7 Actions to Make Business Growth Your Top Priority in 2018

This is a LMBDW member submission by Brynley King.

To be successful in managing multiple tasks and many aspects of online business, it is super important to set a list of your top priorities for the year. I would highly recommend focusing intensely on tip one and two as the first most crucial task for 2018. In fact, print out an A4 piece of paper with tip one, and two printed on it, and stick it next to your computer screen to keep you on track! You will thank me at the end of the year when your email subscriber rate is flourishing, and you have thousands of leads to email market too.

1. Determine how you will monetise a new lead or subscriber once you have them! Two of the most common mistakes with email marketing are:

  • Brands and businesses fail to follow up with subscribers.
  • They send the same email to everyone on their list.

2. Set a goal to obtain 100 new subscribers every day. It’s a high goal, but setting big goals will help you push harder in 2018! You can start with developing a strategy first on how you will acquire new leads. That may include creating lead magnets like an eBook or resource library.

For tips three to six, this is what I action every year, and it helps set me up for growth and understanding of what to focus on for the year. If you clearly define you are weak at one aspect of your business, then use this time now to focus on how you will solve this issue and overcome it in 2018, so you can tackle the next weakness in your business and so on and so forth. The more problems you solve in your business, the more solutions you achieve, and the fewer hassles you have to deal with in the daily running of your business.

3. At the start of every year, review your business and complete a SWOT analysis for your business. This includes writing down your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and developing a strategy of how you will grow/harness your strengths and opportunities, and overcome/manage your weaknesses and threats.

4. To dive even deeper into the various moving parts of your business online, I would recommend creating a SWOT analysis for every topic in this blog post. For example, eCommerce, email marketing, video, SEO, content marketing, social media etc. That way you can access what needs growth and what problems you need to overcome in 2018.

5. Once you have done this, set simple KPI’s for each aspect of your business to keep you accountable and review your score at the end of every month. This year it’s all about accountability!

6. Use Microsoft OneNote for EVERYTHING! This should be a meme with a stick figure holding a pitchfork! Haha! Seriously though. Use OneNote for everything! I am going to post an in-depth blog about this in the coming months that will blow your mind! For now, download the software and phone app (it’s free!) and take a look at its functionality.

Lastly, tip number seven is a pretty obvious way to do business, but more common than not, I see too many company’s base decisions on opinion. Yes, scary stuff, but bad habits can often lead to poor decision making. For this tip, I recommend spending some time at the start of the year to understand your online data so you can efficiently analyse the results and strategically action tasks that reflect your DATA. Doing this will set your entire online ecosystem up for success and allow you to reach better results than ever before.

7. Let data drive your strategies and decision making. Pretty obvious way to do business, right? Yet so many directors and managers I see fail to do this. This year is all about letting data drive your strategy and decision making. Ensure you are researching and analysing the results of everything you are doing in marketing this year and tweak your results, not opinions!

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