REVIEW: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

Purples and reds oh my!



  • The pigment is BOMB.
  • Purple shades are really hard to nail with pigment and texture, JS has NAILED these as they’re buttery and easy to apply.
  • Nice red shades are near impossible to find generally. Blood Sugar and Cherry Soda are NEXT LEVEL.


  • My white shade is chalky AF.
  • Lots of similar shades.


Jeffree’s most wearable palette; if you can only afford/want one palette, it should be Blood Sugar over Thirsty as it has more everyday shades, plus more shades in general. I’m obsessed with all the warm, wintery looks you can do with this palette, it’s GORGEOUS!


Right here 😎


Reviewed by Kelly McCarren



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86 thoughts on “REVIEW: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette”

  1. I am yet to get my hands on this palette – but i have heard similar reviews on the white shade, i have tried a couple of jeffrees palettes (huge fan on them) and they have been amazing! I am excited to see how this one is!

  2. It looks amazing! I’m usually not too brave with my eye makeup but this palette makes me want to experiment and change up my normal look.

  3. I’m obsessed with the colours !!! Perfect tons for summer and vacation!!! Would love to get my hands on it for my next vacay ❤️ Obsessed xxx

  4. I’m broke after spending too much money on food and textbooks and now I’m crying 24/7 because makeup is important for an insecure human bean like me and this palette is da bomb 😭😭 Forever sad student life 🙃

  5. I love the look of this palette! Only reason I haven’t bought it is because I don’t have a job at the moment but I love it so much ❤️

  6. This palette is honestly TO DIE FOR. I really love how you could chose between a more natural look or a more fancy look.

  7. Absolutely love this palette!!! I’ve been wanting to try bold eye looks recently and I think this palette will be absolutely perfect for that. Definitely going on my birthday wish list!!

  8. Giiirrrlllllll! 🔥 You just simply can’t go wrong with these colours! Jeffrey definitely knows how to makeup and make a pallet. Living for this collection. I’m already obsessed and I haven’t even tried it yet! 😍🙌🏼

  9. Omg this palette looks absolutely amazing!! Def want to try it 😍those shimmery colours look stunning and also easy to use!

  10. I’ve been looking for an everyday wearable palette for ages and I think I have now found the perfect one, I am 100% OBSESSED! This is such a helpful and honest review thankyou so much showpo!

  11. Love this palette! The tones are perfect for every day and night wear! The nicest colours I’ve seen in a long time

  12. The colours in this palette are amazing. There is such a variety of shades that could match multiple outfits and everyday wear.

  13. There goes the soul 💸💸of my wallet after I spend over $80 😐on makeup and not food 😭 Can’t say it wasn’t worth it tho💁. I need another one for my beastie or she will take mine so showpiece work your magic ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. i love this palette so much! I’ve been looking for a new palette with a variety of golds, browns, pink, and purple shades to fit perfectly with my blue eyes! The blood sugar palette is absolutely gorgeous and perfect !

  15. Finding opportunities to get new palettes are always a pleasure, but to me it’s bigger and better than that since I only started getting into makeup recently 😋😍. This would ACTUALLY be a blessing if I got chosen too since I don’t usually win in competitions like this! Swear I’m not a suck-up :<

  16. I live for warm-toned palettes like this 😍 so glad Showpo stocks JS products, makes them so much more easily accessible

  17. Ugh I’m obsessed with the warm tones is this beautiful palette. This review makes me want this so incredibly much. Deep cherry red tones over a boy anyday 🤤🤤🤤

  18. Absolutely love!! I think the blood sugar palette is an absolute must as I am trying to build my makeup collection and I cannot wait to try it 🤪🤩😍

  19. Absolutely love this palette! I love the bright colors and I am obsessed with the pinks/reds! Hope I win the giveaway 💕 @showpo

  20. Recently, i’ve only been using eyeshadows on my eyes, instead of doing the whole uneven eyeliner thing. I rely on warm colors since I have hazel eyes (makes the green pop hehe) and find that using only eyeshadows really opens up my eyes! This palette looks perfect for everyday looks and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  21. Honestly the look you’ve done with this palette is amazing!!! I’ve been in love with Jeffree’s cosmetics for years but unfortunately am a broke high school student who can’t afford much what with living in a flat and all. This palette is GORGEOUS tho 😍😍 absolutely living for it and this look x

  22. Always love jeffrees products, theyre so pigmented and worth the money 😍😂 but also love jeffrees idgaf sassy attitude. Would love to win the pallette to test if its worth the hype. Like jeffree always says, “you better work!”

  23. I love Jeffery Star products. The the colors of his palettes, his glosses and highlighters are always bright and super fun! I have never been able to buy anything of JS since it can be pricey, but when there’s a chance to swatch or get a sample, I go for it. Would love this palette!

  24. This palette is incredibly beautiful. I love all the warm pink pigmented shades and I think they’d totally complement all the pink shades of clothes I’ve purchased from showpo!! I’d love to have this palette because it’s fabulous and extra just like my personality haha 💅🏻. Also, I’m so thankful that showpo stocked this product because its difficult to purchase otherwise, thanks again ShowPo! Xx
    Instagram: @mackenziestackaruk

  25. I don’t know how it’s possible but I love Showpo even more now for having these palettes on their website!

  26. Love the warm shades!! The pinks and reds stand out to me so much, this palate can create a variety of looks!! Don’t have anything like it in my Collection

  27. This palette looks amazing!! I love being creative with new shades of eyeshadow. Would love to try this baby out. So glad showpo have another range of amazing products.

  28. I’m broke after spending all my money on splendour tickets, accom and outfits. But to win this palette would be amazing for splendour, oh all the looks I could do!!! Xoxo

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