WIN BOTH Jeffree Star Liquid Lip Bundles

Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks really do have one of the best formulas I’ve tried. They don’t get flakey on your lips, the colour pigment is smooth and intense AF, AND they last on your pout for yonks.

One of the things I hate about buying any lip product, is that I have never (and I mean literally never in my life) finished a lip product. Except for balm, obvs. It just seems like such a waste! I buy a hot new nude and am really loving it, but then another is released with a slightly different undertone so I get equally as excited and buy the fancy new one and then the old one is forgotten like a sad sock on his lonesome in my undies drawer. *deep breath 

And then some clever little monkey invented mini versions of lip products and then the Jeffree Star team created their own mini lip products and I rejoiced.

The JS bundle kits both contain 8 iconic shades in (you guessed it) mini sizes, so you get to try out a bunch of shades without committing to purchasing the full-sized versions. The original kit houses an array of chic nudes, in a bunch of undertones, with a few softer pinks and mauves thrown in for ‘crazy’ days. The newest release contains a hella lot of sass, with bright pops of pinks and reds for our fiercer foxes out there.

In AUD they retail for $85, which is actually pretty dec if you ask me, as that’s about $10.60 per prod. Not too shabby.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Mini Nude Bundle


Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Mini Red & Pink Bundle

WIN both complete sets (you could give one to your bestie.. or just keep it for yourself 😉) by commenting below what your all-time fave Jeffree Star liquid lip shade is! If you’ve never tried one, fear not! Just have a geez at my swatches above (and excuse my hairy arms) and pick your fave shade. Competition finishes next Sunday at 8pm (AEST) and the winner will be chosen on Monday morning. Check back here on Monday to see if you won, but I will, of course, email you directly too 😘😘


Thank you so much to everyone that entered, we’ll be sure to do another comp soon! I had to choose this one because I actually burst out laughing 😂🤷

Note on swatches: swatched on dry, clean skin. Shot on iPhone in natural light – skin tone is fair. 


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726 thoughts on “WIN BOTH Jeffree Star Liquid Lip Bundles”

    1. My favorite shade is Gemini. The terra-cotta warm-toned finish of this shade is perfect to finish off any make-up looks that i create. Love it as it also works for a variety of skin tones, so this shade is for everyone. Most importantly it’s CRUELTY free, paraben and gluten free as well.

  1. Gemini – My sign of course and it’s a lovely color!! Never tried it before but I always go for the same shades on my lips and this looks about perfect

  2. My favourite is celebrity skin, it’s the only one I have and would really love to try the rest of them ❤️💄

  3. My absolute fav shade is ‘rose matter’. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a tanned skin. The subtile, still colourful shade matches percectly! I’d looooove to win so I can mix & match the other shapes this summer :-).

  4. Unicorn Blood is my go to night out and casual everyday to give an extra little pop of colour to every outfit.

  5. I have never tried them but have watched so many beauty gurus using them and Mannequin is my favourite it looks good on everyone

  6. My favourite Jefree Star liquid lipstick shade definitely has to be Gemini i love the subtle blush pink tones and it goes with almost every outfit or makeup look!

  7. It is difficult to choose between such amazing shades but Gemini is gold pure gold ❤️❤️ I want to win this ..I am in love with Jeffree star liquid lip bundles…I just want this shades in my life

  8. It is difficult to choose between such amazing shades but gemini is gold pure gold ❤️❤️I want to win this…I am in love with Jeffree star liquid lip bundles….I just want this shades in my life

  9. My favourite lip shade is “Gemini”. Goes with everything, is the perfect colour! I’ve only borrowed my friends! would love to have my own collection 😍

  10. I haven’t tried Jeffree Star’s lipsticks before but I love the colour of rose matter. How gorgeous is it!! 😍💗

  11. My favourite shade is mannequin. Love the nude pinky shades especially in the summer time and I think this is the best one for my skin type and suits me the best.

  12. It’s not in either of the sets but pussy whipped is my favourite lippy from JS! I never thought a gold could be wearable but damn I love it so much!

  13. My favourite colour is Prom Night!!! I love a lip colour that makes a bold statement so this shade is always my go to for any night out!

