Secrets From A Former Beauty Editor

From skincare to eyeliner, after 5 years as a beauty ed, I picked up my fair share of tips. Here are my faves!

Make sure you bring eyeliner up from the bottom of your eye as well as the top…

No, we’re not talking about a 90’s style waterline look here before you recoil in horror. The great Rae Morris, one of Australia’s most experienced makeup artists, taught me the incredible face-shifting benefits of making your eye ‘phi’. The theory comes from shaping your eye into a ‘universally appealing’ shape which requires lifting with a liner from the bottom. As a fiend for winged liner, I like to use kohl, starting from the inner corner of my lower lid, drawing up. You then wing out from the top, joining it with the bottom and filling in between. If winged liner isn’t your thing, you can also create the illusion of this eye shape with neutral eyeshadows for a more natural look. Look it up, it’s a game changer!

Making your blush fit your cheeks will make your face look thinner and save you from looking like an elderly drag queen…

Another tip from Morris (she really is a wealth of knowledge) is to make sure you’re not applying your blush with a brush that’s too big for your face. A touch of colour to the apples of your cheeks will make you look healthy and fresh while an oversized circle will drag down your entire face, ageing you a good few years. This is usually the opposite effect we’re after when we’re a little (or a lot) hungover and want to add some colour back onto our face.

Need a new blush? We’ve reviewed a bunch here.

Anti-frizz sheets are one of the greatest inventions ever but dryer sheets will do the exact same thing…

Smooth them on the crown of your head to forever nix those annoying flyaways. Keep a couple in your bag all winter long for the unfortunate times you get stuck in a torrential downpour or wind tunnel. Total life saver!

If you’re not using drying drops when painting your nails, then what the hell are you doing with your life…

Not sure about you but I find nothing more frustrating than waiting for nail polish to dry. While applying these miracle ‘dry drops’ to your nails sounds like it’s just going to mess things up, it’s actually an incredible product that will half the dry time and totally takes away the risk of smudging when you throw your hand into your handbag that little too quickly.

Cellulite creams sounds too good to be true and they are…

Really sorry for this one girl, but IMO it’s an important thing to know so you don’t waste your hard-earned cash. Instead, go for scrubs that will exfoliate dead skin (which makes the appearance of cellulite worse) and invigorate the skin’s surface with caffeine. Rubbing fake tan vigorously into the affected areas will also aid in lessening the appearance according to Kim Kardashian’s spray tanner, Jimmy Coco, as it disperses more of the product on the area making the coverage deeper and darker.  

Read more about cellulite here.

There is no need to buy a fake tan for your face…

As a longtime lover of deep fake tan I’ve always used it straight on my face. If you’re really worried about it being too dark (or blocking your pores) mix it with a bit of your facial moisturiser to tone it down a few shades.

If you can only afford to splurge on one product, make it serum…

Expensive products are often filled with amazing ingredients (although a lot of the time so are cheap ones) but serums usually feature more concentrated doses of the miracle elements they stake their claims on. Serums are also formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin and therefore their ingredients will get to work quickly and more effectively than your typical moisturizing cream.

While you’re at it, don’t trust any retinol or vitamin C product that isn’t in airtight packaging… 

Both of these ingredients are unstable which means their effectiveness will take a real dive as soon as they are exposed to light or air. That product you paid your hard-earned cash for is suddenly virtually useless as the active ingredients are now breaking down and are nowhere near as potent as they once were. They’ll keep expiring from there!


Secrets by Cassidy Loane

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