REVIEW: Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette

The thirst for these shades is real... 🤤


The matte shades don’t actually swatch that well on skin, so they’re not an accurate representation of how they look on your lids. I’ve pointed out my fave shades from the palette, those creamy shimmers give me life swatched. 🙌



  • Unique colours.
  • Intense AF shimmers that blend like a dream.
  • Buildable pigment.


  • Although the shades work out to be about $5 each, that’s only if you’re planning on using all of the colours. If you’re only planning on using a few, it works out a bit $$$.
  • Not as pigmented as in the pan, needs to be built up a fair bit for an intense colour payoff.
  • Fall-out so do your eyes before your base.


I think that expecting high-pigment shades not to have colour fall-out is delusional. So although I put it on the ‘cons’ list, I wouldn’t say it’s a con exactly, I just know people whine about that sort of thing. I think the shimmers are really random and unnecessary but love the bolds sick, I just wish the whole palette was bold! They are such cool shades and I love the eye looks you can create with them, perfect for summer – will be coming to Europe with me for sure!


Right here 😎


Reviewed by Kelly McCarren. 



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57 thoughts on “REVIEW: Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette”

  1. I have legit been putting this pallet in my cart on your website and then exiting cause I’m so poor atm 😂😂 I love the colour scheme of this pallet and i would use the crap ouf it, i love makeup ❤❤❤ i love the look you created with it 🙌🙌 ah – mazing

  2. Obsessed with these colours and the shimmers look so stunning! Definitely colours I would prefer to wear

  3. Such a helpful review !! Would really love to win this pallete, super stunning colours & could create so many gorg looks with it ! 😍😍

  4. So obsessed with the color combination. Loooks fab. The colours are unique ofc and the shimmer loooks damn good. Love it love it💕
    Would definitely complete the look. Just amazing

  5. Wow such stunning colours ! Love love love this pallete 😍😍 needddd it in my collection right now !!

  6. Those shimmers are to die for <3 jeffree’s just casually knocking it out of the park again with this palette

  7. I like the colors and I like it because it gives like the summer vibes look and It’s like a glowing color on your eyebrows so yah I like it very much !! not like but I mean LOVEEEE😊😍💖💖

  8. The colors look so fresh and different! Totally something I dont have already and would love to play around with!

  9. I feel like we are moving away from the burnt colors this season to go into more blueish tones. I love that! Also the yellows are so summery! Love this combo of colors!

  10. Love the look of these shades and they look so pigmented. It definitely looks like a palette you can try different things with.

  11. I have nothing like those blues in any of my palettes. They’re seriously something else and I need them on my eyelids

  12. Since i’m a big fan of jeffree star it would be amazing if i won this palette because i can’t afford it and if i do shipping would be huge 😂 love from lebanon ❤
    Love you showpo 😘

  13. My brain “🎼 you take take take it all but you never give ” 🎼my wallet is empty 💸💸from ordering the blood 💉sugar 🍬palette, now I Am drooling 🤤 for this thirsty palette 🎨 😍

  14. Hiiii just wanted to say that I found your review to be very useful you didn’t go around the truth about how the palette performs. Straight forward you told us the truth behind the shadows and the whole palette. Thank you really really useful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. That pop of under eye colour on you is giving me life!!! Could pay you to do my makeup all day everyday, plus these shades look bomb af 😍🤤

  16. This palette is absolutely amazing! Was so excited about its release. Need to have those shimmer shades!!! Great review too!!!❤️

  17. Absolutely adore these shades omg!!!!!! I wish I could afford this 🙁 I’m always wearing orangey shades and the review was so helpful,, making me want it even more now!!!!

  18. Can’t wait to get my hands on this 😍 beautiful colours. Love some good shimmers! Great review 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  19. These colours are so beautiful together. They turn your eyes into a beautiful assortment that looks so majestic just like the famous macaws or parrots. Lovely🦋

  20. I love this look so much! I think thirsty has to be my favorite because it’s all colors and beautiful metalllics. You slayed this look girl

  21. These colours are amazing! So many looks can be created from just this palate, either subtle or strong. Don’t have anything like this in my makeup Collection!

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