Win Brownie Points With Your Bridesmaids

Make your wedding a bridezilla-free zone.

We’ve heard enough wedding horror stories to know that not all bridesmaids enjoy the experience of well, bridesmaiding. From being asked to lose weight or change their hair colour to forking out the equivalent of the cost of a small car to cover the cost of being a bridesmaid it’s not all fun and hen’s nights. So if you’re currently in bride mode, here are some simple things you can do to earn a five-star rating from your bridal party.

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Remember they’ve got lives.

While we’re sure your girls want to be right by your side through this entire process, don’t forget that they’re there to help you out, not be your indentured servants for the next few months. It’s totally cool to ask for help but it’s probably not realistic to expect them to give up every single weekend they have to do wedding related chores and activities. They too have lives to lead working/being with their family/watching Netflix so be nice and give them plenty of wedding-free time.

Keep your requests realistic.

Accompanying you dress shopping, looking at your Pinterest board for the millionth time and breaking down minute details of your wedding are all fair game for legit bridesmaid expectations. Demanding they lose weight or asking them to dye their hair all the same colour “for better photos” is probably not the kind of thing they signed up for.  

Don’t present them with an astronomical bridesmaid bill.

While getting married might be a once in a lifetime deal for you so no expenses are spared, it’s not the same for your bridesmaids so be mindful of this when choosing things like outfits and hen’s do activities. If you’re covering the cost of everything then, by all means, get what you want, but if you’re expecting your girls to contribute then you may have to keep things in check and not expect them to fork out four figures to buy a pair of Jimmy Choos to go with their dress.

Give them some input.

Going all dictator does not make for happy times for your bridesmaids. When it comes to choosing things like dresses and hairstyles, discuss it with them and allow them to voice their requests/opinions/objections so it doesn’t seem like you’re just barking orders. Ensuring it’s a collaborative process will allow the lead up to your big day to be a little more harmonious.

Bribe them with presents.

A little bribery doesn’t go astray, especially when it comes to bridesmaids who will have to do everything from finding enough penis straws and half decent strippers for your hen’s do; to helping you pee on your wedding day. A gift such as a small piece of jewellery to accompany their dresses to treating them all to a pamper session in the lead up to the big day goes a long way to keeping your girls happy.

Show gratitude.

Don’t underestimate the power of a thank you. Take the time to write your bridesmaids a proper thank you note; a text message just isn’t the same thing as actually writing something down. And don’t forget to do a shout out when it comes time for speeches at your reception. A little public acknowledgement is always well received!    


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