WIN The Ultimate Beach Kit

Get a 'photo shoot' looking pic while you're there too 😏

Have you ever looked at the imagery fashion brands release and wonder how the devil the models used have such ‘glowy’ skin? ESPECIALLY swim imagery where the model is just casually chillin’ next to some fancy AF pool coated in what can only be described as an illuminating sheen?



Well, I’VE always wondered and I know it ain’t sweat as I’m a VERY sweaty human and I don’t look like that chillin’ poolside (let’s just ignore the 20 extra kilos I carry too). It’s also not something that can be manufactured in photoshop post production as it’s clearly skin. SO HOW, HOW DO THEY HAVE SUCH DEWY LOOKING RIGS!

Turns out it’s a pretty simple answer really. I just needed to introduce the Photoskin Illuminating Body Gloss into my beauty arsenal. Complete trickery just the way I like it.

Really light and non-sticky, this premium oil spray will literally make your skin shimmer with the special added ‘gold dust’ that’s been mixed into the formula. So whenever you want a glowy decolletage, longer looking legs or just a general sheen, make sure you spritz some of this bad boy over you.

We’ve been using this stuff on our models for yonks (no, their skin doesn’t glow like that naturally) so we’re pretty bloody excited that we now stock it.

We’re also stocking the Tanning Oil (but don’t forget the sunscreen too!) and After Sun Oil, which smell AHMAHZING and are delicious to apply.

We’re giving YOU the chance to win a bottle of it for your glowy self, PLUS the other 2 tanning products in the range, PLUS any 2 items in our swim range. We’ve basically got your beach needs sorted! 


So comment below what you’re loving about the new blog and a random winner will be chosen next Tuesday afternoon!





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32 thoughts on “WIN The Ultimate Beach Kit”

  1. I can definitely imagine myself right how you described it, haha! But really, I’d to love to try on these products and project that fiercly glowing look right at the beach.

  2. Absolutely love the colors, style of the blog used. But what I love MOST is of course, the title and the content. I must point out how the titles are so clickbaiting. It might be just me but these are definitely things I like reading. Most of the time I would at one point stop reading, and just think about how I wasted a on of my time clicking into things that most of time don’t even match the titles. But here, it just makes me want ro read on and on. The best feeling to me is when the clickbait is worth it. No regrets. Especially love the way it is written. Used to be just insta and stories, but now the blog too 😂. Thanks to you guys and keep it up hehe! :3

  3. Loving that the new blog is super mobile friendly, relatable and hilarious! Can’t wait to see what more amazing content you guys come up with! xx

  4. I love the new blog because now I know how to get that radiating glow like the models, so bring on some mint photos looking like a truely bronzed beauty this summer!

  5. I literally just love everything about this blog. The realness (girls with big boobs article and also everything about eating way too much food), the comedy (bachelorette anyone?) and the fashion tips (ones that I can actually realistically apply to my life). However my favourite by far is anything that includes a video of Jane and the girls dancing 😂. I’ve always loved showpo (long time shopper with 5+ years experience) and this just makes you guys that much more unique! Keep being freakin awesome gals! ❤️

  6. I’m loving the spring and summer inspired posts as well as the tips to eat healthy. I love the skincare blogs and have learnt so much

  7. I love that the new blog has a unique look to it for its style as well as plenty of fantastic articles on beauty and fashion ready to read!

  8. I am honestly loving all the graphics and funky display led art that captures my eye and leads me to look and read all of your stuff!

  9. The new blog is super well-structured and has such a chic design! It’s super easy to find what you’re looking for, and the blog offers so many helpful hints for so many things!

  10. Love how real you are. The way you right and connect with people. Love alll the lovely images and topics. Thanks for being inspirational xxx

  11. I’m in love with this new blog 😍 I hope Showpo will be able to take the world by storm and have some shops as well! 🔥

  12. I love how relatable the blog is! I am at the pool all the time and I always look sweaty and gross so yes I’m jealous of how flawless the models always look😂

  13. Your blog basically combines my two favorite things together – online shopping for cute clothes and funny relatable blog posts 💕

  14. Loving all the different types of tips and topics! Especially love the laid back feel of the blogs and each article post.

  15. I am in love with the new blog. I love reading blogs in my free time. What I specifically like about this blog is how chatty it is and I feel so engaged. It’s also super unique xxx

  16. I am loving the new blog and how on point you are with keeping up with the latest trends and news. The layout is also very pretty. xx

  17. Was really loving the Showpo videos of all the styles, tutorials and tips! But I’m absolutely loving the accessibility of the blog especially as I’m on the go a lot! Great content, interesting and relatable reads. I’ve been searching for the perfect swimwear before summer hits too! Yay! xx

  18. Was really loving the Showpo videos of all the style, tutorials and tips. But I absolutely love the accessibility of the blog especially as I’m always on the go. Great content, interesting and relatable reads. I’ve been looking for the perfect swimwear before summer hits too! Yay! xx

  19. I’m currently loving the new Glam-o-ween makeup tutorials! They’re such good ideas and fun to read! Watching them on YouTube as well!

  20. I absolutely love your company and your blog! I especially love all of the makeup tutorials! They’re easy to follow, showcase new trends, and always give me a good laugh 😆

  21. Hi, I’m lexi I am a little new to showpo but I love everything about it! I follow it on all social media’s and have already made many purchases! I just recently started looking at the blogs and I love them! I really want more showpo items soon! Thanks showpo! 🙂 💗

  22. The new blo is super easy to use, it adapts perfectly to my phone,computer or tablet. Besides I’ve always loved the content that you post , but now it kinda feels like more personal like it’s talking to me.

  23. The blog is so aesthetically pleasing and empowering 💪🏿 Absolutely LOVE this swimwear line. Can’t wait to rock swimsuit season in Showpo

  24. I am a huge lover of showpo and find your new blog so aesthetic and helpful. I would love to rock some showpo swimwear!! Xoxo

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