  14. My favorite is definitely •SKIN TIGHT• it’s just so beautiful 💖🌿 MANNEQUIN IS ALSO 😍

  15. Mannequin for sure!
    It’s such a perfect colour for any occasion! It’s light enough to be worn during the day to a casual lunch. But it’s also dark enough to wear out to a cute dinner date or a night out with the girls! This shade would definitely not go to waste!

  16. Celebrity Skin! Goes with every makeup look no matter what, goes with every outfit and perfect for every season of the year. Will forever be my go to colour, you just can’t go wrong! 😍

  17. Androgyny is my absolute fav – such a pretty shade that’s also different enough to stand out 🔥

  18. I’ve never actually tried any of them before although I’ve always wanted too! I love the looks of adrogyny or celebrity skin 😍

  19. Gemini, for sure! Such a classic neutral but fun shade. But then again, so is Mannequin, and Rose Matter – seriously, how can I be expected to pick only one favourite?! Help!

  20. My all time favourite shade is velour!!! I would love nothing more than to give the nude shades to my mum and have those dark lip beauties for myself! I need this in my life ASAP, it’s impossible to find a good brand that looks good on girls with smaller lips as well! I hope I win ☺️❤️

  21. I’m in love with the shade leo and celebrity skin! I only have 1 jeffree liquid lips (unicorn blood) but its my absolute favourite! Would love to add these to my collection 😍😍😍

  22. Leo is definitely my fav! I wore it to my year 12 formal many years ago and haven’t found a better formula since ! The colour makes me feel bad ass and I can’t live without it ❤️🔥🔥

  23. My favourite colour is Gemini! It is the perfect shade for my skin tone and hair and looks absolutely beautiful no matter what the occasion is 💕🌷

  24. Rose matter like wow it is an BEAUTIFUL collor such an pretty shade. It is diffeent then the collors girls wear in this city so it will stand out for sure. It fits by every outfit i wear and i can probably wear it by it self without any oder kind of make up and ofcourse with any kind of make up.💫😍💕

  25. Gemini for a Gemini! In love with that shade and also with all the others! Seems like a perfect lip kits for me! 💋

  26. Mannequin is the perfect nude for me! Literally goes with every look so it’s definitely my favourite shade.

  27. My absolute fave is Gemini! As a proud Gemini this shade compliments my skin tone ah-mazingly!💕

  28. Celebrity skin! Won’t go on a night out or even shopping with out it 😂 always has a place in my purse, actually used it when I did a formal makeup and she loved it! 😍😍😍😍

    Would really help my on the side job of formal makes up to have these ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  29. The shade ‘mannequin’ is my favourite shade as I feel this colour coordinates with any makeup look !

  30. My fave colour is Celebrity Skin! There is a reason it is his best seller! It’s absolutely stunning & I feel like it compliments everyone!!

  31. Anna Nicole!! Recently got really interested in make up because of Jeffree. His products really seem to be good quality. Would love to win so I could spoil my friends as well! ❤

  32. Watermelon soda would be my go to! It would brighten up any outfit and make me feel confident every day! 🙌🏼💕

  33. 😍 DOLL PARTS 💋
    I started out typing one of the nude shades (which I typically go for because I never think I could pull off a bolder/more sultry look), but I think this line is all about being brave and confident in yourself, so I’m embracing that and going with DOLL PARTS!

  34. Celebrity skin!!!

    So cute that I used to get asked about it all the time – you know it must be nice when someone steals it out of your bag! 😐

  35. The shade Anna Nicole is the most perfect red colour for every occasion; when you’re feeling lazy and only want a basic look with a pop of colour or for a night out to really make a statement.. Just a perfect colour!

  36. Unicorn Blood would be my go to! It will brighten up even the simplest outfit. Unicorn Blood just add the right amount of spice to the outfit ❤❤

  37. I have too many faves!!!! Love them all so much!! Celeb skin, red rum & wifey are the tops if I had to choose! Jeffree Star is such an inspiration, those snaps get me up in the morning ❤️❤️

  38. Gemini is my all time favourite because it’s a nude but it has just enough color to make it colourful too.

  39. Posh spice – I dunno if it’s the name that I’m inlove with or the fact I can see this colour working with everything 👌🏼

  40. Gemini !! It’s the perfect colour for literally anything! I can wear some many different eye looks and it always looks bomb! It’s the first shade I tried and no other colour has come close to it yet!

