Why You Need To Exfoliate For BOMB-ASS Skin

Why you need to exfoliate is pretty damn obvious if you ask me. Most women (and some chaps), will start their day with a face cream, some sunscreen and then some makeup. During the day their skin is exposed to a bunch of pollutants and bacteria is transferred onto their skin by grubby mitts, food, sweating etc THEN, they go home and give themselves a nice wash with some cleanser before smearing a bunch of lotions and potions all over their mug.

That’s a LOT of shit going on your skin y’all. And our skin is covered in a bunch of lovely pores so where do you think all this shit sinks into? And do you think the cleanser gets into these teeny tiny pores? Of course it doesn’t! Which is why exfoliating is so darn important!Exfoliating gets INTO the pores, clearing them from dead skin cells, bacteria, old product (ew) and some delightful toxins just sittin’ pretty in there. It also sloughs off dry, dead skin from the rest of the surface that a standard cleanser won’t pick up.  PLUS, it just gives your skin a bloody good clean.

If you need another reason to exfoliate, think of the lovely and VERY expensive creams you pop on every day. They can’t penetrate your pores and do their job if they’re being blocked by shit, can they? NO! So clean your skin properly so your fancy creams can do the job you paid good money for them to do.

Exfoliation methods…

Dry Body Brushing 

What is it?

Exfoliating your rig with a dry brush is the perfect way to get rid of dead, dry skin cells, old tan and it’s really good for circulation (i.e diminishes the appearance of cellulite). You can get more vigorous with your body and dry body brushing is a bloody phenomenal way of loosening dead skin cells and improving circulation. It’s not exactly pleasant but the results are worth it.

How often should I use it?

Miranda Kerr famously swears by doing it every day to eliminate toxins and smooth her skin but you will see results from practising the technique 3-4 times a week.

What should I use? 

I’ve been using this Manicare bush for years. Prior to showering, I firmly brush in circular motions all over my bod.

Body Scrub 

What is it?

Generally quite grainy, body scrubs are generally formulated with beads or granules that slough off the dead skin cells and crusty tan, leaving a smoother surface area underneath.  The skin on your body is VASTLY different to the skin on your face. Your face has thinner, more sensitive skin so pleaseee don’t use a body scrub on both areas!

How often should I use it?

Good results can generally be achieved by using a body scrub 3 times per week but amp that up if you’re struggling to get rid of patchy tans on areas that tend to hold tan and get all crusty looking (ankles, I’m referring to you FYI). The most effective way to use a body scrub is by moistening (ew) your skin under the water in the shower for a minute before turning off the water and work the product into your skin. If you apply while the water is running, you’ll lose most of the product down the drain.

What should I use? 

You can’t go wrong with frank body scrub – it works like a champ and smells like a dream. Using on the reg, one bag should generally last about a month.

Face Scrub 

What is it?

The same thing as a body scrub, just formulated with more gentle ingredients as it’s for yo’ dang face. Using something too harsh on the delicate facial area can actually cause microscopic scarring from the granules. True story.

If you’re acne prone, make sure you use chemical exfoliants rather than physical exfoliants (so brushes or products with granules/beads in the formula). But whyyyy when it feels so good to properly scrub your skin!? Physically scrubbing your skin actually aggravates acne and can cause it to worsen, while getting redder and angrier from scrubbing at it. Not cute.

How often should I use it?

Twice per week. I don’t care what you’ve been told, or sold – daily facial exfoliation is pretty hectic and you’ll be getting rid of good oils doing it that often. I like to exfoliate on Thursdays to get my skin glowing and ready for the weekend – and then Sunday to scrub off all the shit I put on and in my bod.

What should I use? 

I’ve never had an issue (nor has anyone I know) with any of the Bioré face scrubs. Not just for acne-prone skin (in fact, read above, I wouldn’t advise using them on acne), they do a phenom job targeting deep down dirt and oil without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture barrier. And ignore the ‘daily use’ that’s splashed across the packaging – twice a week (3 times MAX) is ideal.

Chemical Exfoliant 

What is it?

Chemical exfoliants sound a lot scarier than they are. They’re basically just formulated with enzymes and (safe) acids that loosen the dead skin cells by removing the gunk that holds them on your skin and in your pores. So all the nasty stuff will wash off with the product! Perfect for people with acne or problem skin as it won’t aggravate spots. Opt for formulas with low acid % (check packaging) if you’re a sensitive lass and be prepared for a tingle the first time you slather one on!

How often should I use it? 

A few times per week. However, some formulas are made specifically for acne and are able to be used daily but make sure the acid % is low or you’ll end up with an angry looking face.

What should I use? 

Don’t cheap out on these prodz, you want a good quality formula.  I have used and loved the  PETER THOMAS ROTH AHA/BHA Acne Clearing GelElizabeth Arden PRO Skin Perfecting  Peel Pads, and the June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque.



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Words by Kelly McCarren

Main image belongs to frank body. 

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