Why You Need To Be Using Oil On Your Skin

The easiest way to get flawless skin ūüėė

I was 19 and working part-time at Priceline when rosehip oil began gaining a cult-like status, flying off the shelves of the aisles that spurred my intense love affair with beauty.

I remember being baffled at the time, as I had spent my teen years trying to get the oil OFF my face, why the devil were people slathering it on!?

10 years later, I am an avid advocate for using oils all over my body and to treat a myriad of skin issues; but what changed my mind? Research and trialling!

Because oils are lipophilic, they can absorb and penetrate deeper into the skin than other products on the market. They basically trap the water in (which keeps skin plump and hydrated), while keeping any toxins and other bad stuff out.

So what oils should you use and what products are worth the $?


Rosehip – Probably the most popular of all the beauty¬†oils, the vitamin-a enriched oil is perfect for anti-ageing as it’s really rich and promotes collagen production.

TIP: It’s too heavy for youthful skin so wait till you’re a bit older or just use 1-2 drops mixed in with your foundation for the best glow of your life.¬†

Tea Tree – The scent is strong AF but popping a touch on a pimple will always work a dang treat.

Jojoba – The closest thing to sebum (natural oils that the body produces), this is an absolute treat to slather on and heals skin issues like a Jedi.

Argen – Great for both skin and hair, I personally prefer it in my haircare products as it’s a wee bit rich for my skin.

Coconut – Slather it on your dry areas (knees, cuticles, elbows etc)) for optimal moisture. I love dissolving a scoop in a bath before I get in for the smoothest skin you ever did see.

Olive РFor your chippies. Jokes! The only bar soap I would use is that formulated with a shit-ton of this hydrating ingredient.

Grape Seed – One of the most nourishing oils, you’ll find this bad boy in a plethora of prodz, thanks to the high levels of¬†vitamin E and omega-6 (a fatty acid) it contains, which are beneficial for skin health.

Vitamin E – Use on areas prone to fine lines for uber boosts of hydration. It’s also really good for scarring so massage into any scars or stretch marks a few times per week.


Cleansing Oil

Honestly, the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin, I exclusively cleanse with the Jurlique¬†Purely Age-Defying Nourishing Cleansing Oil. 1-2 pumps massaged into my skin removes all dirt, bacteria and makeup (even waterproof mascara) without pulling at my skin or leaving it ‘squeaky’ feeling.

Body Oil

I’ve been addicted to the L’OCCITANE Supple Skin Oil for a good 6 years now, with no chance of rehab! The almond oil based product is really fine and you can slather it on and get dressed straight away, without being a greasy mess. The formula smells delicious, is super hydrating and firms up your wobbles.

If I have limbs on display when I go out, I like to add a few spritzes of a shimmery oil for a glow. I’m currently obsessed with the frank body¬†Magic Shimmer Oil, it leaves the most beautiful finish, my pal even used it for her wedding a few weeks ago!

Note: If you have a bomb-ass fake tan it’s best to err away from body oils as they remove it!

Face Oil

As a long-term acne sufferer, most oils can be a bit too heavy on my face but jojoba oil is an exception. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties actually help heal any existing spots while helping keep my skin hydrated. One of the biggest mistakes with acne treatment is drying out your skin with topical treatments, this only encourages your skin to produce more oil, which clogs your pores. I use the 100% pure oil from the Jojoba Company and it’s the BEST.

Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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