  41. My absolute favourite is either celebrity skin, or family jewels. I love love love a pink based nude shade.

  42. I really love the colour Wifey, Gemini and Unicorn blood all the colours are absolutely beautiful but these colours stood out to me. These lipsticks look absolutely beautiful I’ve tried them once’s when I got my make up done and the lipstick stayed on for a long time and made my lips look beautiful 😍💕

  43. I love a good nude lipstick and the Nude Bundle looks amazing but I have to say I am so drawn to ‘Anna Nicole’ and ‘Watermellon Soda’ I would be so excited to try those out! ❤️

  44. Would be very appreciative to win, I have never bought or used any of Jeffrees liquid lipsticks and would be very excited to try them out! My favourite would be mannequin, I love the colour, perfect nude :)❤️❤️

  45. my favourite lip shade is definitely watermelon sosa, the colour is poppin!! so outgoing and would accentuate my lips

  46. I really like celebrity skin, it can go with anything but also be the statement you want to make yourself pop

  47. My fave is Celebrity Skin! I’ve never tried any of those lipsticks because I live in Belgium and it’s rare to find these. But they all look stunning. Thanks for the opportunity 😍

  48. Wifey is absolutely amazing ! I’m totally in love of Jeffree Star Liquid Lip Bundles 😍😍 I’m French and I didn’t know this brand before discovering Showpo and I love both of these brands. Fingers crossed !

  49. My favourite shade is definitely skin tight! It looks super wearable for day-to-day and looks like the perfect nude for my skin tone

  50. I don’t own any so at a guess, my favourite shade would be ‘Mannequin’, looks like an amazing nude. Can’t wait to try them!

  51. My absolute go-to is Androgyny!!! I can’t tell you how much i love this versatile liquid lipstick, I always get so many compliments on it and it’s one of the only lighter colours that doesn’t wash me out completely that I wear on a daily. I’m completely in love with this formula and I would be super grateful to get the opportunity to try out all these amazing shades *insert heart eye emojis here*.
    Yikes this has given me heavy breathing LOL

  52. SKIN TIGHT 💕
    Absolute fave, perfect for day to day wear or paired with a more bold eye look. Love love love.

  53. I LIVEEEE for ‘Mannequin’ for a cute nudge colour and ADOREEEE ‘Wifey’ 💛💛💛😘😘😘

  54. I LOVE Gemini and it’s versatility. It is so flattering on ALL skin tones: pasty white Casper like me, all the way to the darkest of bronzed babes. 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿💁🏻💁🏼💁🏽‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💁🏿

  55. I love Mannequin and Rose Matter for a Nude lips, but I have to say that Unicorn Blood is probably the most flattering red shade! Would love to take this home ❤️🖤

  56. Gemini is an absolute gem! It’s super creamy, as well as being the perfect mixture of berry and wood tones to take you through autumn and winter! You can even have (ESSENTIAL) winter photo shoots with this lippy without the fear that the slightest bit of wind will create a glue between your gorgeous lip colour and your hair! A fab winter fave! 💕💕

  57. Mannequin for sure! For a lippy newbie like me, I think it’s a really good colour to start with. It’s not boring but it’s not to bright to begin with! Calabasas second as well as it’s so pretty 😍

    Just got my braces off and I LOVE that I can finally wear these amazing bold shades ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. Never really tried any type of liquid lip and watermelon soda definetaly seems like a pretty good choice. I hope my bestie of 13 years enjoys these kinds products cause they’re going straight to her! I really like the creative name involving yummy fruits since i’m obsessed with actual watermelons 😂

  60. My absolute favourite is Androgyny
    I’ve never been a real lipstick person until my mum gave me this nude lipstick and I could never find the same colour because they stopped making that brand then I found Jeffree star lipstick and it was amazing! Gives me so much confidence in myself when I put it on ended up buying every single one of my favorites which was about 9

