefits aren’t just great for the staff member but the owners as well; I mean pet parents are more likely to stay back and work if they don’t need to bolt home to a stir-crazy schnauzer amirite!

In the last 6-months or so, Showpo has introduced more policies surrounding caring for our furbabies, most notably ‘PAWrental leave’, which allows employees to take 2 of their 10 personal days to care for their bubs. No more faking a sick day when a certain family member is under the weather!

Being able to stay home and care for my (now womb-less) munchkin was such a relief!

We’re also given paid days off when introducing a new family member, which is bloody outstanding as calling in ‘sick’ on a Monday after adopting a new puppy is about as obvious as calling in ‘sick’ after the office Christmas party.

So whether you’re an employer or employee, I encourage everyone to have a look at your pet policies. We’re spending more time at work than ever so we may as well enjoy TF out of being there!

Oh and while you’re here, go check out our petwear, it’s beyond cute!

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