  61. Love that deep wine color of Wifey! Really is a great compliment for us pale ghosts out there; got those jewel undertones that don’t wash us out! 👌🏼

  62. I LOVE androgyny!!! It took me forever to pick a shade because I wanted something versatile enough to use for every situation. In the end, I chose androgyny becaus of how hothouse it is and how I can make the lipstick the star of my whole look depending on how I dress myself

  63. Redrum is definitely my favourite shade. Perfect tone of pink/red; absolutely gorgeous. I think it will give a warmth to any outfit and a touch of classiness, perfect to wear on a date night with the hubby 😀

  64. Haven’t tried any of them but all the colours look so gorgeous❤️but if I had to choose one it would be Leo ❤️

  65. Always wanted to try Jeffres stars products but never had the money but I’m really liking wifey, such a cool colour

  66. Definitely mannequin!! I love the shade so much I can’t bear to wear it too much since it’s always sold out everywhere! Have to preserve the goodness.

  67. Skin tight looks so goood😍 Jeffree Star is love and his makeup range looks rad but these are unaffordable for someone like me… I would absolutely be ecstatic if i could win them😭💝

  68. My name is Anna and i think that for me the best would be Anna Nicole. It looks absolutely amazing ❤ i’m in Love

  69. Skin tight definitely!!! It makes my lips look so natural. Would love to win this and keep the nude shades and give my mom (maybe sister) the colors! 😍

  70. OH MY GOD! I absolutely love Jeffree Star! 😍 He’s my spirit animal lol ❤️😂
    Redrum and Anna Nicole are definitely my favourites. 🔥 These colours make a fabulous statement! I’d love to win them! ❤️❤️❤️

  71. I think my favorite is the watermelon soda, as it seems like an unique colour, kinda playful but not to showy. But like most ladies over here, i have to say that i love them all! I also like to use this message to say that i reaallly love Showpo.. i keep stalking your instagram (also @thelazyceo) and scrolling to your website ❣️🍉

  72. “Weirdo” for sure! Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a decent black lip & “Weirdo” just works!! All my friends get super jealous whenever I’m that weirdo rock’n “Weirdo” lol

  73. Nudes are my favorite and Mannequin is the perfect shade especially for my pale complexion. Just wish I could do my makeup half as good as Jeffree Star 😍

  74. Leo! im a Leo myself and I just love the darker shade! I have dark hair and pale skin do I always feel like those darker natural ones look good on me 🙂 also who doesn’t like to have the power of a Leo with them!

  75. How do you even pick just ONE?! Such a great formula! If I had to pick, I’d have to say the Limited Edition shade “I’m Shook”; but Androgyny a close second! Would be so incredible to have this whole collection!

  76. I am totally and utterly INLOVE with wifey😍 I love how this shade brings out a serious redbess to the lip but at the same time it brings out that special type of wow and the fun that comes with wearing a red lippy! I love how Wifey helps to define a bold person and i think it is the most amazing colour (although all of Jefree Star’s colours are🔥🔥, am I right or what?😍😩) I hope to be blessed with these two AMAZING lip bundles, because what would be better?😍😍❣️

  77. I LOVE watermalon soda and mannequin!!! Totally my favourite colours of all time, and watermalon soda especialy for summer🍉☀️🌸

  78. Until I tried this collection I would have said mannequin, but my sister bought me the nude mini collection and I’m in love with Leo 😍. I would love to be able to give her the nude set as a thank you :).

  79. All time favorite is celebrity skin, the perfect everyday shade! I’m my third tube and that’s almost gone🙀

  80. I have never tried these lip colors BUT they all look so amazing! Watermelon soda looks like something I would wear! I’d love to try 😍

  81. Androgyny 😍 this shade is perfection if you’re tan or beige skin tones!!! Jeffrey Star lippies just go on so smoothly too ☺️

  82. ✨It would suit me the “skin tight”. First time seeing them, they look totally a full bundle of joy😍 Shout out to Jeffrey for this gorgeous creation!

  83. Oh man! Tough decision, but Mannequin from the Mini Nude Bundle is my favorite. Can’t go wrong with a beautiful nude. 😍😍😍

  84. I’d have to say Gemini! 👯‍♀️ It’s such a pretty pink color (and I loooveee pink!) 💄and it’s nice and cool toned which fits my skin tone perfectly.💕

  85. Celebrity skin is definitely my all time favorite nudes and who can resist the beauty of unicorn blood ?!?! Bold red. Both color just screaming sexy 😍

  86. Doll Parts is an amazing pink! It brings out the green in my eyes and it photographs amazing! I receive so many compliments whenever I wear this color! Would recommend, its a perfect cool-toned pink!

  87. Mannequin and rose matter are absolutely gorgeous. In fact, it’s quite hard to choose a favourite when you’ve so many perfect shades in front of your eyes. I’m sure that using those shades will get me extra brownie points when I’m on dates and parties.😏 Just love the shades, good job out there.😍

  88. I love the prom night it’s that pureffect girly pink that’s just not to much and perfect for summer time.

  89. Well I can’t choose one of all the nudes! The whole series is incredible! I Love them all! I keep having to borrow them off my friend as I’m a broke student 🙁

  90. Wifey looks gorgeous for my skin tone, nevr tried his lipsticks bt wuld love to try all these beautiful shades

  91. My favorite shade is Gemini. The terra-cotta warm-toned finish of this shade is perfect to finish off any make-up looks that i create. Love it as it also works for a variety of skin tones, so this shade is for everyone. Most importantly it’s CRUELTY free, paraben and gluten free as well.

  92. Skin Tight! Looks a bit pinker than a normal nude which would be perfect for my already pink skin tone 😍

  93. Definitelly red rum❤️ It is my all time favourite! Its the brightest and the most perfect red I have ever seen! And sooo clasy! Could use every day forever ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Androgyny is my suuuuuuperfaaaav 😻😻😻😻😻but They’re all so cute and omggggggggg”deeeeep breath”

  95. Gemini looks AMAZING! I am a Gemini too which just makes this beautiful shade even more appealing! So gorgeous!

  96. My favourite shade is Celebrity Skin! The perfect nude for any occasion 😍 They’re so creamy and easy to apply!

  97. My favourite shade has got to be a mix between Anna Nicole or wifey because I love my reds and my pinks. These are my go to colours as well as other dark colours because they make my face really pop and make my eyes stand out. ♥️♥️😍 but I do love all nude shades especially if they’re jeffree star liquid lipsticks. Love you jeffree!! ♥️♥️👏

  98. Celebrity slim is the perfect shade. Goes with pretty much every look and is soo smooth and amazing 🙌💗

  99. Androgyny!! Was one of the first high end makeup products I brought myself when starting out my makeup career. As I was basically poor I had to save up ages just to buy one lip product! Androgyny will always be my favourite not only because it’s a beautiful shade (and looks bomb on) but also because it holds a special place in my heart and reminds me of of where I came from and how far I have come. Having the hole collection would be amazing, best of luck to all ✨

  100. My all-time favourite Jeffree Star liquid lip shade is GEMINI!!! 💗💗 it can be good on a night out or lunch date with my friends ☺️

  101. I love the shade celebrity skin! It’s a perfect muted rose-nude that gives Mac’s cult lipstick velvet teddy a run for its money 😜

  102. I love celebrity skin! I havent tried any of them, but I am really exited to have a chance for it! ❤️❤️

  103. I’ve never tried JefreeStar’s lipsticks, however, I thonk Mannequin would be my all tike favourite 😍❤️🔥💄👄

  104. I’ve never tried one; but celebrity skin looks good! I’d love to win because I’ve heard so many good things about Jeffery star 😍

  105. Unicorn Blood is my all time favourite! I love all of the shades but we all have that one fav that’s just like woah I’m in love 😻

  106. I’ve never had the chance to try these beautiful lip sticks, I’ve always wanted to but never have the money 😩 skin tight & mannequin look like amazing everyday nudes for my fair skin colour. Will keep my fingers crossed 🤞🏼 I never win anything so this would probably make me cry 😂

  107. Love love love Gemini for sure!! It goes with every outfit and looks beautiful on nearly every skin tone! Also a huge fan of unicorn blood, I feel so powerful and confident when I wear it! I need to invest in new ones of both of those!

  108. P O S H . S P I C E 100% there is not a shade that compares on the market. It’s literally it’s own color. A class of its own. The perfect greige. 🙌🏼⭐️✖️

  109. Skin tight. Would be amazing to have I think I own like three lippies to my name, so would dead if I got my hands on this beauty’s. Love xx

  110. To be honest I’ve never tried his lip products, but I have bought androgyny and saggatarius for my best friend. She absolutely LOVES them and LOVES Jeffree Star. This would be amazing because she’s working very hard in nursing school and could use a nice pick-me-up. (Makeup is her escape from the stress of school!) Although I haven’t tried his colors, I love showpo and just received my first order! ❤️

  111. To be honest I’ve never tried his lip products, but I have bought androgyny and saggatarius for my best friend. She absolutely LOVES them and LOVES Jeffree Star. This would be amazing because she’s working very hard in nursing school and could use a nice pick-me-up. (Makeup is her escape from the stress of school!) Although I haven’t tried his colors, I love showpo and just received my first order! ❤️❤️🙏🙏

  112. Leo 🦁 it’s not typically a colour I would go for, but definitely have been loving it. It’s natural yet bold, perfect for transitioning from day to night and looking like the girl boss I am 💪🏼😍

  113. I absolutely love the shade Mannequin! It complements my skin tone so well and I love all of the Jeffree Star products sooooo much!!! 💞💄

  114. Ohhhhh Mannequin looks so gorgeous and elegant, although all the shades are so exquisite and I would love, love, LOVE to try them all 😍😍😍😍

  115. Mannequin is my fav for sure, JS are the best 🎉😍❤️💞
    So excited for thi!!

  116. My all time favourite shade is Celebrity Skin, it is the perfect nude for me and it smells just like a Rootbeer float <3.

  117. Mannequin.
    Because it matches so well with my skin tone and you can pair it with whatever type or colour clothes you wear. Such a versatile shade. Just gives you that chic edge without the expense of looking over the top. Rocking!

  118. Gemini⭐ and Redrum😍. That’s two are my fave, the color its incredible!!! I really really love them

  119. My all time favourite is skin tight. I don’t own it but have used my friends. I love natural but noticeable colours of that makes sense aha 😍💋

  120. I love Gemini but all are seriously gorgeous!! Thank you so much for doing this contest ❤️💕❤️

  121. Skin Tight and Mannequin! 😍😍😍 Both just such beautiful shades in the best formula! ❤️

  122. As a fairly new working woman Celebrity Skin is my favourite! Perfect for any situation. Every time I use it I feel confident to face any challenge. Now let me try the other ones! ;D

  123. Celebrity skin and posh spice will always take the cake for me! Love love love Jeffree Star, a make up look is never complete without them.

  124. My absolute favourite is androgyny, whenever I’m doing my face up, for work or going out I wear this lip colour. Absolutely love Jeffery Star Liquid Lips 👄 💄♥️

  125. Androgyny for sure! Sometimes it can be a bit too much on my lighter skin so i mix in a little bit of leo or mannequin

  126. Calabasas! And I have been dying to get these palettes for so long, my friend’s birthday is coming up and she is OBSESSED with make-up, she literally has the most perfect lips as well, she’d look great in these!!

  127. Absolutely love every shade from both sets and I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to pick my favourite but I think I’ve managed to narrow it down to either Mannequin or Celebrity Skin. They’re both such elegant colours! But every shade of Jeffree Star’s has so much personality and they all rock!! 😍🤩🖤

  128. I love mannequin its a perfect nude shade for my skin tone . This would be amazing to win im completely obsessed with these.

  129. Unicorn Blood is FLAWLESS! I wore it for a night out with my girlfriends paired with a black winged eyeliner and not only did it make me feel absolutely gorgeous but also, when I got home in the morning it still looked great. Best dark red lipstick ever!